Fire Emblem: Justice & Pride (Full Length FE8 Hack)

also ran out of space to save my files and it won’t overwrite in game files… so if aderyn dies… game over…

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Thanks for making the hack, I’m looking forward to book 2! Enjoyed, some high and low points though. Apparently tried some years back and paused at ch7. Restarted for this playthrough. First few levels were familiar, past that unknown.
Feedback is focused on gameplay:

Normal mode, mostly blind, Casual (Enabled as wasn’t sure if ironman friendly, but treated “dead” units as dead.) and ironman-ish. Was able to get all gaiden.

For anyone wondering, the cast is 48 units (Although can only get 47 in a given playthrough) and ironman friendly.
All units finished at level 20!

General stuff, good and bad.


  • I really enjoyed the tactics room feature and would love to see other hacks utilize it.
  • Being able to reposition lord in battle prep is great.
  • 200 slot convoy is great QoL (still ran into space issues a few times though, but that’s a me-issue)
  • 5 move armor and 6 general is good.
  • Enjoyed free-action trade/supply cancel once getting the hang of it. I can understand why this is the first I’ve seen of it however and probably never will again.
  • Ch15 skill-option was very cool!
  • Really enjoyed the no-rng skills (Only encountered 1 case, Re-mov) and just overall skill distribution.
  • Fake-out on lord was enjoyed.
  • Mage lord was a nice change of pace as physical is what im used to.
  • I wish it was mentioned upfront, but I like the idea of arena costing instead of profiting gold.
    *I enjoyed split promos.


  • Curious if there was more than 1 secret shop
  • Turns out I way over-prepared for endgame. Finished the hack with 7 uses of sleep, some 20 siege tome durability, about 2 brave weapons per category, sleep and silence staff, mines, full warp (x2), rescue and hammerne durability and a light rune!
  • Dragoon reveal felt a bit obvious by the time came.
  • found it amusing how some supports are new, some nothing and some vanilla.
  • Managed to get both my speed relic and holpon guard stolen on separate map.s Both times without a deployed stealer of course.
  • Curious if there was a res-relic for player use as never encountered one.
  • Turn count! No idea why there’s visual error partway through.
  • Final team


  • Not fond of prep-armory 50% markup on items.
  • Fog of war maps (9x, 11) without torch staff wasn’t fun. Didn’t help I had lost my thief either.
  • Ballistician felt lacking in weapon durability. The ability to use normal bows, or buy some weapons from either prep screen or normal armories would’ve helped.
  • Ch-15 skill option using action upon cancelling not-cool.
  • Felt a slight lack of master seals although know of at least 1 and a probable second that was missed. Forced me to use prepromotes down the line to replace fallen units.
  • Player never got the range 1-3 (afaik, maybe missed chest?) tome. And in turn only recall one longbow shop.
  • Found it a little annoying how maps swapped between 14 and 13 deploy, and then dropped to 12 for endgame.
  • Metis tome showed up too late to make much use out of it.
Chapter-specific stuff
  • Ch10 implies only the brigands will attack villagers but that isn’t the case. Boss and at least one shaman did so. Not sure if intended. For same chapter, it wouldn’t been nice if it were clear the ballista wasn’t effective vs flier, and that Luigi will die ASAP unless fliers cleared out already.
  • Ch14 I really liked being told where secret shop is due to timer.
  • Ch15 tactics mention a new possible unit. After deploy. Minor nitpick, but for ironman this means missing out unless happened to have deployed them. Also kind of wish there was some hint of bowrange+ as that was best skill in my option but didn’t have a bow-using unit deployed.
  • Ch16 I like being told green is optional as icon implies otherwise. Although given the rewards, I wish it was also hinted that keeping them alive is really worthwhile. Curious if the cav were infinite.
  • Ch20 wish tactics mentioned turns needed for Gaiden. I recall at least one such case that it did occur.
  • Ch26 Reinforcements felt overkill.
  • Ch27 Reinforcements felt overkill.
Bugs and/or oddities.

Probably some are known, some irrelevant and others intended but still mentioning.

  • Ch2 boss has despoil
  • “Weapon and support” page doesn’t show support ranks. Which turns out was more important to know than I’d previously given it credit for.
  • George loses Nihil on promotion.
  • Damian and Kara B rank support used wrong portrait for Damian.
  • Ch9x there’s a tile with wall graphics but is infact floor near the center (Lead to dancer death :frowning: ).
  • Ch11 Visit has no event despite being an option. Also, the Phantoms seem to be infinite despite chapter saying they should stop after boss kill
  • Ch14 has a “hidden” vendor and armory. Guessing they’re meant to be more clear.
  • Hitting start to skip the post-ch15 leads to blackscreen.
  • Ch17 and 25x the gold is dropped an item instead of direct deposit. Unsure if intended. Also, after waiting on one tile the skipped-recruit taking an action apparently counted as a wait and opened the door without having to kill them.
  • Ch22 Two heroes to east-center have listed mov but don’t move
  • Ch25 Hope has a Silver Sword (and axe) in inventory. Probably meant to be Lance/Axe.
  • Ch25 is the east chest meant to have A) 55k gold B) non-rounded value?
  • Ch27 Objective is typoed on map, shows up fine in status screen. Royal staff has vanilla descprtion. Second-right-most Great Knight (That spawns after door opened) has listed move but doesn’t move.
  • Endgame 1 map-objective is defeat boss. Status screen says escape.
  • Endgame 2 Nihil (Isiah) Didn’t work vs Albert’s Dazzle.
  • Dark Knight seems to lack cavalry weakness
Opinions on cast gameplay-wise. Rambly and very subjective.
  • Donavan; Jaigen unit is Jaigen. Strong early, stopped using until later forced for a gaiden. Wondered what the G. stood for until Ch27.
  • Leon - N/A. Barely used.
  • Melinda - One of my fastest units and overall just really solid. Personal was extremely niche but useful occasionally.
  • Jake - Secondary-MVP and at 345 battles saw the most combat. Personal funded a lot, and later was given Re-mov on Ch15. Was never among the fastest, tankiest or hardest hitting units and was for sure falling off some by endgame. Canto+reposition remained useful throughout.
  • Teddy - N/A. Barely used.
  • Penny - Superb evade tank and all around solid. Died to a phantom I wasn’t aware of (although guessed could be and gambled not) in ch17.
  • George. Really solid with a great prf. Sadly loses nihil on promotion. Also died at some point, I believe ch9.
  • Kara - Another solid unit. Prf was pretty much “whatever”. Died on ch16 due to wrong keypresses on my point.
  • Damian - Worse-Penny but still good. Useful prf, died on ch18. Eclipsed and then hit by a normal unit brought from full to 0 hp.
  • Rodrick - Main physical tank. Benched lategame for lack of damage output.
  • Derrick - Great range-2 support early on, personal helped. Benched after a few chapters nevertheless.
  • Lucas - N/A didn’t really use.
  • Nathaniel - N/A Never saw combat.
  • Stephen - Really solid all around. Used throughout entire game.
  • Ella - Personal didn’t impress me and from what I recall joined too late with fine but not outstanding-enough growths/bases to be relevant. Saw only a few rounds of combat.
  • Nissa. Best flier, died on ch15x due to Cyclops Frenzy I forgot to account for.
  • Dan - Never saw combat. Useful personal but wasn’t impressed with bases/growths, not to mention promo options.
  • Tara - Pretty much Melinda copy. High spd unit that saw use throughout.
  • Krystal - Dancer is dancer. Died not long after recruiting due wrong visual in Ch9x.
  • Phineas - A weaker Jake aside from res. Still, solid unit all around. Sacrificed (He has a reasonable chance to live) to enure no other unit would risk death in ch27.
  • Ervin - Fine all around, was my only bow user past earllygame and longbow + seal speed was super useful. Sacrificed in endgame 3 to avoid more useful unit death.
  • Charles - Better Tyler and all around really good. Got most of his xp from healing.
  • Trisha - not-squishy swordmaster with great support personal. Sadly lacked enough utility and damage (needed a crit to kill where others didn’t) to field in the last 10 or so maps.
  • Nestor - N/A, never saw combat. I wanted to swap him in at some point after losing yet another unit but by then had run out of master seals.
  • Levi - Amazing personal and useful class skills, but bases and growths made them impractical to field. Got the idea of giving Jake Re-mov at least from him. For that matter stealables were pretty limited in the hack and with buyable keys there was little reason to field.
  • Misha - Great personal, ok stats given how early they show up. Sadly died in I believe ch9.
  • Tabitha - Personal ended up being more niche than anticipated. Great stats other than def but ended up seeing only minor use for a few maps.
  • Ivan - N/A Never saw use.
  • Isasiah - MVP. Capped all but luk with some help of stat boosters and even juna fruit (and for a while hoplon took take of that, later luk relic + high res/def took care of most crits). Just flat out fantastic unit. On the slower side (spd relic helped before getting stolen), but hit hard and refuses to die from magic or physical. Getting Lifetaker as a Dark Knight was just the cherry on top. Also for endgame, Luna go brr.
  • Carmen - Good stats and skills, was careless and lost them in ch20 though.
  • Valenytn - Too little too late. If they had joined in first or maybe second appearance would’ve seen use. By the time recruitment came around was overshadowed by other units. Still, solid unit and would fill some gaps if I was losing enough people. Lack of speed (without wary fighter at that) is the main issue. Never saw use.
  • Hermit - Tertiary MVP. Athos-like. Like Isiah could take a beating and dish out one too. Nearly soloed the last few maps, Luna go brr. Fantastic stats. Personal only made him better and then juna fruit helped a little too.
  • Theodora. Good unit, died ot an 8% crit in ch20 after barely seeing use.
  • Magnus - Late join but fantastic stats and personal despite being locked to 1 weapon type. Remained in team throughout.
  • Simon - Same issue as Valentyn. Not so much bad, as not good-enough by the time they arrive. Fine unit to fill gaps at least.
  • Caterina - Late joined for unpromoted, but amazing growths and personal. Sadly by the time I wanted to train them had ran out of master seals and so benched, never saw use. I expect all but def would’ve capped.
  • Richter - Chosen over the hero, forgot name. Never ended up seeing use but fine stats for when he joins.
  • Tyler - Barely doubled by the end of the game, one of my earliest promotes. Benched in the last few maps but nevertheless useful throughout.
  • Hestia- Good offensivly. Again a matter of too-little-too-late. Very solid stats and if there was a gap for them to fill would’ve used. Never deployed.
  • Luigi - This is a meme unit right? Good (But not even OP in my opinion) personal, but pathetic stats. Not at all viable. Died right away. Due to this also missed out on secondary unit.
  • Hope - Surprisingly useful unit I nearly overlooked. 8 mov flying canto and solid stats.
  • Clint - Worse Stephen other than def but stil lgood unit. Amazing personal but sadly wasn’t used much as it tends ot be more useful earlygame. All around good unit.
  • Nia - Interesting to have a high move (and flying) unit without canto. The very high aid came in hand a few times but she just had a slight lack of pwr/spd (or at least staff utility) to be viable longterm. Saw a moderate amount of use. Stats were all fine other than def. Very useful high aid though.
  • Liss- N/A never saw use. Based on stats seems like they would have been fine with a not-bad personal.
  • Ganymede - I wanted to use them. But lack of durability turned me away. By my count they had 60 shots. up to 87 with 3x hammerne. Stats were meh but I’d have put up with it.
  • Finally, Aderyn. My fastest unit, also got boots. Very useful personal and secondary class skill (breath of life is super niche, rally though…) All around Powerhouse even if not as tanky as my dark mages.

this can be answered?

masamune is not recruitable

Ty for the fast response.

Great Hack the new units are awesome. Can u add a new armor that can evolve to baron xD !!! i like to try that unit.

Again ty for the game is really good

There is a guide to get the steps for the different finals of the game ?

If you’re referring to different endings, then J&P1 only has 1 ending.

hi awesome game! do you have a list of supports?

Only 2 characters (Aderyn & Luigi) ever had their supports written, but everybody has their support partners set. I never made a list but it’s viewable in-game.

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The introduction stops on this text and awkwardly plays the FE8 introduction animations superimposed over the new map before proceeding as normal. Skipping the prologue chapter’s intro with start turns the screen black. I’m not being filled with confidence here, but it doesn’t sound like anyone else has had these issues, so…?

No, this happened to me as well. But the rest of the hack works alright on a technical level; I don’t recall any maps that outright broke.

Yeah, I haven’t seen anything else since then.

Either Lucas’s Loyalty skill doesn’t work, or Aderyn doesn’t count as a Lord.

Actually I have one last thing to do, this update changes some sprites that probably should’ve been changed ages ago


im new to this how to download it ?

Can’t you see the google link in the first post?

I was wondering if someone could tell me what supports exist in the game. As well as paired endings would help me a lot thanks since this is my first time playing this hack