Fire Emblem 7 Pick My Edits

For a while I’ve been wanting to do some kind of rom hack of the GBA Fire Emblem games, but I’ve struggled somewhat with coming up with ideas. So, I figured this would be a good place to start! I’ll be working on this in FEBuilder, so most any change you can think of would, in theory, be possible. Characters, their stats, classes, etc, map designs, enemies, item stats, you name it. However, it should be noted that I’m a little bit of a novice when it comes to this stuff, so a couple of things are probably off the table for me. Most should be feasible though.

I’ll be allowing anyone to make any three edits they want each day until I decide to cut it off. I look forward to seeing what changes you guys suggest!

Increasing enemy growth rates is no longer allowed to ensure the end result is playable.

And here’s the spreadsheet where I’ll be compiling all of the edits. If a slot on the spreadsheet for a particular unit isn’t currently filled, it’s up for grabs. This includes empty slots on characters who have already been edited in other ways. For example, if a unit’s stats have been altered, but their class or growth rates haven’t yet, you can still change them.


Ah i see you got a bit inspired from my fe11 PME. I get 3 edits per day right?

  1. Swap out Rebecca for FE6 Dorothy, with dorothy’s growths and bases, but with +1 to all her bases.
  2. Swap out the Wil/Rebecca (Dorothy) support for Dorcas/Rebecca (Dorothy). Support points stay the same. Text can stay the same so you don’t need to invest extra work into it.
  3. Bump up Dorcas’s growths by +10% everywhere

Give Bartre a prf that grants +5 spd, Dorcas one that grants +5 str, and make them both pirates/brigands

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Would you like one to be a pirate and one a brigand, or have them both be the same class? And what would you like for the name and other stats for the prf weapons?

  1. Go to Promotion Items in advanced editors, add Druid to the list who can use the guiding ring
  2. in FEBuilder choose a druid class, and then click menu class. Add the dark druid class.
  3. go to character editor and then character palette. Make a Dark Druid animation for canas. you just need to play with the color options.

Yeah one of each to be more distinct
For Dorcas’s axe, Lover Power
For Bartre’s axe, El Veloz (The fast one)

Oh and for stats
Dorcas is 10MT, 75 hit, 0 crit, 40 uses
Bartre is 5MT, 85 hit, 5 crit, 40 uses

Lance Replaces Lowen
Lowen Bases
Lance’s Growths (with a 50% in Str and Def)

  1. Triple the attack modifier changes on the weapon triangle (so it’s +/- 3 damage), decrease hit change by 5 (+/-10 hit)

  2. Raven is a dark mage with the following changes to his growths:
    +20% def +10% res -15% spd -5% skill
    and the following changes to his bases vs vanilla:
    +4 def, +1 mag -4 spd +1 res

Make the Mani Katti a Reaver Weapon, and give it unlimited uses.

Make the Sol Katti weigh 6 and the same effectiveness table used by the Swordslayer

Make Wallace Bors and use his averages for promo

Give Wil a horse promotion with D Lances and Bows on promo, essentially a Bow Knight or Silver Knight
Make him start at level 3, with 21 HP / 12 STR / 9 SKL / 9 SPD / 6 Luck / 6 Def / 3 Res, with 7 con
Then give him 75% HP, 60% Str and Skil, 45% Spd, 45% Luck, 30% Def and 15% Res
Have him also start with a Long Bow and Steel Bow.

@skythegguy Just making sure, by “dark mage,” you mean shaman, right?

@BorsDeep Can you explain what you mean by using his averages for promo?

@Rasta What would you like the class bases and promo gains to be for this new class?

Feel free to keep the M!Sniper promo gains, they’re decent enough.

You got it. Actually, that reminds me, @Ether do you want me to add promo gains for Dark Druid?

Decrease Pents staff rank and base stats

Increase Erks magic and speed growth (by a lot)

Can we change Erks promotion class to a mage knight… or a paladin if you are too lazy to import the animation


Dancer no more. Well she still can, per se, but… that’s now just ONE thing she can do.

Ninian is now a Manakete, specifically one who shifts into an Ice Dragon. Her Str/Mag is now increased to 5 base/95% growth, her skill to 10 base and 55% growth, and her strength/skill cap is increased to 20.

Icestone This is her weapon, the Icestone. You decide what stat boosts and durability it has.

If these changes could be applied to Nils as well, that’d be cool too.


How much, exactly, do you want the decrease to Pent’s staff rank/stats and the increace to Erk’s growths to be?

inb4 Pent always ends up dying in the desert chapter and softlocks the game

So I looked through the graphics repository and all I could find for battle animations for mounted units using both lances and bows that suits a promoted class was this one based on Bernadetta

I could probably make it work with some palette work. You wanna go for it?