Feier's Spritan Shelf

Greetings everyone!

It’s generally been a while since I’ve started spriting… say roughly 3-4 years?
Thought it would be nice to post whatever I’ve worked on here.

Nothing is F2U or F2E unless if I leave it inside the section dedicated to F2U things. Please don’t ask to use anything outside of it.
Stuff that I leave F2U are most likely in blitzes, but for the sake of finding them more easily I’ll put them here too. Credit is also appreciated if you decide to use these.

Splices (F2U)

Foust An Unnamed Myrmidon

Kiran A recolored and slightly edited Bramimond to look like Kiran

Gary A very tired religious fellow

Generic Mage A generic mage

Cartney McCartney Jr.

Morshu Perkinson Morshu from the Zelda CDI Series, Horribly Spliced with Gheb as a base.

Nino's Mom Slightly Old Looking Lady.

Custom Portraits (Not F2U)

image Cadence from Crypt of the Necrodancer
(Got lazy when it came to frames, I don’t plan on letting this get used any time soon)

Hat Kid Hat Kid from A Hat in Time
(Same situation with Cadence, I don’t plan on letting this get used.)

image Soldier from Team Fortress 2

Jonathen Jonathen from Tale of Ternon

Mimi (Pre-Timeskip) Mimi from Tale of Ternon

Volta Volta from Tale of Ternon

I’ll update this more when I get the chance but I’ll just leave it as it is for now.


In the name of a fallen hero, (and this was also a request from a friend, along with the hat kids), I finished up a portrait for Soldier from Team Fortress 2.
Well, technically 2 portraits and 2 recolors of those portraits.
[Left is for the usual anatomy] [Right is for the TF2 Chin]

Rest in Peace, Rick May.

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