FEU Vs Order of the Crimson Arm


Chapter was short and overall a good time.

Chapter 7x

And after some delays we’re back at it.

Another side thing with these dudes, alright.

Here’s our map, doesn’t seem too bad.

Bringing a whole new meaning to mini, eh?

Our boss.

Our new recruit, let’s see if she’s any good.



Not alright.

At least you won’t let me down, Wayland.

I’ll take it.

Next time…


Chapter 8 done! Commentary soon with: The battle of the Ostriches


On last month’s episode of OCA:

Chapter 9

Oh boy, where were we?


At least I know what this is.

We’re besieging a place called Leizpeg. Here’s the journal entry for the chapter:

6th of Jokan,
Three days have passed since our
march on Castle Leizpeg began.
Our manpower has exponentially
increased, reinforced threefold by
Wayland’s company and the combined
powers of Sir Rudolfo and Sir Borgriff.
However, they seem wary of the
Captain’s lack of social class
and rough demeanor, especially
Sir Rudolfo. A saying of my father
comes to mind, “Strength in numbers
without the strength of unity
leads only to greater losses.”
On that note, the reunion between
the Captain and his brother,
although on the outside cordial,
seems somewhat strained.
Perhaps it’s just my speculation,
but the Captain does not seem to
fully approve of his brother’s
decision to fight…

The dudes mentioned here have a bit of an argument afterwards. Our dudes go and make sure that the townspeople have evacuated and that everything is all set for our thief to take out the gate from the inside. I should probably show the gate, shouldn’t I?

On the second turn the thief will pop out of the village on the right, having been prevented from actually opening the gate. We have to visit the village to clear the two gate tiles, although there’s nothing preventing us from flying around.

So there’s some talk hinting about some goons who join us and then a peg swoops in and joins the party. Seems like a good day.


I really hate when you get a flying unit on a map with a bunch of ballistae, though.


First thing we do is grab our new axe bros.


They’re, uh, yeah. Here’s a description of the pair given by a villager:

One of 'em is stoic enough,
but the other’s a real oddball.
Looks and acts mostly like
a savage brute for certain.
But he spent most of his time
doting on the village children.
Even surrounded himself in a
field of small woodland creatures.






We just creep forwards. The enemies are barely present on the map. The only annoying thing is that your thief is just in the middle of some goons and you have to just sit and dodge.


We get quite an interesting support conversation here.

Please forgive the lack of screenshots, there really wasn’t anything going on here. Some reinforcements popped up, some ballista bolts were fired, but there wasn’t any thought going into it.



The boss seemed like another one of those you're supposed to sympathize with me dudes.


Not pictured: Wayland nearly losing a fight with a soldier in some dialogue and people telling him that he’s reckless.



Not pictured, some guy named Andrew takes someone named Warren away and gives someone named Borgriff some orders. I’ll admit that I haven’t been paying attention to the intricacies of the story.

Anyway, the orders basically say yep keep going and the tactician decides that the shortest way to the capitol is through the D'ahk Woods.


The D’ahk fucking Woods.

Algimas sums it up well:

And even then, this D’ahk Woods
seems like an ideal hiding spot
for the enemy.

Cut to the bad(?) guys plotting things…

Didn’t get screenshots of this so have a text dump:


[Cortez, the emperor-looking dude, is standing around]

[Enter soldier dude]

Soldier: M-my liege, Leipzig has fallen.

Cortez: What?! Zounds, what can I expect from these men if they cannot even hold a damnable fortress?!

[Enter McDowell, who couldn’t possibly be a nice guy]

McDowell: Fret not yourself, Cortez. I’ve a way to squash this petty uprising.

Cortez: McDowell, have some sense. It’s far too risky for someone of your station.

McDowell: You’ve protected myself and other nobles from the Inquisition’s dark magic hunts, There is no better way for us to show you our thanks.

Cortez: …Perhaps so.

McDowell: We are all ready to die at your hand to prevent the Inquisition from suspecting you further. I can think of no better end.

Cortez: Very well. Then as your king, I order you to crush these rebels.

McDowell: Consider it done, my Liege.

Looks like things are about to get edgy.


Do your shit ree


Dat reeeee


lusq ree