FEU VS Corrupt Theocracy

Chapter 7: What have I done

Okay, now I have chapter 7, right? Well, lemme just do my edits and…



For some reason this part plays again.





welp, resetting.


ahhh, there we go.

this is awkward


jfc, I’m lucky he’s not getting hit at all.

So, after clearing out this entire map, it’s time for the boss.



oh boy, our heroes are in for it now!!

I wish I had more interesting chapters.

up next: THE FINAL BATTLE (except not)



Btw those Dozlerana mouth frames give me life.

The reason enemy crit was so high is ALL ENEMIES that hail from the recently renamed Ciraxis have a native +15 % boost to their crit rates. Yes, really

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Time to finish ourselves Celice mode.

Chapter 8: Stupid boss? Stupid recruits.

[details=This was easy

Such an original title, guys!

I don’t know your definition of “good”, Jake, but I don’t share it.

I agree with soldier guy. This is not a climatic ending.

Meanwhile, in disturbing town, our final boss is a cannibal! Nice guy, this Akuma. Doesn’t that mean demon in some language or another or am I remembering my cliché names wrong.

I benched the cavalier and visited the first house. That sure was a conversation.

GLITCHYJOE and also who messed up all the item icons now things are even more annoying

He profits nicely from it.

Behold the Karel clone, Karlo! He threatens to kill us if we aren’t careful. But this is the last chapter of Celice mode, so he’ll be gone soon. Right…?

Karlo hardcounters Akuma. Now if he got hit there’d be trouble, but this game isn’t 1RN. Don’t get any ideas, anyone.

Down goes the final boss of Part 1.

You’ll never defeat Andross! -Er, Celice, you weren’t even in this fight, go make Star Fox jokes somewhere else.

…the bad guy was just nuts and wanted power. Something like that.

This was a bad idea, and we really shouldn’t have set out on this mission against the Corrupt Theocracy, but oh well, Celice already killed some stuff and he’s running off to show Loputousu what’s what. Or something.

Problem #1: I don’t see Sigurd around, so I don’t know why you’re mentioning father.
Problem #2: As someone who’s got an obsession with FE4, I have my opinions on who Celice’s waifu is. Spoiler alert, it’s not Flo over here. It’s not Fee, in case Flo was going for the imitation angle. Come back when you’re a cleric and then we’ll talk.

As guys I can’t remember are who, congratulations to those guys.

Great, a dragon showed up. Someone get the wyrmslayers.

Raptor got :BBQ:, Dozlerana.

“Only a mage or Ciraxis could have done it.” Only a mage or Ciraxis… Ciraxis… Wait a minute… The murderer of Raptor… WAS DOGGO!


Come back next time, where MC starts out on a new story!

Storytelling Part 1 of 2

I mean, if it was well, there wouldn’t be a story


What’s funny is the Berserk Staff prolly would be a weapon of mass destruction, shame this concept is used in THIS game

Find/Replace OP

I may have done things again

This coming out of HER mouth is literally the reason for this entire edit.

Zigludo does know how it feels to be hotter than average



Here is Lasagna, time traveler from the future who weilds the Mani Katti

Changing enemy unit starting positions, nah, we too fashion foward for that



Lasagna gets a good level

K-k-Kaga, is that you?

Zigludo, RUN, you’re low on HP


So I might have gotten Thorp killed…

Mistakes were made

Coming soon, after I finish those errands, more memery and me actually winning this waste of a chapter


I remember Craft being

  1. absolutely broken and
  2. Just a recolor of Geese, not even slightly edited, but he’s a Brigand for some reason.
Storytelling Part 2

Let’s try this again



Help, but the ominous music is a DEAD giveaway we’ll be fighting them soon enough

Dude crit me, but (lol


Lasagna OP

Craft choked the point so hard he transformed into Doga

Lasagna gets bias because Tiki hasn’t been haxed in yet

And that ends the map, good luck with this shit Alusq

I love editing

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chapter 10

'eeeeeeeeeeey, looks like I get another vanilla map! Am I lucky or what~

I wanna go to Gay too tbh. Sounds like a fun place

I’m not even gonna question the item icons…

Zigludo’s horse mastery level should be S 0/10 wurst game

I sold the 5000 G. Hope none of us are going for Funds ranks.

go away

Dogger’s at the shop, so Blaze will choke this point instead.

[enemy phase of exactly nothing happening]


we’re still benching Thorp as soon as possible right?

That’s kinda difficult when you ARE the horrors of the real world

This house can’t be visited :cry:

Enemies finally arrive!

how frickin’ many of these things do we have

why is Dogger a brigand? oh well he still seems alright
Also, I notice that player units now have normal-ish stats rather than the excellent all-around stats of the previous generation. Hoo boy.

Well… Relatively normal.

Taste my lance (which tastes like cherries, if my armour colour is anything to go by)!

Magic swords may suck, but they’re fun to use!

[checks in Nightmare]
Guess what, guys? He’s got an HP growth of 120.


Things are going smoothly…

… until Thorp ruins everything.


╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

WHOOPSIDOODLE! Hopefully there was nothing important in there

Same, Cuyoot Village Girl. Same.

oh boy money that we don’t need

I was gonna use the arena to top off a level or two, but ended up not using it at all. Hopefully that doesn’t screw us over too much…


You can double Blaze all you want, but he’ll barely notice

Isn’t it “fun” not having any thieves or torches on this map?

I’m buying an iron sword and lance; hopefully that will be enough.

I have fond memories of Oleg attacking me from across this fence…


Why does Thorp get the best level-up?!


FOR THE BISCUIwow that actually worked.
I’m not gonna be so rash in the future, but this chapter was so easy I wouldn’t mind that much if she died.

understatement of the century


wow this game’s boring as fuck.

Chapter Who Cares

welcome to die ladies and gentlemen
i was gonna make everything a lesson in game design but it turns out i only need to say one thing, really.

see this? don’t do it.

lesson over.

alright so this chapter looked a little something like this

then it looked more like this

many exciting things happened and i was simply too overcome to screenshot em. we even got a Support Conversation. it went a little something like this.

fucking incredible.

you might have also noticed there’s an arena in this chapter. did i use it?

hell yeah i did.

and thus i never have to worry about difficulty again.
it was at this point that i realized i had some obligations to fulfill so i dicked around in the rom for a bit. i unfucked the weapon icons because suck it bly.

we fought the boss, next. or, more, we slaughtered the boss next. went a little something like this.

and then she killed him.

the end.


Well the route-fest continues what the fuck that hurt my soul


Started off where Smilies left off and dropped the Brave Sword - because fuck y’all.

Roy, you say?!

it isn’t gay unless the borders touch

Our boss! A load of bullshit, I’d say.

route soon

Grabbed the secret book from this village.

Fuck you roy you fucking :poop:

We’re off to a better start.

Lilina here can’t user her tome. Well, it’s 1 range. So she can’t use it.

Jesus christ this boss is ass. Or maybe Lucina is just too OP!

Another close call.

She continues taking on the world.

And after that we finish off the top. A tedious route chapter :head_bandage:

This might be an acid trip, but it is definently not the best one ever.

:poop: :poop: :poop:

pls let me die already


me literally every day

EDIT: Do you think I’m playing a game? Ima take it next level


Alright, 'ere we go then.

Chapter 13 I think I honestly forgot


Christ what

Well this already looks to be a load of fun.

Anyway I load in our chapter and we’re introduced to another round of fucking narration dump by Jake. Apparently he’s either bisexual or the redhead capitalist chick is being taken for a ride.

Now THAT’S a plot twist!

NotMerlinus (who is apparently actually just Merlinus), NotRoy and Zigludo talk about some random shit.

Oh and Never Gonna Give You Up is back but this time with the brigand crit screech playing in tune.

Just the way I like it :ok_hand:

Aren’t you too young for that?

We then get a cut to Big Troy talking to some mooks. Credit where credit’s due, that mug actually looks kinda nice. But it’s Corrupt Theocracy so it’s probably just some obscure NPC with a headband stuck on.

So either somebody decided to get cheeky with the edits or Blademaster got stoned and forgot his shitty hack isn’t an FE6 fanfic. I sincerely hope it’s the latter.

Then we get Older Erik talking to some mook and bla bla bla and…

You know what let’s make this more interesting.

Much better.

@circleseverywhere Need 30 animations for my hack replysoonplskthx

I have no regrets.

Oh and those were all Dellhonne quotes. I mean ALL of them.

So we hit the prep screen and I chuck out the boring ass notKarel in for the #1 waifu.

Sigurd, right before entering the local BBQ Challenge.

So we finally get to playing and the first thing that happens is this.

Okay so I don’t mind having units behind you to create the feeling of being surrounded or whatnot, that fine. But forcing the player to specifically scroll to the right to even SEE them is fucking terrible, especially since I could potentially move all my units left without the screen even moving. I literally only saw these units because I ACCIDENTALLY scrolled to the right. If you’re going to have units so close to your army, MAKE SURE THE PLAYER CAN FUCKING SEE THEM.

Okay, I lied there a bit. Technically you can see those units when they’re loaded in at the start of the chapter but that way of loading in units is fucking retarded so it doesn’t count. This is a dick move.

Anyway we have Troy’s little group down here at the bottom.

Batta the Beast, who decided to pick up soldiering as a hobby would probably be okay if this was FE7 but it’s CT so anything that doesn’t one-shot by giving you a funny look automatically sucks.

The healer’s pretty bog standard, will run around handing out free HP but not much aside from that. Considering this game’s Vulneraries heal 15HP and have 8 uses she’s probably not really needed.

Mary and tHe AbySs’ gAzE are okay. Mary has the same Str as Batta but significantly more speed, better Con so she won’t get weighed down as much and she’s a flier to boot.

I’m going to repost this image, however, because having looked at the units and sizing them up to the enemies there’s one glaring fault here.

You have one completely defenseless unit, two good ones and one meh one. There’s literally nowhere to hide Lilia without killing the cav and the pegasus knight and then your’e exposing Mary to archer fire because Batta can’t really one-shot anyone here. The only way I can see out of here is rescuing Lila with Mary, running right and praying that Troy and Batta don’t get murdered but it still sucks. You should have at least a small safe zone for Lila.

And then disregard all of that because Mary missed a ~75% fucking twice.

I decide to take my chances and move Lila up to that house. Lo and behold, it’s a recruit! He’s so eager to get in on this mess that he doesn’t even ask to join. Probably a closet masochist or some shit.

Although with his stats the only thing he’ll be getting intimate with is the bench.

And to be honest those aren’t even that bad for a level 5 Cavalier but with monsters like Mac and Raptor running around he’s basically redundant.

“But wait, Uncle Ross!” I hear you say. “Isn’t Raptor canonically dead?” (Or that’s what you would be saying if you actually paid attention to the story in this shit, in which case heavens help you.)

Yes, he is. But blow me down and screw me twice if that’s ever stopped Blademaster!

So apparently somewhere down the line he fucked up with wiping the ‘Lyn Mode’ units from your units list because they’re all here. Even the younger versions of still-present characters.

This is some real Awakening-tier stuff right here!

Oh and speaking of Awakening the reason I didn’t show off any Lucina was because I reloaded the game several times to make edits and forgot to put her on the roster w h o o p s.

Meanwhile Beyard does his thing.

“Sucks to suck” - @Zane 2k[currentyear]

Mary rescues the Lila and gets bolted with arrows. She barely managed to live. Seriously fuck this unit placement.

Oh and because I’m a nice boy I installed the Display Ranges hack! Very convenient, no?

Curiously enough the range tiles are displayed as the red tiles that depict attack range on units. Which meant that at this point I got terribly mixed up.

Why yes, that is a bolting-range Tomahawk in a game with no weapon weight (Not that it would matter anyway, Mac has 20 bloody con). And because there was more or less of an unspoken agreement on not editing game mechanics, I’m fairly certain this was Blademaster. Fuckin’ A+ balance right there.

So basically our most OP unit whose only issue up until now was mobility now has about 10 range. gg ez game.

Glitchyjoe does some killing and Batta gets an okay level.

We visit a house and it’s just Jake vaguely informing us about a secret later on. If you’re going to pull and FE7 and just tell the player about character-specific events at least be precise about it. I don’t even know which chapter I should bring the dancer on because he literally just says ‘later on’. Urgh.

Yung Dellhonne also nets himself an okay level. Soon he’ll be strong enough to make his own animations!

(I wish)

Zigludo, who’s been pretty useless this whole chapter, visits a house and gets an Iron Blade. Pretty meh for a chapter at which we already have Silver Lances and shit.

Since I somehow managed to hold out without losing enough at Troy’s end and Beyard arrived to help, I decide to visit the shops.

This one has some steel weapons. We’re bathing in more money that Scrooge Mc’Fucking Duck so I get one of each.

The other house has some tomes, heals and Vulneraries. I don’t think we have a magic user and we have plenty enough Heals and potions. Pass.

The hack suddenly goes full GhebFE.

Oh god Zigludo run you’re too innocent for this.

The nuclear fallout from that horror reaches all the way across the map so Mary drinks bleach a potion to heal up.

Glitchyjoe does more more murdering. My chapters seem to always consist of the Brave weapon user storming their way through everyone.

Doggo takes hit points off of the boss with his Uber-Tomahawk.

And Dangelo finishes off!

FE Heroes Voting Gauntlets be like.

So we kill the last couple of stragglers and I start moving Zigludo up to Sieze (Blademaster’s spelling, not mine) the castle.

And then this happens.

Not even from the edge of the map. Not even from a fort. Literally just units appear on random tiles from THIN AIR and attack ON THE SAME TURN.

Current mood.

Alternative timeline because I want to plug my meme stash.

Fortunately everyone makes it out alive except for LiterallyMerlinus but noone gives a shit about him anyway.


So then I turn off animations for a bit and move to heal a unit.

The game fucking froze.

I shit you not, I almost had a heart attack followed by an intense desire to throw my computer out of the window. I would need to do that ENTIRE CHAPTER over again if I couldn’t fix this, and to make things worse my VBA was acting up so every screenshot was followed by around 5 seconds of painful lag.

Luckily @circleseverywhere recommended that I try to load the savefile from a fresh copy of CT and that worked. Apparently we broke a map animation from too much modding or something. Crists averted. Remember to donate2circles.

Anyawy with that out of my way I return to making my masterpiece.

Yes I am very mature.

And then we seize! With correct spelling this time, too!

Then Zigludo,R̴̸̛͒͑̈͋ͯͨ͌̇̊̓̔ͨͯ̚̕ě̡̢̧̊ͩͮ̎̿͆ͩ͒̾́̈́ͨ͗̀̿͐̈́͞͠b̸̧̃̏̌͐ͤͪͯͮ̔̔̓́͡e̵̢̢͋ͤͭ͗͛̈́̔̓͐̐ͦ̋̚̚͡c̶̽̎ͦͭ͐ͣͬ͋͛̓̓̃͟͞cͫ̓̍͋͐̿̔̾̇ͪ͂̈ͪ̚͞͠a̸̛ͪ̍̋̏̑̈̎̓̋ͧ̋ͫ͒̈́͗͞҉ , OurBoy and random NotLegault talk a bit.

I personally think it was a splendid victory! We inserted ourselves right into the enemy-

Alright let’s carry on. Apparently those dudes we fought were our allies but honestly at this point who fucking knows about the plot.

They talk about capturing Dellhonne and Zigludo suggests killing him instead. Provoking this gem of a line from “Larry”.

That’s right, Dellhonne has fans. What have you accomplished in your life, huh?

Zigludo comes out with the smack talk.

And gets smacked by Rebecca.

With some weird implications about this family tree.

Erm alright then.

What the fuck did you just fucking say to me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Grannvale Military Academy, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on the Lopto Sect, and I have over 300 confirmed level ups. I am trained in gorilla BBQing and I’m the top Holsety user in the entire Grannvale armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another sword armor. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this continent, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me on a piece of parchment? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of thief fighters across Grannvale and your messenger birds are being tracked right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can rewarp anywhere, anytime, and I can crit you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my civilian skill. Not only am I extensively trained in cavalry combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of major blood holy weapon users and I will use them to their full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit Meteor Swords all over you and you will drown in them. You’re fucking dead, dastard.
Credit to @Glacoe for the pasta.

We end the chapter on this note.

But do we really need to? I mean I’d rather not, to be honest.

Super sneaky peek for next chapter.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


To be fair to Blademaster here, this is this way in vanilla FE7

Chapter 14: you like men

No video this time, too lazy.

took the words right outta my mouth, man

Damn, this dude is through. I like it.

aw, come on let’s just go up and kill him, please?

Wow, you sure we shouldn’t have just replaced him with Alm? :thinking:

So, he explains the two different types of staves. I honestly like this whole berserk staff stuff.

Um, what?


Set up my units and whatever.


OH. “Whore tent” okay. :thinking:

Oh boy.


making my way through

kinda stopped giving a shit about treasure when I have to deal with this fucking lp. It in itself is the real treasure.


Fuck you





one sec


so, our group finally makes it to the throne room
let’s check the boss out


fuck you guys, I’m using this rEbbECa :U

uh, what…? Who seizes?
What was the objective again?

oh great.


These two are still alive, so maybe if I kill them…?


Okay, good. Was worried for a second there.

oh shit

Didn’t even need to say anything here.

Yeah, but we’re pretty much done here, fellas. lmao.


Don’t you mean the Manicotti?

I wonder if Dellhonne will ever realize he has become a meme.

Let’s hope he replies soon


To help tide you guys over for the next chapter; I made a small preview.

… I cannot begin to apologize to @Blademaster and @Arch for helping create this abomination.

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No, no, surely it should be the Panna Cotta.

Chapter 15: Mangled Tilesets

[details=So many route maps

Mysterious. Or something.

Welcome to the lair of Thorp. And my spellchecker isn’t even annoyed.

Truly a flattering comparison.

That seems familiar somehow…

Zigludo’s a bit underlevelled, so I tried to grind him up a bit. He also has a new description!

As does his son.

I’m not fielding her but Thorp gets a more accurate description as well.

And Hannah here gets the award for Most Useful Advice.

Someone decided to replace “help” with “eat”, resulting in this.


oh no, i’m so scared of the effective damage

Wiping out those foolish warriors gives Sheeda Virgo a great level.

NPC + hordes of enemies = dead NPC.

If we can’t use healers to heal, we can at least use them as bait, right?

grumble grumble

Being BBQed doesn’t stop Raptor here.

Serlis gets stronger…

…and his disgrace of a daughter is slain. I told ya, that Flo was a bad influence. No more bugging the game out for you!

Taking the opposition down with style.

I’m glad I looked around the map for things, or else I’d have missed those houses.

It’s a promotion item! And I’m using it!

First: Glitchyjoe gets a bad level.

Promotion time for Barry, who has no relation to Johalva.

I don’t know, but as an imposter of our boy, you must die.

What they don’t know is she actually died.


Come back next time, where the tilesets get worse and memories of a certain scene of FE4 rear their head.


thats not erika you dumbfuck thats eirika