FEU Vs Requiem

“Maybe we’ll finish this one” Edition.


  • Don’t get anyone killed on purpose.
  • Don’t fuck up
  • Don’t be a dick
  • Don’t sell promo items
  • Promote at lv15 or higher
  • Don’t summon the antichrist
  • or do, whatever
  • hail stan

Player Order:



Hi and welcome back to more of this shit.
I’m going in mostly blind so this should be a trip.


I don’t

These must be some of our MCs.

The other… Three Houses?

Blah blah blah war stuff

Do I spot a third MC?

Still don’t like that sigh thing

What the fuck is this map

What the fuck is this map

What the fuck is this map?


I guess you’re a recruitable

Better hope no skeletons show up then

And another recruitable appears

And they’re attacking

Aaaaaaaaand I can’t talk to her

Or her
Incredible design
I was informed that you have to kill them to recruit them so… Sure?

What in the god damn

The other two had similar dialogues after the NPCs stole my fucking kills.

I dunno man he’s got an armorslayer

Oh there you are




Well that was a prologue and a half.
Big map
lots of enemies
NPCs that exist to help you out but mostly just steal your kills
You could’ve cut that map size in half, removed a bunch of enemies and NPCs, and you’d probably have had a better prologue than whatever that was.
The writing sure isn’t grabbing my attention so far but maybe it’ll pick up?
We’re off to a great start.


Maybe we’ll finish this one edition

Aka MC promises not to create a Battle Before Dawn timeloop/make someone train a sword locked Est in a Lance user heavy map this time


Still weird seeing my edits used in this hack, especially when some of them caused a whole lotta’ ruckus.

Either way, chuckles abound, keep 'em coming.


Well, this should be interesting.

I got as far as Chapter… I dunno, 6?

checks save file

Yeah, Chapter 6, before I got tired of this. If you want a sudden reason to scream “WHYYYYY” more, look up the growths table. Not immediately, though, a good way through it. Save that little revelation for later on.

Regardless, humorous run so far, keep it comin’!


i finished it like a year ago iirc


Character defining really makes up a large bulk of this part. I’m trying to pick a small selection that lets you get an idea, even if not a perfect one (I have 164 screenshots for the pre-battle dialogue for this chapter, and transcribing is super slow).

Andrei gets a bit tempermental but is interrupted by our big Lord-dad.

For some reason, Andrei isn’t allowed in on this?

(Verona is the country they live in.)

Ash: We piled up our

This doesn’t make much sense to me because it would seem logical that your key positions would include that, but… okay, Sacred Blaze, sure.

Val: Even considering that, they can’t have gotten

I really like this scene because it establishes lorddad’s convictions and what sort of leader he is that somebody has to grow up intot he shoes of.

“and get your mother, aunt, and uncle somehwere far away. After that, try to meet back up with your siblings.”


So, since, evidently, they didn’t get shown off earlier. Our character biographies:

(Drake was the boss from last chapter)

So I really hate how this chapter starts. I actually like how it ends up, but it… ugh.

So, first, none of your units actually start in position to get to the pillar, except by rescue->take->drop.
The enemies use Axe and Lance.
You have no axe units, so you can’t even get triangle neutral against them both.

I hate the first turn being “move all units 2 tiles forward”, so I try to not do that, but…

These two soldiers move up. The Archers are both Attack in Range. A range that Val has to be in, otherwise these two Soldiers will go dive the rest of the group and slaughter them.

Particularly Andrei, look at how low he already is.

…Oh. Okay.

Andrei game overs you, by the way. He is a Lord-sorta.

Attempt two, er…

Maybe I’m bad at videogames.

Let’s move units down only three tiles instead, then.

I really like some of the palettes for this game, Katarina’s is very pretty even if I feel it stays too white.

This. This was a huge mistake. As it turns out:

Since the MercenaryBlade moves first and the Fighter second, and the Archers last, I had to go redo this whole segment with Keiran having the Double Spear equipped instead, since he died.

This, by the way, is 2x effective might land. So eventually, bow users just won’t be threatening if the current trend of unedited weapon stats persists.

Andrei gets the key and I got lucky with Linda dodging a thing, I think?

This is Val’s prf and it is still effective against armors and knights, not infantry at large.

Something that eternally irks me about this chapter, however: As far as I know, this one thief is the only way to get all three pieces of loot from these chests.
But that, in turn, means not getting this lockpick.


This sword in particular has recieved numerous buffs; if I remember correctly it originally didn’t have effective damage nor critical and weighed more?
It’s a good sword from stats alone, and 22 horsecleaving might is nothing to sneeze at even if it isn’t the Reginleif’s 30.

A quick little interlude in the top right.

Did somebody want discount Pent joining in chapter 1? (I don’t think he actually joins the party permanently right here, though.)

These two have nice palettes (also glorious amounts of damage).

Now, the game does start throwing weight at you, and they stay low-levelled so they’re not worth much EXP to tackle:

I really like this, for an escape chapter. It gives you something to press at your heels without being strictly fatal.

I totally, however, forgot to screenshot going up this corridor: It was awkward and involved a lot of counting spaces.

Andrei can start this talk. Val can’t. I like this, and dislike it at the same time, because Talks end your turn here.

“prisoners to safety.”

“going to lose.”

By the way, effective damage. Don’t slaughter your Wyverns.

This was the only real way to chokepoint without potentially losing a lot.

At this point, the game dumps six more Elite Egardia in the back behind us-- Two MercenariesBlades, two ArchersShooters, and two (Axe) Knights.

For comparison’s sake, against Andrei’s Flamberge, we have the Iron BladeGreatsword.

Promoted Wyverns are basically without risk beyond Magic.

Unpromoted Keiran, not so much, since he missed this.

Thankfully, the issue resolved.
(These were two different archers.)

There’s one extraneous Fighter that you can see just below the minimap, but the other eight enemies we’re not supposed to be fighting, and I don’t really fancy having anybody but the two promoted units even trying to take them on.


“to worry for us?!”

“Andrei and I could have–”

Get used to this phrase. If I recall correctly, at least.

… Who, Josie, wwwhhhooooooo???

Ash fades out here for a moment. Despite there still being some text skips, there’s just so much polished nuance to a lot of these.

“imprisoned… or worse.”

“been dealt with.”

(ie, the whole country-- ‘or what’s left of it’, as the case may be.)

Ash: “The key is to start off small. We need to find somehwere safe to set up. Bran is out of our reach, as things stand. I’m sure that we have some soldiers here and there.”

Ash whines about how he failed since lorddad’s wound was dealt in front of him, but that he can’t feel that pain yet. They all assert that they’re together in this, which is touching–

“able to do something.”



489 total screenshots. That counts the unused ones due to dialogue clipping and due to having to retake because of a mistake or death, but sheesh, maybe I should do fewer.


Props to you guys, I’d have slit my wrists if I personally experienced the writing in this hack.


I was so full of wtf from the prologue I forgot to show the bases and bios

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So I remember Mel streamng this a while back and I was riding shotgun with her the whole way. Seemed fine for the most part, though I do recall we were starting to have our patience worn thin as the game progressed as problems kept piling on one after another, ultimately stopping like halfway through.

This was a few years ago though. Maybe this won’t be as bad as that?


Maybe, but my hopes aren’t that high lol.

At least our collective suffering will be entertaining, probably.


Perhaps this time you’ll be able to get to the end? There’s no loss of Arch’s demise, Battle Before Dawn repeats, or safe Lyn causing headaches this time. Hopefully boredom won’t claim you!


I’ll finish it myself if I have to


Reminder I hold some responsibility for two of these
Anyway, before we start, I should preface this by saying I have only played the prologue, so this is mostly blind

courage within, sanity nonexistant

Crawling in my skin

Let me guess, they aren’t blood related.

“You face not only the evil empire, but also the tedium of a hack that thought the prologue being how it was was a good idea”

That’s gre- what do you mean you’re not playable yet?

I love this portrait

Because Black Knight was taken

Defeat Boss is the goal, and there is a lotta red dudes in my way

One small rescue chain puts Not!Pent and Not!Haar in range to play God

Good question, from where I’m standing it appears to me as tho you should hate literally everyone in this conflict, Egardia for taking everything you know and love from you, and Val’s homeland for literally beating you into submission and holding you captive until they had to force you into service. Now I get helping in the escape map, gotta look out for number 1 after all, but afterwards is going to be a bit more interesting to justify, so let’s see how you do.

Basically the others are pissed enough at Egardia to help while Cleric lady just believes it to be the right thing to do. I guess I can accept this.

“You may have taken out quite a few of my guys but you don’t stand a chance against me”
Literally first enemy I’ve fought this map

Why are you a Lord

That beautiful x2 effective damage. Thanks NoA!

Check. Mate.

It was pretty easy, I beat it in two turns


The big issue is that every map in the game feels like “this is my first map it’s very small only 40×40”. They’re huge, but this is difficult to grasp when 16×16 tiles look so tiny on a computer screen, and then when you make an entire game out of those maps and release it out of the blue without having people along the way to help you get your map-making habits under control… It ends up being a journey through space and time, but you go so far you go around the universe and end up being back where you started, so all along it was only a journey through time.

That being said, this is still a contender for being my favourite FE mod because it actually has a decent story that does its own thing without trying too hard to ape the vanilla games (Val Mode exists, yes, but the writing is good enough that I don’t mind).

FE7-style growths and low growths in general aren’t bad in a vacuum. It’s just Requiem being tedious, and since the maps already take a million years to move across, well…
#Ch3: Liberation

wait, why is the chapter called that?

Soon we’ll be begging for Liberation from this game HAW HAW HAW

(Winds Across the Plains isn’t actually playing in this cutscene don’t worry)
(also it’s a diff map it just looks the same as the prologue)


can’t remember if we’ve learned Drake’s name yet so here it is.

“passage back home to Garase.”
I forgot how much I liked Drake. He doesn’t work for the bad guys because oooooh EVIL; he just wants to get home.

He explains in this cutscene that Garase did some dirty work for Egardia and Egardia got the credit while the Garasites (Garasans? Garasese? Greasers?) were called cowards.

“And I can’t speak for my husband’s and the other houses’ treatment of the people of the Western Confederation, either. I’m sorry to hear that. But my son told you what Lord Bran himself said, did he not?”
Drake: “That’s why I’m doing this. If I give them what they want, they have to let me off.”
Because that’s the rules, you see…

“I joined the Egardians of my own will, and so I’ll trust them until there’s some proper proof.”
If this were a vanilla FE game, this is the part where Drake would change sides because he saw the truth in Florence’s eyes or something


New face! Half a face, at least. Look forward to her hair and shoulder pad magically changing sides when she loads on the other side of the screen

Florence asks this woman why the Egardians want Ash and gets a “dunno; just following orders” response.

I had no idea Drake was a spriter!

“You’re… not very smart, are you?”
But that plan was clearly ironclad! Clad in more iron than Drake himself, I say! How could it go wrong?!?!
Mage woman explains that Drake joined their army willingly and to be allowed to leave would amount to desertion. At the very best, he’d be let off the hook for his failure to capture Ash instead of Florence
The “generic recolour villains are plotting” theme is playing here, by the way. Too bad it was still the no-one-cares-about-music era back when this game was made

“In Egardia, deserters are executed if they get caught, you know? And we don’t have a high opinion of people who submit to capture in their first battle, either. As it stands right now, you’re just in the way, so I think I’ll cut you out of the picture and take her for myself. What do you think?”

i cant believe drake is fucking dead

Just kidding; Florence begs him to make a run for it after mage lady walks away into the distance

Where is the “Forgive Drake? [Yes/No]” prompt? My immersion is RUINED

Florence butters him up with praise about how he’s a proud knight so we can get this gem.

Florence already knows that Josie is the best unit in the game, I see.

Bad guys come out in the south and we come out in the north.


this is probably important

Info window: “Protect NPCs and rout enemy units”. I have to do this while being subject to Inescapable Fate.

Did I mention that on my first playthrough of this game way back when, I opened the game in Sappy and inserted a bunch of FE6 music so I wouldn’t have to listen to the FE7 music?

Suspiciously weak for how she’s being set up…

There’s literally nothing and no one between Florence and ourselves. The enemies are all in the bottom half of the map. We’ve got a huge, barren wasteland of plains through which we need to spend several turns moving before we can actually get this rigmarole rigged and rolling.

game design is my passion

I am making this executive decision with the end goal of creating another Josie, and you’re going to like it. More Josie, less hosey (and less need to mosey across FE4-sized maps)

Luckily(?) for us, the enemies have a barren wasteland of their own to waste time moving through.

Five. Only five of these 26 enemies could find it in themselves to haul their lazy asses towards the person they’re supposed to capture. Also, they’re mercenaries hired by Egardia, not Egardian soldiers themselves.

This female archer isn’t a recruitable unit or anything, btw. It’s just a random generic female archer

First blood! Feels good to have an axereaver equipped when the only guys in range are axes and spears.

Absolutely delicious. I’m getting generic combat screenshots out of the way straightaway unless something cool/dumb happens

Drake isn’t that great. I get why that’s the case, but since it takes so long for you to get to him it’s very possible for him to have to eat at least one Trained Axe (why are they still called Axes? I want my money back)

I appreciate that he goes for indirect attacks over getting himself harmed more, though.

×2 bows are no threat to Josie, but there are two thund… siiggghhhhh there are two Burst tomes down there that are also effective, only one of which is in range. As long as they don’t stack up on you with that delicious honey-flavoured lightning (the item icon totes looks like there’s a honeycomb design on the book), you’re good

“I didn’t think I was going to get off easily, but how did all of them manage to get here so quickly? The Olvans would never let him get along with a plan like this. And from the look on his face, he was completely surprised that I turned on him back there. … I guess you just can’t count on someone in such heavy armour to make a quick getaway. These mercenaries probably aren’t a match for them. I’ll have to call for the backup unit. I can’t afford to fail here.”
Alicia leaves, which makes me suspect that the gigantic map size is solely so you can’t get Josie to her and defeat her before this event plays

It is bad FE playing to let the jagen get so many earlygame kills, I’m aware. But do you really think I have the patience to wait to hike all the way down there with my 5-mov units after they’ve finished off the guys they’re currently fighting?


Did you know Josie can get to Florence on the very first turn? I didn’t even notice last time.

Josie tells her sister to stay put because she’ll handle things. We’re actually going to be rescuing her out of there next turn

That’s one liability out of the way!

For whatever reason, these mercs have decided not to clog up the bridge this time. "Merc"s are no match for me when they’re not being led by the Merc Five, anyway

Thunderation. Looks like Ray has to burn another turn on a talk convo (in which he reassures Florence that Ash is fine)

If that actually happened to Josie I’d quit the game and delete all of my roms

Finally! We can almost kick ass again!


… not so gööð.

Thank goodness he’s smart enough to do this

×2 effectiveness finally comes back to bite me in the bum. Oh well; archers are bad anyway

Ray’s on tank duty in the west

can we let her die yet

I have anims on again here because I was thinking I’d be able to get a nice critical hit shot. At least she didn’t miss

and then Andrei grants me a very useful crit!

Now Josie can do even more! She truly is the PS3 of Fire Emblem units

It’s only chapter 3 and our Lyn’s got a B!

Meh. Also, her staff wlvl increased to D

No spd or def, huh? Am I greedy for being so ungrateful? Am I an avaricious fiend who turns death into power?

Not yet.

These guys are nicely isolated so I can feed them to the chumps (i.e. anyone who isn’t Josie and Ray)

Oh, turns out these two have a talk

“We’re going to get out of this in one piece.”

Val tells Linda during this talk that they’re fighting merciless mercs and that she’ll protect Linda if she’s in danger and stuff

“And she’s still concerned for someone like me… I have to help! We have to save Lady Florence!” Ever wanted Rebecca, but with a little of that Florina flavour? Boy howdy, have I got the character for you!

Topping off everyone’s HP before we call it a beaten chapter

There are a total of two (2) units in this game so far who know how not to disappoint

Before we finish things off, guess how much of this map was actually used in the gameplay?

“who would kidnap my sister.”

“You were so talkative before, weren’t you?”

“him in the first place!”

“But I know you’re right as well. So explain yourself, knight. You won’t be harmed by anyone, I promise you.”

“to get back home safely. But I see it clearly now. Your brother was right about Egardia. They can’t be trusted.”

“Val, this guy will turn on us at any chance he gets.”

“I’ll do anything I can to help you from here on out.”
The same “despair” theme that was playing during the opening scene is playing now, btw. Kinda makes it feel like nothing was accomplished. As I mentioned before, it’s a journey through space and time, but…

“abandon him here like this.”
lost everything but m’lady

“We can bring him with us and then decide. That woman is surely bringing more soldiers to pursue us. We might not be able to take them.”

“Egardia is too deep within our lands for us to be able to make any advances at the moment, don’t you think?”

“actually wanted?”
Andrei ruins everything!

He pushes Drake away from the teleportation circle AND STARTS FRICKIN’ SMIRKING!

“This looks like a tragic ending for you, though.”
Drake: “I suppose I have only myself to blame. Please, I beg that however you choose to have me killed, just make it quick.”

As I was saying, I can’t believe Drake’s fucking de—

“Besides, now that you’re not in the way, you might be of some use to my lord and me.”

Alicia expresses curiosity in Ash’s teleportation magic; the idea is that she saw it while running in with the reinforcements.

Because he has to ruin everything, that’s why. Ash is too tuckered out by the warp to do much

Andrei complains that Drake constantly disrespected them while in captivity. You know, instead of being a nice, chipper captive

“He deserves whatever comes to him now, if you ask me.”

Is it just me or do Andrei’s and Josie’s armour look like they’re supposed to be the same shade of black/grey/purple, but they follow different colour rules?

“Are these the kind of things you’re teaching my son, Josie? You two are both irritable, but that was… inhumane!”
It’s Andrei’s fault he didn’t take to riding a wyv— excuse me, a Dragon.

Ray appears and talks some sense into Florence for almost spanking Andrei. In front of everyone. With the wooden spoon.

oh never mind she actually did

“As her condition worsens, she’s just a bit worried about how she’s leaving you kids behind.”
Pillars of support for Val? Psh. Ray is the pillar of sanity whom everyone in this game needs

Time to check off that “The Empire” bingo square!
Val decides to let everyone rest and then do some scouting while Ray reassures her that the Olvan people will stay strong in their absence because none of the royalty (nobility?) was actually captured

Val ends the chapter by stating the obvious. Don’t we all?

edit: I’m going to be putting more of an emphasis on gameplay and covering dialogue even less from here on out unless anyone has objections. Composing this post was as tedious as playing a lategame Requiem chapter with no emulator tool abuse, but there are only going to be even more words from here on out.


Oh god yeah, the map sizes. Holy carp and a half it’s starting to come back…

No because Rebecca was already the best go away :hushed:


[quote=“Alusq, post:14, topic:4295”]
Composing this post was as tedious as playing a lategame Requiem chapter with no emulator tool abuse, but there are only going to be even more words from here on out.
[/quote]This is the one thing that makes this game something I didn’t want to LP at first-- There are so many words that matter it’s nearly impossible to even try to summarize most of it without remembering what happens in the future so that you can cut out what doesn’t become relevant.


When I was referring to the growths, I didn’t mean stuff like growths being low or something. I’m referring to a specific trend in every character’s Growth total, with 2 exceptions. It’s incredibly silly.

Every single character, with 2 exceptions, has a Growth total of 325. There are no deviations from this. It’s easy to imagine how this limits character variety in terms of how they develop over the course of the game. Heck, this even causes pre-promotes to be wholly better than their T1 counterparts due to having the bases and growths to have their difference in stats at equal levels be negligible, to the point where there is no point in using T1 versions of pre-promotes (specifically Rayden and Josie; Keiran and the Mage girl who shows up later don’t tend to be much better than them, if at all, and take much more work to be trained).

I don’t know whether this holds true for other pre-promotes later since I don’t know their bases, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the trend continued.


Oh, it’s just this. If it’s good news for Ray and Josie, it’s good news for me!.. Until it isn’t. And here I was thinking the Val Mode units not being great on my first run was a fluke. That being said, I’m still going to be using Keiran because I want another flying tank as soon as possible.

I actually kind of admire this about the game, though. In a fandom where the norm is to have bunches and bunches of words that convey nothing at all, Requiem’s words have a reason to exist (for the most part, I’ll say. There could be some inconsequential stuff that I just forgot about since last time around).


I’ve never played Requiem, I’m awful at FE, and I have no idea of what’s going on. Let’s do this.

This chapter didn’t go too well for me. Numerous resets and minor annoyances.

Ch. 4: New Age

We begin with Val and Kieran doing some scouting…

Kieran, along with many other characters in Requiem, sometimes speaks in an ancient language that can only be expressed in dots. Lots of dots.

Upon returning from their scouting trip, Ash welcomes them back in the ancient language. The story for this map is that the crew spots an old fort off in the distance and wants to camp out there, but when they approach the place it’s suddenly full of dudes.

Here’s the map:


The numbers show droppables. They are:

1 Secret Book
2 Deathblade
3 Militant Edge
4 Speedwings
5 Deathscythe
6 Salve
7 Trained Edge

The boss also has a dragonshield.

Let’s see if Josie can cheese the map, just for fun.

Ballista barely scratches her, so it’s certainly possible. I want the loot and exp, though.

We’ll start by baiting the knights away from their group.

…I haven’t taken a single enemy below half HP. It feels like the story wants things that the gameplay can’t give. More on that in a moment.

Reinforcements spawn on forts around the map (See that pegasus down there?), many of them with 1-2 weapons.

Here’s where the story really doesn’t match the gameplay. According to both Val and Kane (The boss), neither side is actually killing anyone. The goal for both is to capture enemy combatants. I don’t understand how sending pegasi to throw spears at us could ever result in anything other than impalement. How do you non-lethally shoot someone with a ballista? Don’t you think it’s a bit aggressive to prioritize throwing things at the unarmed priestess?

Why not try some diplomacy first?

There were a few resets because these 1-2 pegs (There’s more than one) double my units.

Thus, the slow game begins. I spend a few turns waiting for the pegs.


Then a few waiting for the ground troops. After the pegasi are done spawning, they’re followed by:

Axe cavs. Most of them have more def than my units, and this one has a hand axe.

Linda needs help. A lot of help.

After giving Marco the secret book we move on to the second bunch.

And then the third. There isn’t much to say about these groups. They’ve got a variety of weapons and all of them take more than one round of combat.

The enemies below actually move up to fight us. Those fighters have hand axes and decent hit rates against Andrei.

The mage has a tome that gives 5 crit, so he randomly oneshots Andrei. Luckily I figured things would ramp up here and made a savestate. I have no shame.

There’s some shuffling, fighting, and levels here but the main thing is that nobody died. Valyntine got her A rank in swords:

And I kept the emulator running while busy with some errands…


As you can see above, I’m also using the sage to soak up shots from the ballista.

I make a mistake here by sending Val up against a swordr- erm, Edgebreaker.

After mopping up the upper-right group we have these goons remaining.

Oh yeah, talk convos. Forgot about those. Here we have more sacred language.

The priestess asks Linda to come see her whenever she needs to talk to someone. Linda’s worried that everything isn’t going to be alright. There was another talk between Kieran and Val about how Kieran needs to be mindful of ballistae.

To make a long story about loading savestates very short: the boss moves. The goal is to kill or talk to him. He tries killing you.

Boss Quote with Val

There’s a button press required for each line.

Skipping a bit ahead:

Upon killing him he says

Note: You can end the chapter by killing him or by talking to him. If you kill him, you get the dragonshield.

Kane reveals that he works for the son of the previous Emperor and will take the bunch to talk to him. Ash has some great dialogue here:

Yes. The Emperor’s Empire.

The green-haired guy speaking the sacred language is the prince.

The resulting meeting with the prince is boring. Both Val and the prince talk the talk about motivations and the prince decides rather quickly to help. Val runs off to chat some more with the prince and Kane while Ash and Andrei tend to

Mom stuff

Mom decides this is a convenient time to die. Everyone’s really emotional:

The dialogue here doesn’t really show how the death of a mother seems, I think.

And then this dude tells the dying woman to stop with what seem like her last words.

Ash says this line to mimic Val, who is off playing with her new friends. They decide to temporarily keep the news from Val.

Me too.


Oh boy, now it looks like I have got to take the torch, after a long day of work and transportation problems. Oh well.

Chapter 5: Resistance

We begin our game by–

Yep, I loaded the wrong game in the wrong console, somehow.
*Immediately proceeds to fix this issue.*

Ah, there we go. Also, I gotta agree on that these titles are too short.

*Girl of the Plains in the background.*
You know what this hack could have used?
Better soundtrack and not just constant reusage of FE7 music.
Oh well, who am I to complain?

*Excuse :tm:
I mean, he did run off because edgelord what do you think
*laughing stock*

Not shown: Ash casting the legendary "...!" spell on his sister.

Definitively :tm:

That’s… kind of odd considering the excuse :tm: Andrei would pull.
I mean, that’s the cheapest excuse anyone wouldn’t believe after seeing it from so many comics and facial expressions (except there’s only neutral in like… 90% of the hacks and Fire Emblem in general).

I think I may have skipped some of the convo and uploaded all of this in the wrong order, but whatever, it looks like these greenies are pretty… uhh… “helpful”?
tl;dr Isaac has little greenies but are well-supplied for some reason. Divine Emperor Beran Bran’s defense forces are enough to kick our ass if we don’t take care. More on that later.

Or RNG Abusing. Pick your candy.

That reminds me of a certain chapter-specific mechanic in a certain chapter, in a certain hack… :thinking:

than said than done

than said than done

Gee, I wonder who that could be?

Attacking a fort just because it holds, in all special cases, a merchant of all the people, is just the best excuse ever. Thank you, Sacred Blaze.

Actually, correct me, but… isn’t this one of many excuses in the series as whole?

Actually I was urged to make a joke about this particular set of lines, but I refused to.
I agree, though, why would you charge like this just for a silly excuse to actually have a merchant?

Actually, out of topic, but has anyone noticed that Val’s far pauldron looks off, compared to her NICKT’d armor? Was that design choice, or…?

oh hi mark
*music sloooooowly fades out*

Procrastinators Extraordinaries in a nutshell.

I like how this was predictable. I mean, I can understand that TheMoniker from Serenes’ actually felt for Val’s mum, but this is just predictable. I mean, you got sick in the middle of an attack to your home, you got dragged around by Armored Glassy Marcus of all the people, and then here you are, sitting on a bed with a terminal illness. Of course Mark Rayden would relay news that were too predictable. At least for me, anyways.

*Music changes to Final Farewell*
…Uhh, why that? Hmm… I also noticed that she does like Brunya, and that this song indeed sounds a lot like Brunya’s theme, if you listen sharply enough.


Right in front of y-

Right, her eyes are shut. what

Breaking news: Local Red-haired man in a dark-green uniform spotted somewhere around Egardia. We take recommendations to hide your mothers and have them watch mexican novels until said man leaves.

Me when I am about to tie the noose.


why did I do that

Sideburnt Echidna! Edgy Erk! Alolan Eirika! Shiny Brunya!

Val relates to me in that this is me when I fuck up a relationship and I have no one to blame but myself.

Passive-aggressivity, anyone?

Uh oh.

What other lords can get angry, I wonder? (Spoilers warning)

Marth has an alternate portrait where he looks stern and serious, when talking to the slave dealer in Archanea, and when facing Lang.
Zigludo at the Grand Grandbell Barbecue Festival.
Leif on Raydrik during more than half the game, also at Gustav.
Lilina at the death of her father, which led her to hit up a cell for trying to stop Leygance.
Eliwood, Lyn and Hector all have angry portraits used for certain situations, and they do show.
Ephraim at Orson in Ch 15.
Ike at the Black Knight.
Micaiah at Djurrrrrrgh…!

Wait for it.

If this is the equivalent to suicide, it’s even more hilarious than an egg letting a game over green unit die in the prologue, especially if it fails.

You tried hard to be Kelik, so…

To my butt and the super-long dialogue of this game so far, that is, Ash.

She’s screwed.

Batta the-

Oh. Yes, she’s Princess We. Nice to meet you two, I am Der.

She’s pi-

Just run, you-

By the way, I am not shocked at how she managed to be BOLDER than Eirika right there. I am more shocked at the fact that OP forgot to script these battles properly. Eh, FE7 and their hardcoded scripted battles, I guess.


I know you can kill the soldiers due to how glassy they are in a hack with no halberdiers, she can handle the fighter, but the archer… I just hope he doesn’t have a Killer Bow-


Looking at this scene makes me think of Seth and Eirika. Except it’s Seth being chastised for going full-Rutger.

Gee, I wonder who it was…

Unless it’s Ragefest, that is, in which case you let your anger out against your keyboard/joypad.

Especially if said entry was gloriously done by the masterful mind of the creator of Duo Geno.

Professional Minecraft players after screwing up a perfect plan, 202?, sprited.

And then you had to kill three mooks to prove a point that was not there.

Overthinking is one hell of a bad drug.

I wish these walls of text weren’t real…

… Actually let’s skip this shit it’s getting real late and I spent a whole night in this.
tl;dr No Val, she wouldn't be angry at you, we lost a lot, I wouldn't imagine you act like that while you're a Queen, followed by her friendos showing up, and then everyone understands why she choked Anna to kill two mooks.

I’m not screencapping the whole story because I have heard this hack is also known as The Great Verbose Wall: The Game.

(Continued on next post.)