Fire Emblem 65: The Bragi Blade 776

Help Wanted:
I’ve gotten all the way to the playtest part of this patch, but I do not have enough experience with fe6 to properly judge its quality. It’s a patch that replaces the fe6 cast with the fe5 cast in recruitment order. (Roy=Lief, Allen=Osian, Lance=Halvan, etc). The only exception is Lara replaces Larum or Elphin to make the roster properly match. It’s a mesh of fe6 with a bit of fe5 seasoned in (Lief starts with a lightbrand instead of rapier). I also lowered the extra HM levels on enemies since fe6 has must higher enemy quality than fe5.
Included in the download link is a word document of who created which of the custom animations used for the axe armor, axe cav, and dancer animation and links to the drives you can find them at. I If anyone is willing to try it, please provide me with any feedback or issues you find. I would greatly appreciate it.


You can just edit the first post and ask one of us to clean up these posts after the fact

I’ll do that. Thank you for telling me how to properly credit, and I will adjust the post as soon as I am first able.


Sounds interesting! I love mods that replaces characters, definitely gonna play it.

I never played Thracia 776 so I can’t say for sure but… two characters with the same name (Robert) join in chapter 8

Whoops. Minor mistake.
Just the bow knight is supposed to be named Robert. The Lance cavs are Kain and Alva. Thanks for letting me know

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Fire Emblem Bragi Blade_1625720849939
Runesword drains HP infinitely when it hits. This only occurs with animations on.

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Well, I didn’t actually change anything about the Runesword, so that’s odd. I’ll look into that straightaway. Thank you

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Actually, thank you for sending the screenshot, too. I forgot something I did made him a swordmaster. I need to change him back to a hero.

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Lara’s dance crashes the game with animations on.

Thank you, again. I’ll add it to the list. I hope you know how much of a help you are.


Happy to help! :slight_smile:

Henning is now a Hero, Lance knight Robert is now named Kain, and the Runesword no longer eats HP into infinity. I’ll try to figure out the dancer thing before I re-upload.

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I thought that having a sword equiped was the reason, but it isn’t. Probably has something to do with her attack animation or something.

I found out the sword animation works, but the dance one doesn’t for some reason.

Linoan softlocks the game when she doubles.

Huh. That’s an interesting one. That probably means Sarah does too. I’ll check on it after work tomorrow, and send you an updated patch

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Btw why Linoan can’t use Master Seal?

I may have forgotten to add her class to the ones that could use it. Easy fix

She couldn’t use them on FE5. She had to visit a specific church to promote.

But if Jacob wants her to promote like everyone else, I won’t object.

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