FEU Mapping Competition Round 1: Please Reply Soon [Finished]


just a reminder only a couple of days left
got 1 submission so far
do y’all want an extension?


yes pls


Extended to 28th


Thank you


Wish i saw this sooner…,


Closed, will put up poll later today


Not gonna lie, I totally forgot :V


I was actually gonna enter myself but then i forgot too cri

ANYWAY, poll added, please reply soon; it ends midnight PST 3/5


Holy shit these look fantastic


i feel like this should have been stressed more




With 60% of the 25 votes, @AuraWolf won the contest! Please pm me on feu or discord to let me know what the theme/ for the next round is!

Also i have 3 calc tests this week so I’m 1 day late to close this sue me


I’d use literally any of these in a project, so I think everyone’s a winner here.


So we can vote for anything for the next theme?


I cast a vote for making maps that are shaped like animals.


Super Mario Sunshine x Fire Emblem


Recreate GBAFE maps in retro tilesets


Recreate tellius maps with fe2 tileset


How about Conquest maps?


Fuck Conquest