FEU Vs Requiem


##Chapter 5: The day I got decimated a lot.


These fellows have the following droppables, really. I also show where they are.
Marco could use the hammer for what I know.

A Longbow Sniper Arc

And a shiny Prayer Staff for Blue Ellen.

… Wait why a Serra cler- … No, I won’t think too much about it.

The map, basically. I don’t like how the enemies are cluttered up, and again, you’ll see why this is a problem for me.

Andrei augments his defense, since I am sorta confident they’ll have to grow defense at some point, won’t they?

Marco getting in for Josie. Let’s see how this fares.

Oh hey, it’s the money.

No kidding. That’s gotta be useful, given that we didn’t get much use for a shop.

Isaac himself is the good ol’ green cav, sporting skill and speed over physique. His bases are an absolute goodness.

Meanwhile, here we got Kane, who is not only the “red cav”, but is also Marco but mounted. It’s also sad considering marco has like… 9 Str?
Either way, none of this matters because of the slightly-similar growths for all characters.

Time to start up by hitting this armor into submission until it dies.

I accidentally the Parrier onto Andrei. Armor misses a blow.

Dies horribly.

So much for trying to kill an armor. Probably the fault is on my end because, for one, I didn’t trade-switch out his hand axe; second, I didn’t turn on animations to see how much he had for dodging.


Okay, time to try another formati-

Oh come on, game.

What are you, to pull me that kind of RNG? The Last Promise?

*one reset later...*

A different formation yields me a good stand.

See, this is the problem you confront when you don’t give the player enough space to try and attack the enemies immediately. Actually, this is one big problem you face when you don’t allow the player to prepare themselves enough for a upcoming attack, or try to make a safe close-in on the enemy and not get shitted on that early.

Keiran notes that reinforcements may come over to our end.

I decide to make changes before anims are turned back off. Muh hitrate display.

Turn 2, and we have lotsa money.

A lot of fighting happens. Katarina heals up Andrei, and we get a hold of Marco’s emerald axe.

Kane heals up and Kieran protects the healer.

A lot of hurting happened in enemy phase, but we lived.

Also, nice generic palette.
I wish FE8 did that…

Turn 3

Oh yeah, had an anomaly caused by me loading an state after getting screwed over by one of the cavs, so… Andrei gained +1 Str/Skl/Spd/Def after critting one of the cavs.

Not much happens besides me feeding a kill to the archer, and having Keiran in a weird spot to try and murder that archer.

Marco gets skewed over by said archer, though.

Familiar names…

VERY familiar. I have to conscript her ASAP.

I was about to make another joke. Didn’t.

Maybe I did actual good by putting Keiran there…

Stat-wise she’s too speedy, but her strength is typical for a Pegasus. I just pray she’s not nor does become Tate 2.0, especially with the iconic 325% growths she shares with everyone at the moment.

Also, Katarina got +1 Spd/Luck/Res.

A lot of dickery happens on my watch, from Kane getting axed to near-death, to Nella getting blurred on, to Serra Oscura flipping me.

In the end, light beats darkness.

Linda give me speed smh.

Marco murders the red fellow and gets guddo.

… and I got stuck in a situation that resulted in three reloads because Marco kept dying.
Damn it, Kaga.

Thanksfully, I proceeded through the timeline where, despite the soldiers poking fun at my skills, I managed to get past the stupid mage below.

Bringing us to Turn 6.

Linda and Isaac team up to kill the Fighter

Val forms up while Andrei and Marco deal their blows each.

Enemy phase wasn’t so bleh, but I wish I did better.



Yes you need to die.

The merc dies

Big gaffe: I thought this was a Swordreaver. It isn’t.

Linda helps Kane get rid of that fighter up the cliff, while Andrei uses PK Sword.

Come enemy pha-


Keiran lives big time.

Yoink! Also, Nella gets this guy good.

Damn it.

Damn it.



I know my big mistake was not bringing Josie, but even then that’s a bit too much…


Kane gets an ehh level, but Nella nets it in.

Marco blesses us with his flashiness.

no u


Hor- …Glaive get.

Andrei shows off, while Linda proves to be a problem to lancers.

Enemy turn already, and things go smooth.

I mean, she did need it.

Keiran gets the exp.

It’s already late at home, and I have this portion of the map left, what with the boss gone.

Honestly. Chapter 5, and it’s stupidly gone tedious, what with the exposition and all…

Gwaa...! So close...

Marco braces for impact.
Which never happens, since it was a excuse to heal everyone.

Andrei pls

He dodges a plentiful, though.

Except for him.

Keiran and Nella help Kane with the problem.

Linda and Isaac work again to defeat the enemy.

excuse me what the fuck

Crusher get.

Ash eliminates his foe in one blow.

Enemy turn comes in…

Isaac takes some hefty attacks.

Marco helps by murdering Not Arden, and Katarina heals up Isaac, as Linda gets more EXP.

The only problem here is that this mage can fry Keiran with that Burst tome. Marco lives, but the mage…

Nice level, Isaac.

Marco cuts up the Knight for a nice level.

And we’re done with this hell.



Welp, it’s Zim’s turn. Good luck saving them!

I hope…


Hey, uh, whatcha lookin’ at there, buddy?


Let me tell you a tale of Requiem…

Red dots.

Red dots everywhere.


… Is this an actual thing? Florence has an alternate portrait where she covers up her cleavage when she starts dying?

[quote]Also, nice generic palette.
I wish FE8 did that…[/quote]
I don’t think it’s an inbuilt feature of any of the games; SB probably just made it so character slots were demarcated based on palette order. People tend not to bother doing it because the tedium of creating and assigning all of the different palettes for classes/factions just isn’t worth it (unless it’s part of the finishing touches after you’re all done with the gameplay and you’re determined to polish the game as much as possible before v1.0).


The asymmetrical pauldrons, one high one low, was intentional, yes.

[quote=“DerTheVaporeon, post:20, topic:4295”]
I am more shocked at the fact that OP forgot to script these battles properly.
[/quote]If I recall, showing battle stats means you’d get EXP and weapon use loss?
On top of this, I think you have to manually set damage/critical which would easily make it possible for these numbers to not reflect possible things, which in my opinion makes this approach better.

[quote=“DerTheVaporeon, post:21, topic:4295”]
Either way, none of this matters because of the slightly-similar growths for all characters.
[/quote]The only real similarity is their total, honestly? There’s plenty of variety in the actual distribution.if memory serves.
This chapter is pretty perfect to me in how it encapsulates Requiem-- you have enemy groups that aren’t easy to tackle but without using the prepromoted units you only have one or maybe two solutions because of the positioning of the subsequent group of enemies.



When I was playing, Kieran would normally survive turns with ~2 HP every time.



... saga chapter 6

Back in the saddle

There was more exposition here but I stopped paying attention. Something something take the fort or whatever.

Not benching Linda is a decision I come to regret.

This is our boss, “Perfect Pike” (aka silver lance) on ch6.


And we get a Perfect Edge drop too

Insert NPCs here

what the fuck is this map 2, electric boogaloo

Boy this entire exchange is dumb. “Yo they broke in what should we do?”
“Go kill them you idiot”

And I wish this map wasn’t the way it was but we can’t always get our way.


You exist too I guess.

Regret begins to set in.

I have to if I want to be able to have items.


I am a tactical genius

And you are still useless



First reset, hit up the shop for staves.


Why are you like this?

Hey Magic is good!

Even this is pathetic

Splitting the party, a sound strategy in D&D, clearly it can’t go wrong here.

Kane smash

I guess these guys showed up.

I’m not going to need this, right?

Go Josie go

Yes, and now more issues with this map will pop up.

Galaxy brain game design: If you don’t use Val to recruit them both at once, you have to use Kane to get the merchant, and Keiran to recruit the mage. Keiran who, if you’ve been following along, is on the other side of the damn map.

At least I can send items to the convoy now.


Meanwhile on the other side of the world map

This guy ambush spawns, which is fun.

God I should’ve benched you

Time to enact operation have Rayden kill everything because everyone fucking rushes you after you free the prisoners.
More galaxy brain game design.

operation HRKEBEFRYAYFTP is going well

Here’s a better idea of what he’s dealing with.

Don’t you die on me you fucker

Guess who isn’t getting this?

Finally, we get our mage

I’ll save you the details but apparently they know each other.

That’s most of the map cleared up, it’s a matter of getting the chests and killing the boss at this point.

Take another guess at who isn’t getting this?

Oh. I guess I needed that door key after all.
Well I’m not restarting so fuck that.

It’s at this moment I hatched a plan, a plan that is going to murder our turn count, and probably not be that worth it in the end.

Layla is squishy, to put it lightly.

And now that we have the merchant, I spent all our money on stuff.

This guy finally remembered that he’s supposed to move.

God these names are hilarious

Again, chapter 6.

My genius plan commences.



This is going to take a while.

Yes Rayden. Good.



You’re not even worth boss abusing to make better.

Oh no

Oh wait I bought tomes.




For those keeping score at home

Not so good.


Everything expect the love of your father.

HP and Speed, could be worse.

She might be usable now.

Final turn count.

m’lady you were quite extravagant on the battlefield, surely you saw how well I performed? Am I not a peak male specimen? I’m a nice guy I swear.

I just kinda took screencaps randomly. They looted the place for supplies.

Turns out our merchant is familiar with papa val

Val tries to tell child to leave. Weird overbearing mother type says she’ll keep an eye on her if she can stay.

a few days or something.


You know shit’s getting serious when he puts his edgelord hood up.

I’m on death’s door after playing that map. Good luck Wan, you’re probably going to need it.

Oh, we got a few more stat boosters, I forget what because I didn’t screenshot it.

words about this chapter

Hoo boy did this map stink. Not only was it huge when we only had a handful of high movement units, it also had a bunch of important drops like those door/chest keys. Drops which are a pain to get all of because your inventories are pretty full from all the drops from the previous maps, so I missed one of the chests, whoops.

And having every enemy unit on the map bum rush you after you let the prisoners go was just the worst shit. Rayden/Josie can handle it no problem, but at the cost of exp for your other units, which is probably worth it considering how much of a fuck it was.

The map itself wasn’t very exciting either, there wasn’t anything encouraging me to move my ass and save the prisoners, so I took my time and played it hella safe. If the early maps are this bad I shudder to think how much fuckery we’re all in for for mid to late game.


no please don’t bring me back to FE404, it’s been 10 years, I wanna forget already

Man did that map look like No Fun-o’-Clock.


The spacebar was my friend for this map


Despite the amount of sense this makes from the characters, it’s still aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

[quote=“InvdrZim13, post:27, topic:4295”]
If the early maps are this bad I shudder to think how much fuckery we’re all in for for mid to late game.
[/quote]From what I remember the maps don’t get any worse-- Just longer.
And there are some genuinely good maps around too.

[My update will be delayed because I won’t have an internet connection when I’ll be able to do the playing and then I’ll be asleep shortly after that. Sorry!]

Things that exist that I didn't see anywhere else

Furthermore in the process of grabbing these I realized something.

You totally can:


It legit amazes me how factually game breaking Josie is. Pun intended


Josie and The Breaky Hacks™.


How… did I not notice this?[quote=“2WB, post:25, topic:4295”]
The asymmetrical pauldrons, one high one low, was intentional, yes.

Interesting design choice.

I know this, but wasn’t it sorta hard-coded in FE7? :eliwood:

Anything is better than Lilian-

What happened to her eyes

*Proceeds to chug a whole Rock 'n Roll.*

Sacred Blaze, hacker of 2016


probably caught her mid blink


So I’m sorry that I’m being so slow with this; but like, please look on.

First we have in the realm of 270 screenshots of words:
And Details is throwing a fit and I hate you jatwood???
It works fine on the preview and I’m sorry it’s not working.

[details=Plot Stuff]

So, basically; our antagonists are invading places, and our protagonists are being thorns.

Bran points out that Legato let them leave at one point-- Legato points out that Alicia did too. Bran points out that Legato is the Grand Commander.

I like this. Just overall. It’s a good scene, it introduces us to these two characters and the fact that they have depth.

But Alicia introduces a… problem. And not just a problem for our -tagonists, but in my opinion, for the story itself at this second.

Alicia learning warp? Cool.

Alicia just psychically knowing where he is? Sure, I guess?

Bran capitalizing on it, makes sense.

All three together?

A wild final boss appeared! indeed.

Legato is scheming, a lot, clearly.

These are not different “… …”, there’s just a very long forced wait before the A-press appears. It happens a lot this chapter.

Dark Voice has some hold on Ash. Something weird and ~mysterious~ obviously.

Ash doesn’t want to lose himself pretty simple stuff, really? It’s not horridly complicated here.

So I’m taking way too long because these WORDS are TOO WORDY.

(Anything else besides mom’s death)


nerdlife is a good life…?

(Barely on screen warping!!! Where’s the camera scroll…)

So, remember when Alicia said… “enough”.

Dammit Ash!

And Bran says Army.

Literally scooby doo? Ok.

I like this line but way to sell Josie and Rayden short, Val!

Val you are the monarchy don’t do this.



This looks kind of reasonably sized right?


Also, there are no fewer than 6 reinforcement cavaliers every turn.
And notice how the Knights on the right hand side don’t actually make a wall?

None of the Armors move. None of them. They’re, very nearly, just a wall that you can walk through, and they don’t succeed at that job.

Our objective is ???, which is interesting all of never.

As you may have guessed, the General with the boss shield is Bran-- The Paladin is Legato. Who may or may not have been introduced yet.

But I really just don’t want to deal with this. You wanna know why?

This dude keeps dying.

This girl keeps dying.

People keeps getting these kinds of levels.

I keep having to rely on things like this going right, and then they don’t.

The generics get kind of absurd.

And in absurd quantity.

But the chapter is just tiring and not very fun unless I’m shoving forward like this, and when I shove forward like this everybody dies all the time.

So, I’m going to just remind you that the General is Bran, and nothing stops us from zooming down to him like this:

But you can do better, I ended up having my T1 fliers just sit on the lake instead.

I traded this Perfect Axe onto Marco right after Andrei killed its former owner. That was awesome feeling.

2x Effective Weaponry is laughable. These screenshots are totally worth not getting the weapon for ourselves.

The generic Archers are bosses. This was happening all the time in the failed recordings too.

Andrei is a boss.

Rayden is a boss. Don’t give me Pent in Chapter 2.

Seriously. Don’t.


Alicia pops back out.

Ash evilcackles here, it’s glorious.

He attacks twice, it’s kind of amusing. Alicia’s Burst does only one?

So Dark Voice and Ash are now separate again. Somehow this makes sense.

Ash what are you doing

This is a good argument. Sort of.
Remember the whole, like, 50+ units that are here, Ash? The army that Alicia apparently warped here?

So Bran negotiates for Ash to do stuff for him because, well, that whole army would probably still kill Val and co. if Ash killed Bran.

I guess it makes sense? I don’t like it.

Legato’s wondering why/how that’s even possible. But, hey, Ash can teleport and Bran now has his service, so the rest of the world is going to be under Egardia’s thumb later, right?

That’s basically Bran’s gameplan here.

Now, I have to resign from this, since I’m five days late: that alone is inexcusable enough, and I don’t think it’s a trend that will get better:

This is the second to last chapter of Val mode.

I needed maybe 550 screenshots.


Why is everything so thick?

I must have blacked out on this or something 'cuz I legitimately don’t remember this map or its size at all. That bodes ill.


Welp, someone’s about to fucking die

It’s been 3 weeks in game, Val just woke up and has no clue what the hell is going on

Lay off the booze darling

Map shows Grassland, Background shows snowfield, what the fuck is a consistency?

“I swore not to tell you what I know”
“Uncle please”
Immediately gives in

Where did this bitch come from?

Oh… Only 6 deploy slots


Josie and Rayden: Become Haar

“Effective Damage”



They say a picture is worth a thousand words, this one is worth 3, “MC, git gud”

All these dudes are attack in range AI, which I admit is good storytelling thru gameplay, but this map, which was already questionable from the word go, is substantially more tedious because of it.

Boss time

I find it funny this Wyrmslayer was likely meant to keep players from cheesing this map with Josie, but because 2x Effectiveness is so horrible, it failed at doing so.

Check. Fucking. mate.

This isn’t the worst FE map I’ve ever played, it’s not even in the top ten, but holy fucking shit, if you don’t break this map in two with Josie/Rayden, prepare for a long stretch of weak as hell enemies for a needlessly long map where the AI is programmed to NOT MOVE unless they can attack you, making this map bait and switch. Needless to say, I broke it in two with Rayden and Josie, because fuck.

Like, I was originally gonna make a bunch of snide remarks about how Val Mode ends because her army literally says “Fuck this shit, I’m out” but honestly, this map doesn’t deserve jokes. If you ever want to know how NOT to design a map, look at fucking Chapter 8 of Requiem


#Ch9: A New Beginning

Here's hoping it's a new beginning for the gameplay

(it’s not)

Flashback is a good excuse to see that Daddy Olva portrait again!

"can fight. Your skills as a leader in making tough decisions will saves [sic] more lives than your blade ever can. That’s your forte,
Lyn’s theme is playing right now btw

“attack us here, I’m not just going to watch as my family and friends die under my orders.”

Looks like he noticed us LPing this game

Florence gets her boobs back for the flashback

“to take my mind off Ash, but like I said… I know he’s coming back.”

“Did something go wrong during your mage training?”
Day turns into night and Ash appears only when everyone’s eyes are closed! Spoooooky!

There’s a really long pause before Val says “Huh?”, which is fine, but Ash’s speech bubble lingers there the entire time so it feels like the game is hanging


“Cylix” sounds more like a medication than a castle…

“Instead, I tried to forget about it all… I wonder, Val… What will you do now?”
Athos music playing. Hey, it’s better than Lyn music

“And I’m not the type to give in so easily. If you want control of my body, you’ll have to do better than that.”

“his promise, or that your family won’t still try to fight? If you had just let me kill him back there, you wouldn’t have to worry about this at all.”
GOOD point from my wife demonvoice

“If he didn’t, he would have tried to kill me by now, through poison or other means. Secondly, he’s afraid of me. As powerful as he and his army are, the one thing he wouldn’t want is to be killed by me, even if it’s unlikely.”
Don’t you see, Ash? You’re the only one who can see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

“Just kidding. My brother’s going to ruin everything, obviously.”
(He doesn’t actually say that)
“But I’ve left them in capable hands. Someone who knows even more than myself.”

“So tell me, what are you?”

flashbacks to Japanese classes where half the words in all conversations were あ、そう(です)か

“how to get rid of you, which must mean that there is a way.”

“Is that how she gained control of this magic?”

“She came around because of your negligence. She’s useless to me.”

“to do with all of this. Which means that someone from Egardia is working for the owner of that voice. But all this, just to get to me? It just seems unnecessary. I must be missing something.”

“I’ve left you here with minimum guard for quite a while now, and yet you haven’t even attempted to escape or damage me in any way. Aren’t you curious as to how your family are holding up?”
Black Fang music playing now

“You’re watching my sister, in some way or another. And perhaps I’m not being watched, but there’s a powerful magic barrier around this room keeping me in. If you want anything from me, you’d do well not to bother with this pathetic attempt at generosity. There’s nothing you can do to gain my trust.”

“I hope Lady Laraya doesn’t turn hostile after seeing me with you.”

“I only promised that I wouldn’t harm them. Either way, your sister and everyone else are still alive, so it’s time to hold up to your end of the deal.”’

shaman mode activate

“ever since we took this place off your hands. They’ve been quite the slippery group[text skip], and it’s been difficult to track them down. Now, however, we’ve received information about a meeting about to take place in one of the border villages. It’s assumed that at least one of the leaders will show up there.”

It’s our guy!

Here’s the map, and boy is it a doozy. Poor tan woman’s got a case of the skin-eyes

paint.net tried to force me to tap out of the LP at this point. My response was forcible resuscitation

All these people seem to have to go on is rumours, but they know that Ash is with Egardia now

Quintessence? Don’t… understand…

“She convinced Bran and the others to allow me to avoid execution. But now, I serve Egardia until my last breath.”

“My brother acted on the heat of the moment. I hope you can find it in you to forgive him.”
(I hope he can’t)

“How does your mother fare?”

“Why don’t you wait here and let us handle this?”

“I have to. Bran wants word of my apparent treachery against Olva to spread. It will make everyone lose faith in my sister as well, and cause confusion amongst the people of this rebel group.”

Everyone from Olva is related! Everyone!

“Surrendering is your best option. I’m here to convince you and the other rebels of that.”
Taking this angle, even if Ash has a 4D-chess plan as his real reason for joining Egardia, is actually really cool because of how realistic it is. The good guys joining their enemies to save lives by ending the war as quickly as possible isn’t something that you see a lot

“I’ve heard enough… Prepare yourself, Ash, because that’s not going to happen.”

… Everyone of importance being related in some way is actually pretty realistic as well, considering medieval dynastic stuff

CONTROL! We start with only two units, but Ash’s got everything but the kitchen—

never mind
(Also, yes, Ash is the middle child. Andrei is the youngest despite looking way older)

Emilia’s a level 18 soldier and doesn’t have the “boss” icon on her map sprite. We’re just going to be fighting Bryan in this chapter.

Big map. Roundabout path. No Josie. I mourn

As “usual”, the map is so bloated that we can’t actually reach any enemies on the first turn

My fault for letting the fighter/bruiser/whatever move onto the forest, but isn’t it great making us go up against axes when all we have is a lance armour knight and a shaman?

oh wow they’re actually still called fighters

… What’s causing that graphical glitch on the “6”?

“He’s even letting them kill our soldiers… How could he betray our country like that? This isn’t like him at all. … What am I supposed to do in a situation like this?”
This would’ve been hilarious if I’d just waited for the first several turns without killing any units. If Ash has Lord movement, he can walk across rivers, but taking the time to wade over straight to the boss wouldn’t do anything because the objective is Defeat Enemy, not Defeat Boss.

“The Egardians know we’re here. They could be bringing more soldiers this way.”

“Your survival is more important than our lives.”


The boss finally takes his perch in the ol’ boss’s-nest


I mean, the only part of the chapter I’d played was a whole lot of nothing…

Cue Serra/Cath theme

“about the outskirts of Olva like this, Gemma. We should head further into the country.”

“This is the perfect chance for us to get the jobs that others wouldn’t be able to.”
get it they’re twins they have literally the exact same face Ha Ha Ha

“There’s not much need for two mercenaries like us right now.”

Because even Requiem knows that this chapter would be way too boring with only Ash and Drake. Also, they’re over here in the southeast corner just in case you had any funny ideas about taking this gigantic map with two units slowly

A mercenary looking for work with her twin sister. Abrasive.
She’s no Josie or Keiran, but she’s getting Ash’s secret book

A mercenary looking for work with her twin sister. Gentle.
I truly, honestly think that Troubadour would’ve been a way more fitting class name for a traveling goofy twin than Saviour

All these name changes, yet no differentiation between sword and lance Knights?

I am going to be heal abusing, but I’m not waiting for the healer to get here to keep playing the vidgame

This is the short spear, but without the drawback of weight. :clap: Wing :clap: spear! :clap:


Turns out Ash can’t walk across rivers. Either he has mage movement or the lord movement was changed

I wonder if I should add a “name of the lord’s country is also the lord’s surname” space to the FE fangame bingo sheet

“You shouldn’t be here right now, anyway.[text skip] It’s dangerous out here.”
This manner of having text skips for line breaks and only putting [A]s at the end of bubbles used to be the norm for Requiem. Expect to see remnants of it laying around if we haven’t already


“Listen… Help if you want, but I’m not paying you for anything. I didn’t hire you, so I don’t “owe” you at all.”

“You’re even more handsome in person.”
These sisters feel like they were an FE7 pegasus sister analogue, but they decided to cut out the middleman and just have Florina and Farina.

“My sister and I are gonna help you beat those guys.”


“That’s the rule. We expect payment, but we’ll talk about it later, okay?”

In case you were curious about their palettes




at least she got speed

Drake doubles the fighters and armours here, which is nice


Winning Road!

… already???
As a rule, I’m going to leave supports alone unless it seems like we’re going to be needing them in a pinch. This is in case we end up benching one of the supporting units later. This rule will gradually disappear as time goes on/we get more units/the other LPers are probably going to be grabbing supports gung-ho anyway

… Hey, it’s less infuriating than watching video LPs where the person never uses stat-boosters because they always forget and then complains about the stats of units that could be mitigated by those stat-boosters.

time for boss abüse

I have to move Gemma away for Clare to heal her if she gets hurt because the boss has a hand axe and will be able to kill Clare if she moves in range


the game’s trying to tell me something with all these misses, but I’ve got Magvel-imported bananas stuck in my ears!!!

You can thank me later

I’m going to stop heal abusing now because Clare’s heal Prayer Staff™ is running non-high and we can’t yet buy replacements. Once we can, though… No mercy

this is so sad Anna play Into the Shadow of Victory
(I mean the level-up not the guy dying)

“I guess we arrived too early to catch anything big.”

Ash explains that the rebels will go back into hiding for now, which is good because we don’t have to slaughter any more and it fits Bran’s narrative of the rebels being slippery.

Unfortunately, M’lady’s son doesn’t get to be a M’lord

“Even though I should expect it, being called a traitor hurts more than it should.”

Drake offers Ash a chance to escape while Drake holds off the Egardians, but Ash refuses, citing the probability that Bran and Alicia have contingencies to prevent that

“The longer you keep us waiting, the more we’ll charge.”

“what is going on here?”

“But we’re definitely not going home!”

“the mainland during wartime! Especially not two rookies like yourselves!”
(wouldn’t wartime be the most profitable time for common mercenaries?)


“The Egardian army is the safest place to be right now. If they end up working under someone else, they might be killed. And as long as they follow orders[text skip]around here, they’ll be fine.”

“You’ll get your money sooner or later, I promise. But I don’t know when that’s going to be.”
Guess how long it takes for them to get their money?

Drake just doesn’t want us to get two high-movement units so soon


I forgot to record Alicia’s brief conversation with Ash; I’ll edit it in when I have the time
edit: In next post. This one passed the character limit.



my man