Fire Emblem- But It's My Biology Homework: The Final Lesson

It’s exactly how it sounds. It only has 3 levels, but I made this for my Biology class to show certain genetic diseases, mainly Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Hemophilia; you can choose to play as the body cells or the disease. I presented these ideas, but in a more fun, Fire Emblem way. Tell me what you think!


This is a FE8 hack.
Play by play notes:


Cystic Fibrosis:
Oh, we play as the bad guys.
Gerik talking to Valentine causes a game over.
Did all the talks with resets and Valentine seems nice. It may just have been the Seal Speed, but the assassin did not perform well.
Almost ended it before the reinforcements.

Sickle Cell Anemia:
Damn these enemies have all S ranks.
Some are more relevant than others, monks don’t do damage. Nice to get ohkos.
Fun to unleash a horde. Killing bosses didn’t prevent reinforcements but I think I probably prevented some by scattering my zombies. Then on turn 8 they started talking. Oops.
Miracle Slayer Bishop kind of scary. Did its damage and went down. Sacrifices were inevitable, just like real bodies and cells. I think.
Fetid claws are great for killing, but rotten was the one I needed for accuracy against the swordmaster cell.
Ended with 13 sickle cells left. I guess I was supposed to keep clot formation.

Rose’s Lance rank dropped to A after I attacked.
Killing machine berserker is cool. Dragoon is cool. The bard has movement and the rogue has stats.
“I won’t let you pass!” Tried going behind the boss and there was actually an escape tile. Makes sense, though the goal says to defeat enemy. Everyone escaped turn 6. I was able to check this since my suspend save was still at my last action.

Even these little cells get stories. RIP hendrix.

I liked it. After reading about the diseases, you get a first hand experience playing as them and wreaking havoc, with a bit of FE’s character in the mix. It was a nice casual play, no need to think that much and that’s fine for the purpose. Wonder if a player on the cells side could win.

Thanks, I was planning to update only for bug fixes, but I might also add a mode where you play as the regular body cells and no the disease. Thanks for the feedback though. :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

RIP your bio teacher,
the final chapter’s objective is actually escape and lacked reinforcements
next chapter:cancer, the player units can talk to some healthy units to (make them cancer) persuade them to join da cancer
really creatrive hack!


Well, I updated the game, adding a little more but mostly just fixing bugs. It’s in the first post, or here.

Okay, we’ve got an updated version of the Bio Homework. I play for this to be the final version, but if there are any more bugs, just alert me. Have fun!

It doesn’t let me download it, anyone has the .ups patch to give me?

Sorry, should be fine now.

Wait, try now. That was the FEE3 demo.

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ok thanks

This sounds like a really cool and creative way to present this information did you actually send this to your bio teacher for an assignment? all the teachers ive ever had would probably give a 0 because its a game and not a boring ass presentation or essay

Can I copy the idea but with the water cycle?

She didn’t know what a .gba file was, so my presentation was playing it in front of my class. Most enjoyable 100 I ever got in school.

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I don’t see why not.


I’ve finally made what I think will be the final patch for this hack, end of story, unless there’s a game-breaking bug reported. It’s been a blast working on an educational romhack, but I think I’m done with the development. This patch adds some updated palates and fixed a major bug that left one of the levels unplayable. I hope you might all check out my most recent project too; I hope I can make a hack for you all again real soon.

Game Patch: