Fire Emblem 8 Reskin

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Please Read: As of 6/23/2021, please re-download this patch. FEBuilder randomly missassgigned some spell animations. This caused wind spells to have electrical visual, and sound, effects. I am sorry, this is not my doing, but a bug in FEBuilder. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This is my reskin of Fire Emblem the Sacred Stones.

Credit goes to:

  1. FE universe.
  2. Arch, Blazer and Blood for elements used in the game.
  3. FE mug blitz. The following people get credit for the faces used in this project:
  4. The creator of FEbuilder.
  5. The FE universe community.
  6. Gabriel Knight and Kitty of Time for the new class.
  7. TactHAck for the portrait, and palette used for the Ciella character.
    The hack has added spells and some weapons.
    Added characters. No support for them.

If you downloaded this patch anytime in the past, you will have to re-download it. I had to reposition NPC and edit the ROM. This should be the final product. I found major errors while testing the early chapters of this ROM. I also had to fix the spell animations. They should work now. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Note: When promoting a unit, make sure they are equipped with one weapon that they are able to use. Do not promote a unit that has any weapon they can not use in their inventory. Doing so will cause the game to freeze. I found this by testing. Oh, and new promotion branches were added. The alternative choice will not have any animation. The promotion screen will flash in a ‘glitchy’ manner. The promotions still work. I can not fix this.
I added a new class. I also gave the class a new weapon type to use. This patch will have to be re-downloaded, if you downloaded it before the class addition.


This is not acceptable. It’s your responsibility to list the creators of individual assets, not the creators.

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I fixed the issue.

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