FEU's International Presence

This is also partly a test to see if the thing launching the tweets is an automated bot.
Take a look at this; it seems to be a bot that reposts everything posted on FEU. Which may indicate that there’s at least some audience for it abroad.

Additionally, our diplomacy thread was either translated here (with an added comment by the author at top?): http://ngmansion.webcrow.jp/wp/2015/02/26/日本の改造fe界との交流を考えるスレ/

http://ngmansion.webcrow.jp/wp/2015/07/25/gbafe逆汗講座 四/

This is fascinating and looks like it’s about animations?

No no, WRONG! It’s about reversing the flow of sweat. Duh!

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Hello people who are reading FEU

Thank you, NGMansion, for helping spread awareness of FEU to the Japanese community. It warms my heart to see things like this!

I’m pretty excited to see how that FE5 remakes goes. He’s put up a few things about it on his twitter.

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Double-post, but it’s my forum so my rules #yolo

Anyways, I stumbled across something today and wanted to hear the community’s thoughts. Discourse has a plugin that integrates post translation. Currently, it would only translate non-English languages into English, but ideally in the future would allow any user to translate posts into their other languages too. The hope is that we could transition into a multi-lingual forum, where users can read/reply in their native languages seamlessly.

It uses Microsoft’s translation service, which offers 2,000,000 characters a month as a free package (the next step up, 4 million, costs $40 per month and it only gets more expensive from there). Hopefully it’s better than Google’s, since there’s a price tag attached. Starting out, we should be able to get away with using the free package without a problem. Translating English posts into non-English languages could provide some challenges down the road, but I think building a multi-lingual community would be a worthwhile goal.


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Sounds fancy.

Really depends on how good it is though, imo

wait where is this FE5 remake?

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Okay so back to the original topic.


Using a new translation program I just downloaded, which has a translation rating of “9.67 out of 10” I get… pure piss-stained ass. And this is a paid program.

Whoever invents a universal translator that works with no flaws is going to be absolutely drowning in money.

Seriously though, you’d think a program that charges $10/month would be able to not translate ‘reverse sweat’ as a thing. (Don’t worry, I pirated. Doesn’t cost me a dime.)