Fire Emblem 7 Kaizo (demo out)

I wanted to fully reskin fe7 for quite some time & I started working on it.This is my first hack so I Don’t know if it will be a good one but I will try my best.This hack will focus on improving Gameplay features & make it as challenging as possible.

The Demo is ready to roll.Only Lyn Mode was done in this.

Here is the download link :

Screenshots :

Credits :

Special Thanks :
@Reyk_Retro0337 for pallettes & other.

Discord Server :


Good to see someone doing this with FE7. I wish you good luck with your project.

noice I also dreamed of an FE7 rebalance looking forward to it and good luck.

Thanks man It’s my first hack so It will take a little time.


Yeah I was searching for a Reskin type of hack for Fe7 but couldn’t find any so I was messing up in febuilder & at a point I Thought It’s time to give it a shot.


Good Luck, im on same hissue at you, workign for the first time to practice, if you have not problem, i will follow your work for ideas.


Nice I was searching for a fe7 redux kind of a hack.


Was great touch again FE7 for help with this project

I finished it was fun but why can’t I play beyond Lyn mode??

Did you read the original post?

It is intended to end in Lyn Mode.You gotta wait for updates if u wanna play further.

Can you make playable tactician/Mark like this?
FE7 - Project Anima_1646418424928
Sc:FE7 - Project Anima

Edit: link discord is expired

Yes it is possible to create one like this.
Discord link is updated.
Thanks for pointing out.

I haven’t played it yet… but are there mono caves?I would love that!

Do u mean mono weapon type??
There is none.But I have tried to make them feel different.

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oh yeah…so sorry lol :sweat_smile:. also I’ll give it a try.

Hope u like it.

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so yeah I played it,the considerable buffs are nice.will doesn’t seem like a complete waste of time now,lyn can hold out on her own(a lil bit).also if you want animations then there are a lot of FE7 animations on the respiratory that are very good looking but ask them for their permission first,or credit as they say.nonetheless this is only my opinion and the hack seems pretty nice,keep going.