FEU Mapping Competition Round 1: Please Reply Soon [Finished]

I always liked the mapping competition but didn’t get to compete much back when SF still used to have this, so I thought I’d start a new one over here on FEU.

Rules/How It Works:

  1. Send your maps to me PM/Discord. Don’t post them in the thread. I’ll post them here, and after the allotted time has passed, I’ll put up the poll.
  2. Palette edits and small tileset edits are allowed.
  3. Do not take credit for someone else’s work.
  4. Do not use the Generation function of the FE Map Creator.
  5. You must cast your vote once the poll is up.
  6. The first place winner decides on the theme for the next round of the competition.
  7. Anyone who wins 3 times in a row is not allowed to choose the theme if they should win the 4th consecutive round.
  8. Maps submitted are open source.

Maps are due February 28rd, 11:59 PM PST.

Current Theme:
-Recreate any map from FE1-3 in FEGBA tilesets. Include the original map when you send it in the PM so it can be shown side by side with your recreation. You may take liberties with your map, as long as it keeps the general idea/flow of the original.

Previous Winners:

hopefully this actually works and doesn’t crash and burn


  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Option 4

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[details=‘Option 1’]http://i.imgur.com/o9JiLif.png

[details=‘Option 2’]http://i.imgur.com/l7mQ8Ex.png

[details=‘Option 3’]http://i.imgur.com/NF3o95l.png

'Option 4



it begins

Are we allowed to reinterpret; or does it have to just be recreated?

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As long as the general idea/flow is kept, you can reinterpret it. Basically, yes, you can take liberties while making the map. Thanks for pointing it out, I can add it to the rules.

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Does this mean no FE Map Creator at all, or does this mean that if FE Map Creator is used, it has to be done from scratch without generating a map from Ctrl-N?

Using FE Map Creator is fine, you just can’t generate a map, yes.

Don’t do this(I ran the SF comp), just make their entry not able to win or something. A bit weird to reward someone who wins by kicking them from the competition. Like make it so their entry cannot be voted on.
Everything else seems fine though, glad I’m not in charge

Can we use FE4 tilesets?

did you see this part?
“-Recreate any map from FE1-3 in FEGBA tilesets.”

I did not
My b

Guys if you do an FE1 map send it to me to so that i can use it for fe1gba

Nice try Kirb, that’s cancelled. Let me know about FE3 recreations though, _FE3_GBA isn’t cancelled. Coming as soon as I finish FE2, make FE1 modules, find FE2 palettes or something, mess in DDOP again, edit some more Bootleg Emblem graphics, and add a dungeon to FEGam.

Let’s just say i’m doing stuff with it and emblem magic

what palettes are you searching for?

Nothing in particular, I was just wondering out loud about why some bosses have unique palettes yet players are identical. If there’s a palette entry for each individual player unit, I’ll laugh.

But this is a mapping thread, so this is besides the point. Don’t mind me.

i’ll cry

Does that include FE2?

It better, else I’m gonna get disqualified.

That’s a fair point, I’ll change it to allow for them to join and their map to be part of the vote, but if they win the 4th time in a row, the 2nd place winner will get to choose the theme instead.

Also, yeah Mikey your maps can be based off of FE2 as well.

Sounds fun. I’ll be doing a Gaiden map.