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It’s come to my attention that someone, or some people have been using parts of other peoples work, proceeding to make a splice out of it, and then pass it off as their own.

I want to make it clear that anything that is inside the F2U and F2E portraits that I’ve lined up in my thread is at least fine to splice from, no credit needed.

All the other assets I’ve made F2U but not F2E, I’d at least like to be credited, though I won’t enforce it.

Anything outside of that (Custom Portraits) or just my F2U stuff in general, I’d rather not see being claimed as someone else’s work.

But anyhow, no new sprite or anything else today.
At least spread the awareness of stolen art, I don’t believe anyone would want to see their work stolen as well.

(Let me know if anybody tries to pull this on my work. It would be appreciated.)


New Year, new sprite!
I present a new soldier map sprite for people to use!

The initial “idle” frames were modified from @flasuban’s soldier.
The movement frames were from FE Echoes’ soldiers, barring the hover frames.


Soldier Moves

This is F2U, and F2E.

If you’re looking to credit, just mention Flasuban and I.

Extras / Preview:

Ready yourself


Oh right and have a female soldier as well.

Soldier (F)

Soldier (F) Moves

Usual applies, go nuts!

Extras / Preview:
Female Soldier Hours Sister Ready Sister Update


Since I moved from my Weapon Icon House onto the Shelf, I thought I’d bring in some new weapon icons I’ve made during the span of time!

These icons are F2U and F2E as long as you credit! (it’s up to you to interpret what each icon is)

The Archanea Regalia
Archanean Regalia

The Magvellian Regalia

The Tellius Regalia
Tellius Regalia

Go nuts!


I was planning to do another set of map sprites, so I’ll have a poll that’ll take place to determine which I should do next (at least of the following)

  • Fighter (Vanilla)
  • Pirate (Vanilla)
  • Leif
  • Sniper (Echoes)
  • Arcanist (Echoes)

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Already a couple days in, and I thought it would be nice to update with some stills for each map sprite!

In order:
Arcanist | Sniper | Leif | Pirate | Fighter


dont worry about pirate and fighter being in different spots

Also for a note; I’ll get around to doing every other map sprite after I finish the winner of the poll.

Anywho, see y’all until the poll’s over :wave:


<Results came in for the end of the poll!>

image Leif placed 1st Place! His map sprite and frames will be done soon!

image The Arcanist from Echoes placed 2nd, and would be done after Leif.

image The Sniper from Echoes placed 3rd, would be done after the Arcanist.

image The Fighter, based on the Vanilla animations, placed 4th and will be done after the Sniper.

image Lastly, the Pirate based on the Vanilla animations would be done last.

Thank you all for participating in the poll!


Apologies for the two month silence, but I ended up busy with several things!

Just wanted to update that the map sprites, especially Leif’s are still being worked on, but in the meantime I thought I might as well just leave something I had to be used.

So here’s Obamium.
(Seems to work with FE6, 7, and 8)

Thanks to @Sme for the script.
Have fun, and thanks for waiting on the map sprites!


This is funnier then it has any right to be

Obamium lmaooo

Weapon: “Obama’s Last name”
Description: “Deals damage equal to weapon weight times weapon might times user’s atk divided by 3”

hey you go made male and female version of the map sprite of the fighter, sniper, arcanist and pirate?


thanks for the answer


It’s been a month or so, but here he is!
~Prince of Leonster, Leif~
His map sprites are F2U and F2E, and credit is appreciated as usual.
Leif Moves


For news on the other sprites, I’ll get them when I can.


Woah, a surprise! Two posts within the same month!
While it’s not much, I thought I would share some portraits I messed around with from Vanilla for Project Anima.

They’re F2E/F2U of course

Some portraits were just recolored, others had a little edits here and there.
Not much of an update but I thought it would be okay to share.

But for now, peace :wave:


A new post without a span of a month passing :partying_face:
Here be Ruben from Unnamed Jugdral Project!
Commissioned by @serif
Not F2U or F2E, unless if they say otherwise.


Since we were recently given the thumbs up on being able to share these, I’d like to drop an animation I did for Dark Deity: The Priest!

Priest Cast Showcase

While I was kinda shy about it at first, it was the first real time that an animation I worked on appeared in anything official. With some help of some people in the team, I managed to get it down as well.
If you’re willing to spend the money, go check the game out!


I thought I’d do something different again, so I got a Dark Deity styled map sprite of Kelik from The Last Promise, requested by @Devisian_Nights!
Kelik TLP


I just want to take a moment here, because it’s something I’ve seen come up several times - not a lawyer, but you know that unless you signed away your copyright, you own the rights to the assets you created for DD, right?

Yeah, though its on us to share. I just didn’t want to share until everyone felt comfortable from both sides. (So between the creator and I)

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