Fire Dark , Inpired by Perfect Dark - 1 Chapter [FE8U]

Perfect Dark for the N64 was a game I played a lot as a kid, and wanted to adapt it into FE chapters.
My focus was on implementing the objectives and simulating the general progression of the original missions, so while I do also find the balance fun, the units/items/placements were done more as a necessity to have the events be playable, and this will apply to future chapters if I ever make more. So I encourage editing them as you prefer, maybe replacing the blue units with self-inserts of your friends, or putting it through a randomizer, and see how the events play out with different actors.
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Light Rune repalette by topazlight


Mine Canto fix by Sme


Full briefing available in-chapter.

Give orders to NPCs under your command by selecting the “Buddy” command.

Promote as soon as level 1 (units start on level 0) if you have a Master Seal. NPCs can also promote if they didn’t do another action other than moving that turn.

Multiple objectives must be completed. How many you have to complete and can fail vary by difficulty.
On turn 1 you have the option of selecting “1 blue unit mode”, which makes all the other blue units become NPCs that can be ordered, for those that additional difficulty and/or more of a roleplay experience.

Chapter 1



Special feature: An elevator in the middle of the map. It moves every NPC phase. Be careful not to leave units in the doorway when the elevator goes to another floor.
You start in the upper right corner of the map, and have to make your way to the bottom left, but you must complete objectives before you can finish the mission.

-Steal the keycard from the NPC.

-“Visit” the stairs on the left of the second floor from the top.

-Talk to the NPC and enter the room he unlocks.

-“Visit” the stairs on the bottom right.

-Escape to the basement on the bottom left.

Other gameplay elements/tips:
-Enemies do not attack civilians.
-Some actions can cause an alarm to trigger, but the second objective temporarily disables it.
-If the NPC for the third objective seems uncooperative, just keep talking to him.

Thanks for those who try it out, I hope you have fun playing. Feedback is welcome.


Looks cool – congrats on release! Looking forward to checking this out.

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-Gave the male NPC some healing items so he’s less likely to get stuck in healing mode (thanks to Rivian’s playtesting)
-Attempted to improve the elevator/attack AI (units no longer get stuck, but they still go back and forth sometimes, needs more testing)
-Made it so using the Buddy command refreshes the units’ AI counters regardless of what order you give them (hopefully preventing some undefined behavior)
-Applied the Mine Canto fix by Sme
-Misc. gameplay fixes/changes

-Talking to the NPC now resets his AI counter to prevent him being stuck under specific conditions
-Improved the elevator-related AI
-Misc map changes
-Fixed freeze with NPC being dropped by an enemy killed on enemy phase
-Added variations of elevator-related AI
-Removed leadership stars, had forgotten about them

As expected, the elevator-related AI is taking some time to perfect.

-Dummied out some events that became unnecessary
-Fixed a game over if the male NPC dies regardless of failed objectives
-Some more elevator-related AI improvements, managed to not have a single issue this last playthrough.

Finally recorded a video, edited the first post to link to it. As of this edit, the video is still being uploaded.

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