[FEH][WIP] Help me make a FEH-like!

I’m building a Fire-Emblem-Heroes-like, and I need help designing and developing custom sprites!!

Back in 2019, I was strongly inspired by Fire Emblem Heroes, and designed my own micro tactics game: Hero Tactics. It’s micro, because the maps are 6x8 tiles, and the unit move/attack range is 2 - 4 tiles.

It’s been 2 years since that old project, and I want to make another micro Fire Emblem game. I really love the gameplay of Fire Emblem Heroes! Just not… all the mobile grossness. Can we have a micro Fire Emblem game, but without gacha pulls or stamina meters or monthly subscriptions?

I’m working with sprites from FE8, and I’d welcome any help in designing and developing custom sprites for the game!! If you are interested in helping, hit me up here on FEU or on Discord at AndrewGoodenough#7953. I am particularly looking for help with 1) Character Portraits and 2) Character Map Sprites.

Additional Details

What is this built in??

All my games are built in my custom homebrew engine, written in WebGL & WebASM. It is designed for micro tactics games with strategy rpg elements. It’s good enough for me!! You can see some of my other tactics games on itchio! I do a lot of game jams.

Planned Features
  • Micro Tactics Gameplay - Small single-screen maps with small unit movement.
  • No Mobile Grossness - No gacha pulls, no stamina meter, no monthly subscriptions, etc.
  • Character Builds - 4 playable characters that you can reclass into any of 12 classes. Combine the skills between classes for broken combos.
Planned Timeline

I’m doing a game jam! For 2 weeks, from July 9th to July 26th, I’ll be at the Pigsquad Remix Jam: mod, romhack, edit, or remake a game you like!
If we can get it done by the end of the month, we can submit it to FEE3!

Watch this topic for updates!!


Sent you a friend request on Discord (is that how it’s done?)

Also just wanted to make the observation that it’s really cool that our community is attracting legit projects like this

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This is very interesting. I know that someone (forgot who) tried to do something like this before, but I don’t remember what happened to it. This looks very promising though. You said you are using your own engine that you made yourself which sounds very hard. I am really interested in seeing where this goes.

How similar is this going to be to FEH? It says no gacha, stamina, and subscriptions, but will there be things like a level select or a menu where you can customize your units?

How do you save in hero tactics? I played a bit to get the how your games work and I liked it, if the FE hack you’re making is similar it will be good.

Not sure what I’ll be doing for character progression. I’d really like to design a system for reclassing your units to make custom multiclassed units. But maybe I should keep it simple?

But if nothing else, there will definitely be some sort of overworld map for selecting the next chapter.