Fire Emblem: Das Kapital (1 Chapter PoC Demo. 6 planned)


So, what do you like the most about Fire Emblem? Is it raising units from zero to hero? Epic stories about conquering half the continent? Or perhaps reading support conversations and playing cupid? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, this may not be the project for you.

Welcome to Das Kapital, a game where you play as a tactician tasked with hiring mercenaries, and commanding them to victory. These mercenaries are generic, disposable units with a fixed equipment. You start every chapter with a predetermined amount of gold, and the only way to get more is by killing enemies and completing side objectives. The game is all about short term decision-making, as both your party and gold will reset after every chapter, so it’s like RTSs or Advance Wars in some ways.

I’ve seen other similar concepts in the form of FE ROMhacks, but nothing quite like this (if you haven’t, Storge and Iron Emblem are worth checking out). If someone has already done this exact idea, then it’s too late to stop me anyway. And if it sounds a little daunting, I promise that it’s actually very easy to pick up and play.

Gameplay Changes

To encourage a more strategic playstyle, weapon (and magic) triangle effects have been significantly increased, and most units are locked to one weapon type. At the moment, the game defaults to hard mode, and the enemies are somewhat stronger than your mercenaries. Weapons have also been simplified to one tier.

Despite this, I don’t necessarily want the hack to have only one optimal strategy, or anything like that. I’d like for people to have fun with it, over everything else, so multiple playstyles and meme strategies will be encouraged. You can run a team with devil axe fighters, pirates, or dogs if you wish.



Although this is a gameplay-first hack, there IS a story. Perhaps a little too much. This game is technically a prequel to Flames of Redemption, my previous hack, as it takes place in the same world. However, it won’t be necessary to play FoR to understand/enjoy the story in this hack, and at the moment there are no references to it at all.

You play as Ellis, a bodyguard working for Abigail, a noblewoman from the empire. When pirates attack their ship, Ellis is captured by the ruthless pirate Magnus, and he decides to pretend to be an accomplished tactician in order to avoid execution. Ellis is then forced to help the pirates in their conquest of Borth, an island kingdom that has seen better days…




This hack wouldn’t have been possible without the repo. Please open the credits file included with the .zip before you play for a detailed list of who made what.

  • You can only “summon” nine units of the same class per chapter. This only applies to blue units; you can summon as many monsters as you want!
  • At the moment, there is no way to back out once you talk to a trainer. Selecting a unit is the only way to exit the menu.

Download link:
First Beta

There is only one chapter available right now, and finishing it will not prompt you to save. This is kind of a PoC project at the moment. There are six chapters planned, and I’m not sure when I’ll release another patch. Maybe after three chapters are done? After six?

Before Chapter 1 begins, Anna will ask you a question. If you answer yes, you will enter debug mode! (you’ll get a lot of money). Please say no for the real experience.

Feel free to join my Discord server if you want to chat or help out:


Very cool premise - will be sure to check this out sometime. Nice work!


This was actually really fun; the gameplay loop of “need to build units to kill guys to get gold to build more units” is addictive, and your units mostly suck enough that you have to treat them as generally disposable. I missed getting the rightmost house and defeating Toby; I relied a bit on camping the cav spawn points to keep the enemy count low, but I think it’s lenient enough to get used to the gameplay. I didn’t train any of the monsters because ehhhh greenies.
Cool stuff for the story, I’m interested to see how much more Ellis will fuck things up to save his own skin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I want to state my enjoyment of the ‘demo’ to get a few more people interested if possible even if its quite early stages. The unique design aspects which separate this were executed very well in the first map.


The story has a great hook. I feel pretty bad for big man Ellis, but he’s choice to volunteer for tactician looks like its going to really cost him. Interested to see how this pans out.


The reactive unit composition up to player choice meshed quite well with the map flow, and difficulty of the map was pretty fair throughout. The simultaneous offensive push towards objectives alongside what is effectively a large defend point goes well with being able to drop in your own reinforcements to counter the enemy’s. Mounting player casualties were offset rather fairly against player gold gain and enemy reinforcements. My favourite map from you so far.


Unit balance seems pretty solid. I liked how some units had additional quirks like archers not being able to miss with 3 range be balanced against nomad’s canto+, and armors having smite for some extra use. The thief was also surprisingly strong since he comes with so much good gear and can orko enemy axe cavs reliably. I got decent use out of the cheaper green units, but the higher tiers above tarvos seem too costly to be worth their actual use in the field.

I’m still not able to figure out the niche of the monk, seem to have no offences, bulk, speed or skills? They seem to always be one shot. Mage and shaman also seem near identical in stat spread, but shaman has 1-2 while mage needs to choose between 1 or 2 range. Maybe some funky skill or changing stat spread to defence shaman? I felt magic users suffered on this map in general since their damage output was not significantly better than archers to justify twice or more than twice the cost, with less reliability. Maybe this will change when there’s less fliers and more armours.


Really cool idea! I love RTSs, so this seems perfect to me. I’ll try it soon.

Don’t see it like that. I’d rather have two similar but amazing hacks rather than one. And if someone made something like this before, you can learn from it and see what works and what doesn’t!

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Ahah the name of Hack picked my interest, not what you would expect from a FE hack, and the gameplay sounds as much unique as it’s name ! I will give it a try :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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“Das Kapital”?
Sounds like commie emblem.


More like “Datsa Kapital”.

Tried the demo, the flow of gameplay works really well and with the level design of the first map, there isn’t much risk of failing completely, there is always time to recover if you got too careless or didn’t pay attention to something !

For the story, it sounds like poor Ellis will ends up with very bloody hands, and I’m excited to see more both in gameplay and narrative :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: