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Version: 1.0.1: Download (rar) (zip)


FEXP is a conversion of the RPGMaker XP platform intended to give developers a tool for making high-quality Fire Emblem fan-games with less effort. Certain scripts are incomplete or missing, but they will be added should anyone write them. If you have written anything you’d like to be included in the package, or know of someone else’s scripts, please post and tell us about it!
Obviously, RPGMaker XP is required for editing, and probably the Run-Time Package but I don’t know for sure.

Please take the time to read over the copyright information, available in the included document, License.txt, or in the spoiler below. Posting your projects on this board in the provided section waives your attribution requirements, so you only need to worry about it if you’ll be sharing your stuff elsewhere.

Tutorials and support are available on the Immortal Sword forums.


also you can now get RMXP for $6 or more at humble bundle

This is a pretty old tool. I think you want FEBuilder instead:

There are a number of little tutorials about febuilder. I would recommend checking the event templates while using it if you are stuck with something.

The above thread includes lots of info too. For example, this linked guide adds reinforcements which is similar to what you’re trying to do:


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thank you for replying but i already know about it, have it, and i don’t really care for it. the only reason why i have it still is because in hopes that someone might fix my little problem for me. and that problem is that i can only spawn 20 npcs/green units at once. only 20 can be on the battlefield altogether. where as i would like a say 50 vs 50 red vs green battle

That’s the limit. From what I’ve heard/remember, Vanilla FE8 is limited to only 10 NPCs on the field and one of the patches extends this to 20. Perhaps someone else knows more, but I haven’t heard of anyone putting more than 20 NPCs on the field simultaneously.

i figured out how to turn enemies to allies (green units) but now the thing i would like to know is how to add sprites. and even new units altogether. the one i chose from what;s available is assassin, but there is no unit sprite on the main field or in battles. i would like to know how to add the sprites. but i main lords, so if i could add a lord unit, i would be that rather

and this is the reason why i was desirous of this then febuilder, because i thought that there would be no 20 npc limit in this, and i was right. got a good little army of like 25 npcs. (hopefully i could go to like 50+ with this)

how much do you know about making events say like reinforcements?

I just downloaded FEXP and I have a bit experience using XP so maybe it will be more easy for me to work instead Builder.

found anything interesting?

Well I stopped working on FEXP since there’s almost nobody that use it . I still have faith in FEXP but didn’t touch it since then … So sorry but i have nothing yet I mean no progress on that program. I am focusing on sprites first … Sorry … Good luck with your project

Why use FEXP? FEXNA (Tactile) is the newer and better version of the same engine. It’s superior in every way, unless you just have to use RPG Maker/Ruby.

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I am using FEBuilder first but since I have been working a while on RMXP I would try FEXP later … That’s all … I assume I would script better on Ruby than hack or other engine that I don’t have any experience

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FEXP is out of date, Tactile (formerly FEXNA) is its successor - I wouldn’t recommend using this.

It’s a free society, and if you like using FEXP, that’s cool too.

I would recommend you try using Tactile though at some point. You might like it a lot!


hm, the download isn’t working for me, anyone willing to help out with a download?

Don’t use FEXP, use Tactile. It’s pretty much the same engine but doesn’t use game maker. And Tactile has more. Go up to Kloks most recent post on this to find the page.

Did you download it by all the links posted to see if any of them works for you? I don’t recommend you to use it if you don’t know how to work with rpg maker xp but if you know you can check it.
I also work a bit with it.

yea, i work with rmxp all the time, that’s why I wanted to use it specifically. and yea, I did try each of the download links, I’m not sure why they aren’t working lol

Wouldn’t recommend making a new hack on a dated engine. Very unlikely to attract attention and very likely to run into problems you wouldn’t in FEXNA

Edit: not FEXNA, Tactile