FEU Vs Order of the Crimson Arm

Oh hey a fun hack this time edition


  • Don’t get anyone killed on purpose.
  • Don’t fuck up
  • Don’t be a dick
  • Don’t sell promo items
  • Promote at lv15 or higher
  • Get all gaidens
  • Recruit everyone
  • Don’t summon the antichrist
  • or do, whatever
  • hail stan




Presenting our tactician, Xanex the Wise



You will refer to me by my full name, Xanex the wise

“Sure, quick warning tho. I am a man of many faces”

As we will all be using our own mugs of choice for the tact, my guy is Julius Belmont

And… Mutiny

Algimas is my spirit animal


Batta’s lost cousin?


Something something, artstyle clash

For an intro map, it serves it’s purpose well enough. No real complaints

Chapter 2

I see we’ve entered the DoF style of storytelling, by reading the main character’s spicy journal entries.

our protagonist starts off by bitching relentlessly like likeable people do.

welcome to earlygame bandit chapters.

now featuring punctuation marks as dialogue

also featuring an abuse of stuttering.

this feels like the source of hard feelings.

okay now i’m feeling hard feelings.

apparently MC had it on burst, for some reason.

these are some small numbers.

we recruit a religious bandit.

in return he punctuation’d us, the ungrateful prick

i’m not very fond of this map design. maybe it expects me to charge it, but my units don’t really have the damage output to sustain that.

We finish everyone off and get this line

But then we smash cut to like the end of the mission

and apparently this is our goal next.
I guess they didn’t want to exposit the deal going south but it just feels jarring to jump around in time like this.

the cleric and bandit dude also conveniently join us.
Apparently our heroes’ next goal is to go to some other town to get money.

And that’s that.


“apparently MC had it on burst, for some reason”

Burst Mode best mode

This is a post I would dislike if I could.

edit: for some reason the spoiler doesn’t work and i have no idea why send help
Hey gamers, welcome to the third part of this LP. I’ll be writing down my thoughts and commentary while playing the game itself so it’s almost like a livestream, woah!

chapter 2, but for real this time

We start with a short recap of what’s already happened so far:

The whole diary thing might be a little clichéd, but it’s nice to see it in an FE hack.

So apparently we’re a bunch of mercenaries and we’re looking to get hired? I honestly have no idea what this game is about and I may or may not have gotten a brain fart whilst reading the recap bit.

I’m guessing this lady is the owner of this mansion and since she’s using FE8’s colours I assume she’ll join us after we turn against the guys hiring us because the nobility has nothing else to do besides go to war, obviously.

He got stabbed so hard he even forgot to capitalize his letters.

So these are our new recruits; Boleslav and Aceli- wait a second.

Yeah, our level 1 Soldier has only two points lower defense than our level 4 Knight? At least she can use bows, but coupled with her 4 Move it’s kinda silly to imagine her being of much use.

The map is a fairly simple escape map with the main point of interest being the fairly powerful Bermuda triangle of enemies w/ silver weapons down at the bottom.

The boss is barely a couple of turns away from us, so I’m assuming there’ll be lots of things to miss out on in case I do bum rush this chapter. Guess I’ll just get this show on the road now.


Okay, this time with more thought put into it and less distractions.

I don’t really have anything to say. So far everything’s gone okay.

As expected, the enemy turn after you kill the boss the enemies from below begin flooding the castle.

That’s it? I was honestly expecting something more, but oh well.

I accidentally pressed enter after this line, so fuck if I know what we’re going to do next.

This felt more like a Lyn Mode chapter than anything, but I guess it was alright for an earlygame chapter.


Once I got the hang of things this wasn’t too bad. The only questionable design decision I can see (which I’m sure will continue to pop up in the future) is lance/sword and axe/sword cavs tending to have both weapons they can use, which makes it a pain to play around, but not impossible.

Ch 3

Wait a sec that sounds familiar

Recruiting some people

At least you guys also come with both weapons… and some money.

Some decent levels I suppose.

And he manages not to miss!


Some more story, I’m too lazy to summarize it but I’m reading it anyway.

Next time, fog of war?


Dat has done his part!

Was a fun level, FoW could have fucked me harder. Good mix of magical and physical enemies, and made me have to be cautious.


Right, time for me to do my part of the run! Chapter four, here we goooo

What… a name

Is there? I don’t read the other updates so I wouldn’t know

Oh great. I get lumped with the FoW chapter…

…Subtle. Why are you with those guys if you’re a baddy? Why not hide?


Why do I feel like I’ve heard that line before?

Do we? I wouldn’t know

Gee, wonder what we do with him

I’ll say he’s weak to magic with that res. Wew

These minimugs look way off. They looks like their body is way too small for their head

That seems very suspicious. We probably shouldn’t…

Dammit commander dude

Hey! They stole the idea off SoA! /s

I like that he has a custom animation, it looks good actually.

How come we don’t get a custom animation? We’re a MC!

3% Crit, of fucking course…

I love playable brigands, so I gotta dote on him!

Huh, neat feature I never knew. That’s neat

Aw yeah, time to get some backstory!


I guess the spooky green guy motivated the friendship?

Block of levels, I got unlucky with some people, but better with others!

Ernst held the left side of the map on his own. Also, I wonder if this game is single RNG given he got hit…

I like these odds


I mean, it could have been worse

Yup, defs single RN

Turns out I had a torch all along. Neat.

I wonder if this boss has a theme. (I should have checked his luck stat really)

I guess you could say…

It’s not your lucky day


Then again, we’re hardly better…

Favoritism ftw

Awww yeah

We did it!

Apparently he didn’t like the soldiers his army lost to being beaten by common mercs…

…so he bribes us with a “title” and money. Neat

I actually like it, is a cool idea

what could possibly go wrong

Roll credits

And that’s my chapter! Was a fun one, and now to see Zane in action! Dat out!


im trying to procrastinate on finishing that last song here god dammit

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Finish it so we can release

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Sorry for the delay. This chapter is short and sweet.

Seems like I say this a lot, but I’m awful at FE. I’ve only played one hack to completion and I’ve never played this hack before. That said, let’s get into it.

Ch. 4x: Men of Destiny

A bit of talk about word spreading, too.

Say hello to the mug I’ll be using, courtesy of Smilies.

Suddenly, messenger dude shows up and asks that the crew follow him back to his ruler, who has an important job. The messenger refuses to give any details himself, saying that only the ruler will discuss the job.

He’s also agreed to pay for travel expenses to meet the ruler, which is nice.

After some debate, the crew agrees to go.

We pan over to Ostreich, the land of large bir-- err, mercenaries?

We’ve got a small squad of people in the woods waiting to raid a camp and burn their supplies. They recognize that the situation is likely a trap but run in regardless.

Yes, yes you are.

Are we the bad guys?

Good stuff.

Anyway, here’s crew 2 electric boogaloo:


Our opposition:

And the map:

Oh I forgot out main goon’s class:

I’m really excited for my sword Hector edit to be used!

Let’s move him to attack the first fighter!

Oh… It’s not sword Hector, damn. The animation feels a bit funky and overall it makes me think discount Uther but it’s not a bad animation. Does feel like he suffers from weightless anime sword, though.

Here’s the result of the first turn. Going to bait the fighter with the thief, have swordboi handle the southeast, and keep our other two out of the way.

Local man makes a terrible mistake, more at 11.

Let’s see how the thief fares:


She handles that steel sword really well:

Doubles him with the steel sword.

Another goon tries to fight swordboi and then enemy phase ends.

The boss starts moving. His downscaled mini looks absolutely awful.

Thief takes the chest, swordboi moves closer to the rest of our squad. On to the next turn:

Thief does work.

A bit of mopping up and we end up here.

Next turn we steal the seal for real.

Positions at the end of the turn. Thief is going to need to dodge a few hits.

I’m skeptical.

27% hit

He misses and she crits. Sucks to suck, dude.

Leaves him at 1HP only to come back for the disrespect.

That’s a level I guess.

We wrap up with a bit of dialogue:

The crew talks about the kingdom and their business. I missed some of it and I’m not about to go back. Our goons aren't simple bandits seems to be the idea.

Swordboi’s brother seems like someone we’ll meet later, probably as an enemy?


ayy zane’s using the mug i made for him

Unlike Requiem, I haven’t done a proper “first playthrough” of this game before this LP; I think I played a demo containing several chapters back when it was called TactHack, but that scarcely counts. I may or may not play the other chapters so I can follow along, but I think it’s going to be more interesting for me to do the LP with this perspective, then go back and play through the whole game in an unbroken sequence to get all the context that I missed during the wacky hijinks that are likely to ensue here.

edit: it seems the “Details” tag is not working on my end? It works in the post preview but not in the post itself. Sorry about that.


suggested thread title: Original Character Armageddon

praise Kaga

… …

Seriously, though, this changing-the-names-of-the-months thing is the worst kind of worldbuilding. I salute you if you have the time and vision to create a language/pantheon of gods/etc for your Fire Emblem characters to name their months after, but all this actually does is alienate the players by telling them the date, establishing that it’s a detail relevant to the story, but then the player has no idea what the actual date is because I’m not going to memorise the months from the tactician creation screen so I can read Renair’s Diary. And, I have no doubt, the tactician creation screen is entirely the reason why people re-name months in the first place: they’re a thing that you see before the story even starts where the player sees them and says “ooh, worldbuilding!”. However, it’s about as much worldbuilding as calling June “Rokugatsu” would be in a game set in Japan. Saying it’s Rokugatsu instead of June does nothing to immerse the player in the setting— it only ensures that they have no idea what month it is. Changing the names of months like this is in the same vein as all the needless changes of class/item names and icons in Requiem— my sword being called a “Militant Edge” and looking like a huge, hefty weapon does nothing but confuse me and make me forget that it’s just a dinky iron sword. It’s a change for the sake of changing things and does nothing but scream “this is a rom hack”.

Now that that rant is out of my system, I’m not going to bother you with it again for the whole LP. Unless there’s an event that specifically relies on us knowing which month it is; then all bets are off.

Sweet home Österreich, where all belongs to the von Habsburg… oh, “Ostreich”.

Maybe it actually is Österreich?


Why are we Ma Su, you ask? It’s simple…

Just because I no longer have “the game is basically Dynasty Warriors with the enemy count/map size already” as a reason doesn’t mean I’m going to refrain from spouting uncalled-for Three Kingdoms memes!

(I’ve got to have something to augment my wit; poor thing’s as dry as a shiny nail in the middle of the Gobi)

The “hardship” world map theme from FE7 is playing and did you know right before the loop there’s a trumpet that plays a little hint of one of the FE6 themes?

Xanax the Wise can’t hold a candle to Miralax the Deranged. Just saying

so this guy is basically the Syndic of Ulm?

I was looking forward to some Holy Roman Empire-esq intrigue, but what we’re actually going to get is a plucky freedom-fighter narrative. Clara even hints at a possibility of dynastic meddling/wars of succession with the whole “return the monarchy to its rightful line” before concluding wFREEEEEDOOOOOOOOMMMMMM

I am a brilliant strategist unmatched under heaven…

… but I’m stuck serving Liu Shan…

With my limited amount of knowledge of what’s going on, I’d probably inquisit them too tbh

“but there is an order to things!”

Why waste our own energy fighting these guys when we can make our clients do it and then they’re in even more need of us because they lack the numbers? We’re mercs; we’re in it for the money; if they lost enough troops, maybe we could even take over this city with very little opposition and have a potentially permanent source of money!

… Okay, I’m sure there a bunch of in-world reasons why that wouldn’t work at all, but a strategist has to think of every possibility!


why am i stuck with this lloydface he’s never gonna make ANY money

Lucia, Brought to You by Orange Crush™ is ordered to fetch us some new weapons and then help us. It’s almost like these people want to make sure we stay around so they can throw all their money at us!

AND WHY are the good guys red qqqqqqqqqqqqq

[comment missing]

Oh wow. I’d pegged her for a myrmidon but it turns out she’s a mage!



Rapi— long…bow?


Commander, who is Merlinus?


This scene happens when I end the first turn

… Wait, she’s recruitable? Dang! I wanted the ninja guy!

(the “exotic sword lady who doesn’t speak the in-world lingua franca” trope is a tough sell for me, but apparently this character is a reference to another game?)

I appreciate that they changed the hair of the cav animation to match the character! Neat little detail there

holy WOW the battle forecast is even more confusing with the new unit colours. I thought I had accidentally activated the mine glitch at first

Needs a little more contrast to be perfect, but cool palette!

[no commentary needed; image speaks for itself]

(the monk destroys a house)

The rendition of Destruction Begets Decay that plays during this scene makes my ears cry, but that’s neither here nor there

(I’d still rather listen to it than Companions)

A hand axe? If I have to restart the chapter, I’m not even going to bother to go all the way into the corner of the map for that

That’s a hefty blobbe of re-inforcements, but not quite enough to start blasting the Dynasty Warriors music

For a hot second, I thought Martel was an enemy brigand and cursed myself for forgetting about that house

I was going to visit the house because I didn’t have anything else to make Chiara do, but the game seems not to want us to waste the time in the first place. I can appreciate that; they still have strategic use as terrain

oh yeah Negu’s way up here ain’t she

(the map sprite palettes are so similar, playing this game as a colourblind person must be hell)

Apparently, the Lightning tome gives +1 defense? I can’t say I understand. Why not just give monks an extra point of base defense instead?

Haylyn subscribes to the Final Fantasy 2 school of leveling up by making your enemies bash you in the head repeatedly!

Nothing she couldn’t handle after all!

Aceline seems like an interesting unit and I want to like her, but…

Okay, maybe we can work something out. Probably not with that 4 movement, but hey

“rain sucks btw nomads exist in this game because it’s fe7”

Do we need to know this right now?

Dragonshield so we can better stay in one place while we wait for some rain to clear up, I guess??? It hasn’t rained so far and most of the map is Road tiles, which still allow you to move across them with the basic cost even in rain

My revenge against all those who buy 100 iron swords at the first chance they get: buying, like, several vulneraries

Guilty as charged

I suppose Zentir is their god

Like take your money?

I can’t help but feel like we’ve thrown our lot in with a type of zealot that’s just as bad as inquisitors.

This is actually a genuinely cool little touch. Instead of doing the thing where everyone takes for granted the modern-day norm of literacy being a normal thing, it turns out one of our main characters, being a fighting type, actually doesn’t know how to read and is only now learning because he’s starting to come into contact with noble types and literacy isn’t all that relevant in the life of a fighter.

“Perhaps news of becoming a knight will get my little brother to do something.”
X: “You have a brother?”
A: “Yeah, he’s the best damn armor smith I’ve ever seen, but he lacks ambition. He’d be fine if all he had was an anvil and a forge.”
Xanex brings up why he came to the tent in the first place.

Storm their stronghold?! Confound it, Lloydface! What we should do is find some hill in plain sight and camp there!

Indeed! Tomorrow shall be the day the world finally sees the true brilliance of Ma— wait, what? I’m being replaced by a different strategist who also happens to be known to these people as Xanex?! WAIT! I—


That’s… Actually vanilla dialogue. Visitable house in the final map of Lyn Mode in FE7 uses that exact dialogue word for word as the rain tutorial


Ma Su looks so mad to be out of his element, poor thing.


I just noticed this. Apparently, I was not only fighting Zentirim soldiers but also Ostreich ones last chapter. Weird, but I’m sure we’ve all done it at some point. Who hasn’t accidentally mixed a Bandit in with all the Back Fa… I mean… Behold my brilliant strategy! I was sabotaging the employer as well as the adversary all along!

edit: also,

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Yeah most of the houses, none of the supports and a lot of late-game stuff has not been changed. Despite the thread claiming it to be final release what it actually means is “Beta with the final chapter completable” and all the polish stuff left to be done.


So we start of on this line.
Moving on

Map’s a big 'ol maze.




The chapter itself was fairly uneventful aside from annoying hard to reach dracoknights spawning periodically.

The boss has some crazy defense, but that makes him fairly easy to boss abuse.

I like this guy’s mug. He’s got character.
The BG is also bugged and orange at the top for some reason.


Bizarre Point of Contention: An Opera in Three Houses Parts

Book 1 (introduction of characters) · I was an Advance Wars babby before FE

Book 2 (the epic climax of the story) · you might follow that up with “but there’s an actual reason for turns not to automatically end in AW because you can build units”

Book 3 (the tragic fall and ending) · this is like calling out people for liking manual transmission cars because why have that extra step of shifting the gears when the car can do it for you? the answer is that it feels good for the driver to be in control of switching the gears and it just doesn’t feel right for that control to be taken away, same as with me having the power to end turns on my own

i feel sick and tired so i won’t even try sounding professional this time sorry

o shit febuilder is telling me there’s errors i guess i better report this to the developers! :flushed:

kiara’s green hair+grayish brown skin made me think of plants growing in the mud so i gave her a flower

i have no idea which month kagor is supposed to be so the whole point of adding dates is rendered moot

i also haven’t been following this LP at all so i have no idea what the story is about but this sounds pretty cool, i think

thread theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hwi8nCc4YPQ

that’s lil’ xanex to you, algimas

actually, they’re purple

i won’t even try making a joke here, he just speaks for himself

the map doesn’t look that hard

there’s two green units here on the left side that i should probably recruit and a myrmidon with a killing edge that i’ll be giving to chiara as soon as i can

i missed it by accident but the soldier took his stuff without actually letting him free and it was really funny i swear

in case my poorly-selected screenshots confused you, the point of this scene was that sword that got stolen is the soldier’s (even though soldiers can’t use swords here…), but for some reason this guy didn’t try stealing the keys or picking the lock? so now he’s just going to sit here while people are murdering each other just a couple feet away from him


armors, how the fuck do they work?


i missed the critical animation but i promise you that we killed the myrmidon with a critical

whoops :cowboy_hat_face:

this wasn’t very yeehaw of you to do sven


okay maybe it’s time for a change of plans

i replaced sven with ernst that’s all i could think of lol

ok fuck that we’re going to turn chiara into a super saiyan even if it’s the last thing i do

please get me out of here

okay maybe this time i won’t fuck up

for our troubles we get some epic l00t


chiara please don’t make me regret this

she missed twice oh god

take two


sure was

yada yada something about magic

okay first above all how dare you come here and roast me in front of my boss and second, in what kind of fucked-up world are my strategies considered by the book? that’s what i really want to know

i don’t know the requirements needed for this gaiden, but i’m guessing i did a pretty good job after all if i unlocked it :sunglasses:

never ask of me to lp anything ever again

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