Fire Emblem: Dual Fates (6 chapters demo) (CANCELED)

I’ve been working on developing a new hack these past few months, so I thought I’d make a thread in advance. Right now I currently have about 7 chapters of gameplay done, and you can join the discord server to help test it out. A public release should be coming along in a few months.


A single 16 chapter long nonconverging routesplit, with all unique chapters and many route exclusive units
21 planned chapters (37 including both routes)
A merlinus-style transporter as one of your lords
68 player units
Base Convos completely replacing Support Convos
5AS doubling threshold
I’m figuring out the rest but that should be enough right?


SkillsTest-0 SkillsTest-1 SkillsTest-2 SkillsTest-3
SkillsTest-4 SkillsTest-0

If you are interested in doing art for the project, I’d appreciate it, since there are a lot of player units!


Ganzap for Fates Braves ASM
Blade for Subaki Portrait
RW for their portraits
Sphealnuke for their portraits
Sephie for their peg mapsprites
Pikmin1211 for their axe soldier mapsprites
bpat for their mmb
DerTheVaporeon for their Bow Knight mapsprites and Portrait
N246 for their griffon rider mapsprites
Agro for their armor mapsprites
Stan for FatesEXP and FixedAutoLevels
Circles and the rest of the team for Skillsystems
Serif for their portrait and Epsilon with their help with recoloring it
Zoramine for their tileset
Peerless for their portrait
N426 for their tile animations
Epicer for their animation
Waleed for their animation
MK404 for their animation
Devisio for their portrait
Epicer for their portrait


Ch1-5: DONE
A Route:
Ch6a: DONE
B Route:
Ch6b: DONE
Ch7b: In Progress
Ch1-5: Incomplete

Known Issues:
No tile anims in ch4 and ch5
Chapter 4 ends randomly
Some text is broken


Ngl Frederik is the main draw of the hack, just look at the guy. Anyways good going Relic.


that is supremely obnoxious

just put the goddamn demo in the goddamn thread


Don’t want to put words in the guy’s mouth, but I assume he’s doing it this way because the game is not really “playable” in it’s current state without a lot of non-diegetic information about how things are supposed to look when they’re finished. Posting the demo right now might give a poor and inaccurate first impression of the game.


I think that’s pretty accurate, while there’s a playable demo Relic is still polishing things up. I think this is much more of ‘proof of existence’/‘looking for people that are interested’ rather than a hack release.


Sorry about that. The reasons for it being this way are as mentioned by Beepo and Rivian.


Transporter lord?

Gentlemen, the race is over. We have a winner.


I understand vilk’s reply, I think you should rephrase the OP, Relic.
Maybe say if people are curious they can help playtest by going to your Discord server so they can access the patch. And make sure that the embed can be seen, as for now it can be seen as a suspicious link to something.
Just to clear things up, maybe.

In the other note, I’ll be waiting for the public release!
call me if you need sprites wink wink you know my number wink wink

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Just a minor update, most everything is done aside chapters 6a and 6b, along with some graphics stuff and text. There should be a release version with 6 chapters by the end of the month, stay tuned for that.


I know it’s off topic but when I saw the title I thought it’s kinda like this

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Progress is going well, the gameplay for the first 6 chapters is pretty much finalized as of now. All that is left is just inserting dialogue/text and a couple odds and ends. Expect a public release very soon.


It’s here!
6 chapters of gameplay and a bit of dialogue!
Edit: I’ve noticed there are a lot of issues and the link has been updated. Please let me know about any bugs you find so I can fix them asap!