Fidl Emblem: The Sacred O'Neils (College Interview Project)

Hello, I am fidl and I’m a novice hack person guy.
I made this hack while applying for a game design course in college
and in order to proove my experience with game design and writing I decided to make a
small romhack in a month.

It’s 12,5 chapters long and it follows the story of my poorly done portrait
hunting a legendary being known as “The O’Neil Slayer”.
You’ll battle many dangerous and weird foes that want to
stop you in your quest (or are just standing in the way an you’re in poor mood).
Along the way you’ll find many familiar faces (i.e. repalettes)
and you’ll uncover the mystery behind the O’Neil Slayer.

The later stages of the game are not extensively playtested because of time
constraints. Please understand that any errors that may appear are because of
these constraints and I will most likely fix them after my interview.

Have fun playing! :3

(Also credits to: spud, hgs, Flausban and DerTheVaporeon for a small amount of custom animations)


Eyy, congrats on finishin’ dude. Seems fun, best of luck with getting into the university you want to


Sounds like a very interesting game. I will definitely be checking it out ASAP. I also do kinda of a let’s play/review for fire emblem hacks on YouTube. I’m not that big but I was wondering if I could play yours when I get around to it?

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If you want to make a video about it go for it!


this is epic, i’ll play it when i finish another hack that i’m playing right now