Fire Emblem: Eckesachs - FE6, but you play as the bad guys! [Complete story rewrite]

Glad you’re enjoying yourself so far! The units should be… okaily balanced? I hope? I get conflicting reports on this topic, but overall they should be more powerful than FE6’s base roster, but not too obscenely broken.

Battle preps start in chapter 6. I wouldn’t dare to try and change it, FE6 is not an easy game to hack.

As for the roster issues, don’t worry. The game will warn you when you reach the point when you can start losing units. Some units will have to go, but the game will walk you through a little method you can use to choose which ones are removed. By then you should have more than enough benched units to dispose of.

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Yeah, I’m having a blast, thank you again for making this and giving me an excuse to play fe6 once more, with a somewhat fresh take, it’s truly very enjoyable.

Regarding the development of the units, i’m now at chapter 15 and I think that, similarly to the vanilla fe6, the typical toughest times are at the beginning, when everyone really feels very scrubby, now some of my characters have reached promotion and can deal quite well with the opposition, while others had to be left among the way, either because they grew waaay too poorly (Monke, gzuz, at lv 10 he was 8str, 9skl and 8spd) or because they just died (Sigune, you had such potential, and Accardo, good riddance, I love me some cavs, but he wasn’t cutting it).

Renning and Kel are just beasts, great bases and I got relatively lucky with them with some lvs, my Kel actually has pretty good strength so he’s rutgering all the scary foes. Erick Turned out quite decent as well even if he’s a bit squishy. Brunyia is holding up, even if she’s a bit too slow, Idunn had to be babysat and get some stat boost items but she’s in a good place now, and the surprise of the team for me was Martel, my first healer, turned out to be so tanky, with lots of hp and defense.

Jhan hasn’t got many good lvsl, but he’s still pretty good and now promoted, which leaves only our sweet prince Zephiel, who’s… okayish. Does he get an exta move after promotion? I’m asking cause I’m pondering about giving him the boots, but if he gets an exta move from promo I think I might give it to Jahn Instead.

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Yeah this happens because the HM bonuses are WAY to high at the begining and almost non-existant in the lategame (i believe it was +7 on the first chapters)

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Hi, just finished a complete run for this hack and wanted to leave some feedback: Great work, it was very enjoyable. I was waiting and hoping for a bigger effort evil guy/boss recruitment hack for a while and you surely delivered.

Two things I noticed: When Robert joins there is no dialogue or anything, he is just suddenly in your team.
And the dialogue between Idunn and Zephiel after killing Wolt is bugged. Little black bars over the writing appeared for me and the talk just ended. Could just go on with the chapter though luckily!

I really liked all the little dialogues for the houses and villages, just a funny little something to not just ignore all of the dialogue and actually visit houses. And that the tiles did not disappear in the water temple made this hack S-tier right away! Too bad the supports could not be put into the game, the little optional talks were interesting already. Then again, doing supports for so many characters might have been a pain for you:D

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I’m rather late, but thank you for sharing your thoughts on some units! Not many have gotten much out of Eric, so it’s nice that someone’s having luck with him. And wow, I really underestimated how much value being the only healer until chapter 7 gives to Martel lol

Zephiel does indeed get movement from promotion, but so does Jahn. I’d say either is a decent option, if you aren’t using a knight.

Interesting. I never knew that. FE6 is such a fascinating game.

Very happy you’ve enjoyed it!

Yes, that’s intentional. He’s as inexplicable in the hack as he is in vanilla.

Huh… That’s odd. Nobody else has reported such a thing. Did this happen far into the conversation? FE6 glitches out if dialogue scenes go on for too long, but I didn’t think there were any of these left in the main story. What emulator are you using, also?

A lot of people seem to have enjoyed the house dialogue. I must say, I wasn’t expecting that. It wasn’t the most high-effort changes in the hack, but I suppose sometimes less is more haha.

Yeah, I learned the hard way in my first hack that writing tons of supports is… difficult to commit to. My initial idea here was to do RD-style one-liner supports so I wouldn’t burn out. When that didn’t work out I went for the optional talks instead. Not the most elegant solution, but I wanted at least some writing for my little pretties(?).


Oh, he is extra inexplicable because I absolutely don’t remember him from Vanilla.

Yes, I think it was shortly before the end of the conversation. Using My Boy emulator.

It just adds a bit of spice to the vanilla GBA games that we all have played like 300 times. It helps sloggy FE6 especially.

It is 100% better than nothing. I notice that I am always disappointed when hacks have no supports, so this is a great compromise. Especially because you put so many units into it. I would love to play another run and try other chars but I fear I have enough of FE6 for now, enough status staves, enough sloggy FE6:D

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He only appears in chapter 11A, only on hard mode. He just shows up with the second wave of reinforcements. Zero lines, zero build-up, nothing. He’s just there all of a sudden and you have to kill him.

Strange. I can’t see any issues there on my end. Oh, well.

Whoa. Looks like a lot of people ended up playing and enjoying this. I’m feeling a bit privileged knowing I did something to help shape it as one of the first play testers.

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Your assistance was invaluable!

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Honestly i personally vastly prefer this instead of traditional gba Supports. Takes away a lot of work off your hands and makes “support convos” more flexible and actually able to respond to what’s going on in the chapter.

A lot of GBA style supports feel like nothing really happens, or what happens doesn’t fit with the current moment at all. Like, imagine an escape sequence and you pop a support where your characters calmly drink tea together or something.

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Yeah, to be honest, over my two hacks I’ve found that writing map-specific convos like this gives me a lot more freedom. There’s a lot of things you can’t bring up in supports because they can happen at any time.


v1.8 released!

  • Tick and Raith now have a support together, replacing Tick’s support with Mieu. Mieu now supports Sommie instead.

I can’t believe I hadn’t given Raith and Tick a support together. They have the first optional convo in the game, they are established to be family, I was told earlier in the thread that they don’t suport and it still took me until now? For shame, me!


Hello everyone…it’s been a while I’ll be continuing my iron man today…probably around 3pm mst

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Ok here we Go!

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1.9 released!

  • Fixed a couple enemy palettes that were still incorrectly colored on certain rare enemy and allied unit types.
  • Zinque now gets hard mode bonuses if recruited on chapter 13.
  • Goddess icons now raise luck by 4 points instead of 2.