Fire Emblem: Justice & Pride (Full Length FE8 Hack)

The OP is always the very beginning of the thread, where all the information on the hack is. It stands for “original post.”

Support convos appear the on the battlefield, but on the character screen the level of them don’t.


If you do not recruit Luigi or if he dies, the game will crash during the ending, rendering the game unbeatable, and the ch 15 glitch has been restored. Link here!


If you fail to recruit Luigi or if he dies, you do not deserve to continue JP :rage:


So are Melinda and Leon, Theodora’s kids or is there another Theodora?

Hmm? Theodora is literally younger than Leon iirc. But to answer your question no. Their mother is just some villager. She was playable in OG book 2 however.

So like I know there are support convos but like not really. So I wanna know are there paired endings with these “supports” or is it just for the bonuses?

Some do have paired endings with text some just exist for bonuses.

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But some of them are unfinished and are in their temporary vanilla FE8 paired endings.

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Please do up a recuitment guide as well as even with thr prep screen telling me what to do i still missed out on some recuitments

Talk with Aderyn.
Literally LITERALLY every non autojoin.

Dude, this looks great.

Yaaa but some mistakes like killing some players too early or bosses but he ends up being able to join wtf man




Hello, I need help, the ROM freezes at the end of chapter 15, after Aderyn and Donovan passes through the bridge to meet the Hermit, what could be the reason of this?

Im using John GBA emulator for this, thank you.

It’s a glitch. Update your rom, it’s probably outdated. If not, just spam the start button or b and you should be good

Also John GBA/ My Boy are considered way more inaccurate than most

Use Retroarch (mgba core) , Pizza Boy or Lemuroid for less glitches, more features and better gameplay

Retroarch is a pain to use.I tried it many times but It’s difficult to figure out.
Pizza boy is a better emulator for me.

For me, Retroarch is quite easy to set up since I know specifically what each setting does. But yes, use whatever floats da boat down da moat