Fire emblem: A bloodstained doll under the moonlight

So I’ve been mentioning this hack for a while now and I think I’m ready to make a topic for it.

I unfortunately have nothing to show here for the time being except for the main characters portraits because nothing except the spoilery stuff is fully confirmed and established but I’ll leave a link to the discord server for the time being and you’ll be able to see some of the progress made so far.

Sorry for the lack of content in this tread I’ll update it once we have a somewhat playable beta or alpha build.

The main squad

A short introduction to the three main characters of this story.

(early versions of the portraits)

William: The son of a local merchant. He is borderline overly cautious but has difficulty saying no to someone which get him in trouble quite often.

Fiona: A carefree reckless village girl who loves to tease people but can get serious and act as a shoulder to lean on in difficult times.
fiona v2

Volf: A priest of the church of Aria who was forced into that role by his parents. He is a calm man with a fascination with magic and ancient history to the point of disobeying the church several times and draging his friends into his shinanigans.

What does this hack feature (so far)

Approximately 31 chapters and a few gaidens

Custom classes

Custom weapons

Custom skills

Personal skills

New races

Racial skills

A French translation

And hopefully a good story

Changes (so far)

Rogues have canto

Removed the class branch except for thieves

Light tomes are strong against most monsters

And more minor things

Back story

­­"Long ago, there was a god named Tenebris and a goddess named Aria who decided to use their powers to create the continent of Elibar as a home for themselves both having their respective sides of the continent. At first, they enjoyed the new space for themselves but as the years went by, they started to feel as though something was missing and so the two gods chose to add their own creations to the land. Aria created plant life arround the land which eventually made it’s way to Tenebris side disrupting him so he created herbivores to get rid of them and they made their way to Aria’s side destroying her work which she retaliated with wolves. This went on for a while until they started a major war with their new creations. Tenebris created horrific abominations born from the corrupted flesh and souls of living beings. Aria created the guardians thanks to magic and the powers of the earth. Very little is known of the guardians. Some question their existance but that’s besides the point. this war ultimately ended in a draw. The gods chose the end this conflict and created one last creature and that creature was humans. Elibar was once again peaceful. Humanity was born and quickly developing and worshiped the gods amusing them greatly but as years went by, rumors about Tenebris started to surface and a large portion of humanity started to fear him seeking refuge in Aria’s side which angered the dark god and brought his monsters back and so the century long war started. The battle was difficult but with the help of Aria and the blessed weapons she provided, humanity was victorious. Aria took control of the continent but she split Elibar into four countries and gave her political powers to four humans making them the first kings and queens of Elibar at the condition that they keep worshiping her and that any wars in the future has to be approved by her."

Volf: And that’s how the story goes.

William: Why are you telling us this Volf?

Volf: Because of the vault inside the church nearby.

William: Do you mean the…

Volf: The one with the holy knights guarding and killing anyone who tries to enter yes.

William: Have you finally gone mad!?!?

Volf: I don’t think so.

William: Alright, you are the smart one here so you must have a perfect plan for this.

Volf: Yes I have.


Fiona: What’s the plan?

Volf: We’re going to dig a tunnel under the vault.

William: WHAT!?!?

Fiona: Sounds good to me.

William: Fiona please use your head for once. He’s going to get us all killed!

Fiona: Oh come on. It’s going to be fun. Plus it’s not like you could ever say no to me. chuckles

William: groans Fine! When are we starting?

Volf: We’ll meet at the main square tomorow morning during normal wake up hours to avoid suspiscion.

demo portraits








Feel free to give me critisism for the backstory section. I really want to improve to make this hack as good as it can be.


Furious Squid


I’m moving this to concepts as you don’t have anything to show as of now.


fair enough. thanks!

Just a question, once I post the character portraits will it be moved back to project?

Projects is for when you have a build to release to the public, concepts is where they remain until that point

Also concepts is not some kind of punishment, it’s just a way to differentiate projects that have releases and those that don’t


thank you for the clarification
(btw are there really people who take it as a punishment?)

i’m not really sure, but it seemed like you were; so i thought to clear the air


No I was just curious about how this all worked. It’s my first time doing this after all.

So I added a few things most notably the backstory section which contains a bit of dialogue from the main trio but I feel as thought it’s flawed so any critisism would be appreciated.

On a side note addressing the mods, is it alright if I make a comment to bring the topic back up if there was a big change or update to the topic? If it’s not I’m sorry and won’t do it again.

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I have an idea.

I’m not the best when it comes to putting myself in characters shoes and writing dialogue so I wanted to know if anyone is interested in roleplaying the characters to give them more life and not make them sound alike.

Think of it as voice acting but with text.

You’ll have a basic idea of the character their personnality and such I’m not asking you to write the characters after all.

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I’m not a native english-speaker, but I could still try to help in that aspect if you need it


Sure you’re welcome to help I don’t need anything grandiose just some help making the characters not sound the same. It’s better if you join the discord server that’s where the writing happens.

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Alright so for an update.

Some things from the original plans for the hack were removed mostly the every type of anima magic will have weapon effectiveness but instead we have multiple races with racial skills. We still need to figure out how to balance it but I think it will work and hopefully won’t be absolutely busted😅.

While we work on the hack, I’m currently working on a few comics to do a little more world building and explain some lore stuff in ways that I can’t do in the game. So far I’m still working on page one but it will happen.

And for the last thing I want to talk about, a small character demo will be available on the discord server tomorrow or the day after assuming nothing goes wrong. You essentially play through fe8 but with some of the units in the hack. Think of it as play testing the characters to give an idea how busted or underpowered they could be so feel free to give feedback if you play it.
(Please note that this is veeeeeery early on in development so supports and custom skills aren’t here yet and the lords still don’t have their custom sprites so they will use the myrmidon and archer sprites and for their promotions I’ll look in the repo for extra sprites for their weapons and yes I will credit the people who made them on this post even if I remove the sprite from the final version and sorry that the demo is only on discord, I don’t want to put a patch here until I have like half of the game done)


So update on the character demo:

It’s here but is still very early and is getting frequantly updated so versions become outdated fast and I’m new to this so I make a lot of mistake but otherwise it’s perfectly fine.
(next update will have descriptions and death quotes. I’ve also credited everyone who made sprites I used. altough I’m sure I did it right, there is a chance that I forgot someone or credited the wrong person so if I did, please tell me so I can fix it immediately. Thanks)



-Character descriptions and death quotes have been added

-Emma’s mouth was slightly edited so it looks a bit better when moving

I’ll try to tackle supports next


noice looking forward to the release.

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So new version has been added.


Personal skills have been added

I added the fell contract

Did a bit of palette tweaking for Katerine

Did a bit of stats tweaking

Remembered to give Volf his description


Time for a new update.


A new character has been added.

New weapon effectiveness have been added.

The portraits for the characters in the demo are now on the FEU page (Feel free to criticize them)


So I do not have a new version of the demo but I wanted to tell you all what are the plans for the hack right now.

So I am currently trying to figure out how implementing a custom skill works but I think I’m getting there slowly but surely.

The second thing I’m working on is the first draft of William’s custom tier 1 sprite. And then I might do Fiora’s tier 1 sprite. (Btw I kinda took the hair of another custom sprite from the repo to make it but I plan on changing it so it’s different enough. I’m sorry it was just too perfect for the character and yes I did credit the original artist)

After all of that is done I think development for the maps can actually start but I’ll probably take a small break. Work on that comic or maybe make some concept art or finish the last promise.

Anyway I plan to make updates like this on a weekly basis from now on just to reassure anyone that the project is in fact not dead.


So once again I don’t have a new version but there are some updates.

We finished Wilson and She Hun’s support dialogue. (Thanks to @Slowpokemasta and @Solusaeternus for writing the dialogue and writing a pretty major part of the lore in the process lol)

Wyvern riders and wyvern lords use axes instead of lances

I’m almost done making the portrait of a new character

And that’s about it for now. Until next week.