Fire Emblem: Lance of Ice (On hold)

I’ve decided to completely restart the hack from scratch, as I didn’t like how it was going. Whenever I return, it’ll have the same basic characters and plot, and maybe even a more creative name. Well, that’s all for now. Have fun I guess.


I would suggest adding… something to read about this project? Screenshots a least

Sorry. Will do.

Seems this one’s flown under the radar for the last 4 months or so, but linking to ROMs directly is illegal. Please distribute as a patch instead.


The opening event of Chapter 1 seems to softlock the game


@ShiruntanPrince, I removed the link from your post. ROM distribution is illegal. This website does not exist to distribute pirated content, merely to support fan games and exchange resources to assist in making them.

Please upload your work in the format of a patch. A patch is a change log, and if someone were to apply that change log to a pirated ROM it would certainly be their own prerogative and not at all condoned explicitly by this website. And if that chemical mix were to result in a playable modified game, then that’s not our responsibility (from a legal standpoint).


I understand. I’ll add it in the format in a patch when I have a good demo of the hack ready.