Fire Emblem 7 Pick My Edits

Ranger in the repo has Lances as well as Bows. You could probably use that and just not add the Sword animation. Just look up Ranger Vanilla + Lance.

You could use the Master Knight animations for that.

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This link should be the one for a ranger class with lances

just one: lyn promotes to nomad trooper

I dont know how balancing works, and as Donlot said, you need to have Pent survive the first chapter he is in. I think that Erk maybe should have an increase by like… 20% (or give him a 255% growth in magic muahahahah)

Actually she can probably just place pent next to where you start as a workaround, so survival shouldn’t be much of an issue

Make Lucius an axe knight (same bases as cavalier, promotes to paladin) with same base stats. He gains 30% HP growth, -10% strength and agility, and +30% defense.

Give armored knights/generals +1 mobility. Make it so they can cross rivers.

Change weather so it doesn’t affect mobility. Also make chapter 12 be rainy and have chapter 14’s palette.

Replace Dart’s Portrait and Name with Darros (there is a portrait in the repo) and give him +20% def growth, +3 def base, but -20% speed growth.

Rename Athos to Santa. I recall there being a santafied version of his portrait, but if it isn’t in the repo you don’t have to change it. Also change the final map to Snow when he appears.

Rename Rath to Wrath, increase his skill to 20, and give him a PRF bow which is just Killer bow +2 might, +20 crit. Call it Serial Killer Bow, or an abbreviation of that if it doesn’t fit.

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I was working on palette stuff and it dawned on me that each character only has 2 palettes, a base and a promoted one. That means Dark Druid Canas is going to use the same palette as Druid Canas anyway so I’m gonna have to change his Druid palette to compensate.

  • Eclipse now is a clone of Dire Thunder called Dire Eclipse with 30 uses.
  • Wyvern Lords have Axes rather than Swords. Any enemy Wyvern Lord that has a Sword will have it replaced by its Axe equivalent.
  • Armor Knights/Generals now also get Bows.
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3 hp 3 skill 3 spd 4 res 5 mag or pow

alright, I have to go to work now, so the spreadsheet won’t be updated until sometime after 10pm est


Make merlinus a wyvern knight with access to the convoy, starting with D Lances.
Stat wise he would be basically florina with more atk and less speed

Ok. So first Guy should finally be given a name. Not just Guy. I choose. Xys. Honestly I think that should be a freebee if not I want him to start with a poison sword and a wo dao with plus one to str def res.
Secondly. All bosses have some sort of Killer weapon effective weapon or ranged weapon that suits the situation well added to their inventory some all 3. Whatever they can make the most use of without being unkillable.
Thirdly. A meta edit. No one can add more than 3 stats or 20% growths to a character without an equal drawback. 20 skill on Wrath is insane.

so like in febuilder there’s a tab that shows average growths for levels if you want the stats I can send 'em over. I probably should have in the first place, but I didn’t think too hard about it.

Anyways: Since Wallace joins at like lvl 12 in Lyn’s tale, I’m using the average bases for Bors as if he were lvl 12.
His bases are as follows:
HP: 30, Str: 10, Skl: 7, Spd: 7, Def: 15, Res: 1, Luk:10

Growths (same as FE6)
Hp: 90, Str: 30, Skl: 30, Spd: 40, Def: 35, Res: 10, Luk: 50.

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I’m going to have to veto that third one. It’s not right for people to just set rules for everyone else. The whole point of PMEs is to just make a bunch of fun edits, regardless of how easy or hard the end result is. Let’s all just have fun with this, yeah?

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I agree with his premise of “don’t just turn the game into a snoozefest”, and honestly thought about doing something similiar in the FE11 PME but you can just rebalance it again if it becomes too easy by adding some more difficulty via more/stronger enemies or other means. Then again people will probably balance it a bit themselves, so there might not even be a need for that.


While I can make a mug of Jogurt to replace Wrath’s I can’t make a battle animation for him and this is upsetting. I wish there was a way to set random growths to zero so you have to level certain units up to see if they even have growths for that run. Did anyone ever make something like that? Similar to it.

Make the Fell contract obtainable much earlier around chapter 16-20 (Eliwood mode)
If you can give Eliwood lances, a prf called Pferdelanze with 10 might, 90 hit, 0 crit, efective against mounted and fliers (not armors), all growths with a +10% and his name is now Eligod


Do you mean fixed growth rates?