Fire Emblem: Horizons [8 Chapters of gameplay]

Good day people, I am Turtle :turtle: /GPT, at the start of 2021 I discovered FEBuilder after trying to make an epic fe6 rebalance using EA + nightmare and discovering it’s existence while trying to fix a bug. Several months later I have a project rolling which I am hoping to receive more public feedback on while I work on writing/visual aspects.

Hack Features
  • Ironman focused design
  • Lots of options, you should always have an out
    includes early rescue staff and other epic defensive/offensive tools
  • Lightly edited skills
  • Epic Hackrom soldier/Armour/Archers
  • Epic boat map
  • Epic bandit lore
  • Lunge lord who has exclusive access to Dark magic gimmick tomes
  • Nerfed EXP gain for that epic elongated earlygame experience

Gameplay Features

  • FEBuilder Skillsys QOL
  • Nerfed status Duration to 1 turn for more epic sleep staff action
  • DS Avoid
  • Thracia Trading
  • Differentiated Magic Types
    • Dark: Only usable by the lord, Powerful and limited use
    • Anima: Exclusive access (among tomes) to effective damage
    • Light: Focuses on enhancing self/allies

This version does not currently feature a proper story while I have personal notes, I - like many hackers have an aversion to actually writing things so anything currently in the ROM is WIP. I have tried to include gameplay relevant notes where possible. Mainly looking for gameplay feedback whilst I work on writing and general cleaning up. Thank you for your time.

Future Goals
  • 20-25 Chapters complete with story
  • More Shove
  • More Pandan created MIDIs as map themes
  • Lunge Lord prison break chapter featuring old enemies as new friends
  • More Boats/No Fog >:(
  • Too many Recurring Villains
  • Make you cry
  • Gaidens
Concept map



FE GPT.emulator-13 FE GPT.emulator-12

FE GPT.emulator-11FE GPT.emulator-9
FE GPT.emulator-8FE GPT.emulator-7
FE GPT.emulator-6FE GPT.emulator-5
FE GPT.emulator-31FE GPT.emulator-32


Special Thanks to the longterm playtest gang! Bpat, Rivian, Roze, Xilirite, Leche
and RandomWizard for both their assets (which are epic) and ideas.

Also Devvy and Spensir for playtesting

As well as all the individuals who possess the ability to create actual art assets :pray:

Battle/Map animations

-MageKnight 404
-Team salvaged
-Mikey Seregon
-Alfred Kamon


  • Miguel-Rojo
  • Raymond
  • LaurentLaicrox
  • JiroPaiPai
  • MexicanCactus
  • RandomWizard
  • Flasuban
  • FaerieFruit
  • Sterling Glover
  • Cravat
  • SSHX
  • L95
  • CanDy
  • Seal


  • Sme
  • Pandan
  • MrGreen3339
  • SaXor_the_Nobody
  • A_Reliable_Chair
  • HyperGammaSpace
  • SurfingKyogre
  • RandomWizard
  • Feier

Tilesets -

Weapon Icons -


TheFunny (Writing)-

The Download

Hack is designed around Normal Difficulty.

Hackcord link



Congrats on release! I think many of us are keen to see what is on… the horizon.


Welcome to the FE Universe. This hack has potential and seems like everyone would give positive reception and good tips to help improve the ROM hack.

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Ah yes, the hack with the best unit feeling archers just dropped B)


I wonder if this hack has one (1) or more (>1) Honeydews…


I can’t wait to play this game once it complete! Make sure you don’t give up!


that would be almost as silly as them all promoting from various lance wielding classes into falconknights and having a triangle attack

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Impossible! It can’t be done, the technology is not there, humanity is not ready…

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I can tell this will be a fun and engaging experience

I’m joking status is ok

use of blokes in the o’neill screenshot gives off the aussie-est of energy


Good news and bad news. The patch I uploaded originally was not the current patch at the time of release. Good News it’s fixed now. This is of course rather embarrassing and I apologize for any time wasted. Enjoy FEE3 and most importantly STAY SAFE

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Good morning gamers, just finished watching my own FEE3 video, very cool to see what
has been removed/changed over the last 3 months. Notably 2 range javelins/handaxes are very awkward to play with. Don’t try it. Numerous units now have far more epic custom skills some of
which are featured in the screenshots above. Anyhow enjoy the rest of FEE3 and be sure to checkout tomorrows showcases specifically. :sunglasses:


Greetings, it has been some time since my last update so I thought I should post one :sunglasses:

The latest version includes reworks to a wide variety of things only I care about so let’s get straight into the good stuff.

  1. Tellius Cards
    Obliterate your foes with the power of medieval cardboard

FE GPT.emulator-33

  1. Vesly’s AoE patch

FE GPT.emulator-31

FE GPT.emulator-32

FE GPT.emulator-35

While currently implemented these features will be expanded upon in
future updates.

  1. A new gaiden chapter - Escort the lumberjacks in their efforts
    to acquire much needed supplies for rebuilding for additional rewards.

FE GPT.emulator-37

Currently in development is a town map interlude where you can shop, explore and recruit additional units including a staff brigand - animations by Epicer


Edit: Worth noting that any time based failure conditions are not actually functioning so don’t stress to hard, if you go over time please let me know however

As always I am seeking any and all feedback to take into consideration for future development.
Have a nice day and don’t fill up on mac and cheese.


The legendary staff brigand.

I’m scared yet intrigued all the same


luckily it only lasts 1 turn :sunglasses:


Patch has been updated to fix some bugs including:
-a softlock bug
-a recruitable unit simply deciding to not showup

Have fun with Bloodlines Gamers

Turtle out


Heard there was a Chao Garden feature being added to this?


this guy doesn’t know that I am thinking about how to implement Melori’s Monster Menagerie

Progress is being made at a Turtle’s pace: The framework for the Chao Garden inspired
monster raising sim has been completed, where upon gaining access, you will be able to hatch monster eggs and exchange ‘Monster Milk’ to strengthen your monsters and grant them unique attributes. Chapter 7 is also nearing completion (barring dialogue, of course). Stay Frosty gamers. :sunglasses:

FE GPT.emulator-37 FE GPT.emulator-35
FE GPT.emulator-34 FE GPT.emulator-36