Fire Emblem Battle Simulator / Auto Battler

Hello! Back with a new hack called Fire Emblem Battle Simulator or auto battler (depending what version you download). This is a pretty small hack but can be used in many ways. First, ill explain what it looks like. Information about the hack is in the tutorial. [ Tutorial below ] If you wouuld rather watch a video about it;


First, you will be greeted with the normal game. Just start a new save file of any kind. The map will load instantly like this:

You will see something like this at the bottem:

There are two houses for each character from both teams. The first one of each character will go to the first row (shown with the pictures below). The second will go to the other row.

If you visit one of the houses, which ever one, it will place a unit there. This is also aparrent for the green units.

From there you have 1 paladin and 3 dancers so in total you will be able to spawn 4 characters each. Use this however you want.

Latest Update:

New Units: Cavalier ; Brigands ; Myrmidon
Slightly Different Map




In the download place, there will be three patches. One for controlling all types of teams, and the other vanilla (Player control blue, not red and green). [UPDATE] I’ve added a new patch were if you wanted to do enemy vs ally but only control won team, I’ve added that. Being able to control ally team.

If you have any suggestions for the hack or more characters/units to use, please reply to this thread or message me on discord. Magix#1484

Thank You!


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Current Bugs:

Current updates being worked on:
New Map
Potential Story Mode[?]