Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword

Immortal Sword

…is a fan-made game programmed using Microsoft’s XNA libraries. Read more about it at our website and download the latest demo!

We just released our Uther Part One beta, which includes eight playable chapters and one or two extras.

Its key features are BwdYeti’s signature animations, fine mechanic balance, and strong character dialogue. Many elements from games throughout Fire Emblem history are present - specific and general enemy range marking, class skills, trainee classes, and more - making it a kind of hybrid game that many savvy fans will appreciate.


Yay! There’s a FEU topic now!

I’ve been trying to play this for a long time, and now I finally found a way how on a mac!

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So the prequel now has a… prequel.

Welp, I’ll say this much. You have a lot to live up to, claiming to be related to my first and third favorite FE games, and my second favorite game of all time. I wish you luck, and I’ll definitely be giving this a go.

So hey I finally got FE7x running stably on OSX, wow! Everything looks like it’s running fine, so if you’re on a Mac try it out, and if any problems come up let me know about them.

Also this! Starting from this release, whenever a new version of FE7x comes out the game will let you know at the main menu. maybe some day you’ll be able to click the link and go straight to the site, or update the game without even opening a web browser, but today is not that day

But for now you’ll have to download v0.5.0.3 the old fashioned way ~’ 3’~
And as always there’s also your standard bugfixes and such, if you’ve had any problems with the previous release.

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FrenchFroodle played through the upcoming version of FE7x for FEE3 this
year, so go check that out, as well as all the other FEE3 showings.
Also look forward to the next release in the near future, with fixes and
content added to the current chapters (and maybe a new character hmmmm?
perhaps a new character could even show up in the videos above???)

B- Have you guys checked out the latest Progress Report?


That’s a pretty snazzy new mainsite

I like the “Ready Units” thing.

A- Version is available!

Is there a progress update or whatevs for what was added?

B- The Sep 11 one just above covers it pretty well I think

B- Anyway the file got corrupted somewhere along the line, if you had trouble with your download it should be fixed now

Awesome project! Its different and enjoyable as hell, I do enjoy the fan made effort!

Keep it up!

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If you donated to the project and you want to be credited by another name, please reach me in private with your details and preferred credit.

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I must say, this is a really cool project. Nice work on it!

Version now available

At last, the Android release of FE7x is finally ready! Everything’s come together to a stable enough build to feel confident about releasing it to the public. The Windows desktop version is also updated, with a lot of extra fixes and polish compared to the previous version.

Meanwhile, Myke has been doing a lot of early testing on the chapter designs for the second half of the game while wrapping up the first draft of the script, so hopefully we can move through that more quickly than we have been. Today is actually the 14th anniversary of beginning work on FE7x! It’s been quite a journey. I can’t promise we’ll have a substantial update for the 15th anniversary next year, but we’ll certainly try!