FEE3 2021 Project and Showcase Submission

FEE3 2021 Project and Showcase Submission

Update: Showcase submissions are now closed, thank you to everyone for getting your videos in! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to DM me and we can chat.

Hello one and all, and welcome to the project and showcase submission thread for FEE3 2021! I am pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions.

But wait, what is FEE3?

For those who may not be familiar, Fire Emblem E3 (FEE3 for short) is an over decade-long tradition in the Fire Emblem hacking community wherein Fire Emblem romhacks and fangames are showcased in a concentrated fashion in video form to display what the community has been working on over the past year. The formal mission statement for FEE3 is as follows:

We aim to: showcase original creations & developments of the FE community to each other and the broader community.

For a taste of what FEE3 is like, a link to the playlist for last year’s event can be found here .

This year, we have formed committees to help facilitate the showcases, and many community members have stepped forward and volunteered their time to be part of these committees. Please give a round of applause for your FEE3 2021 Committees!

Let's Play Committee


Quality Control Committee


Arts Committee


Community Transparency Committee


As a small note on committees, please do not reach out to any committee member directly with inquiries about FEE3. If you have any questions or concerns about any part of the FEE3 organization process, I ask that you reach out to me directly so I can coordinate with the team as is appropriate.

Now, to the portion I’m sure most of you have been waiting for: if I have a project I would like to show off for FEE3, how do I know it would be allowed, and how do I go about submitting it? The following tabs below provide all of the information on:

What can be submitted to FEE3?

Content rules - what is allowed at FEE3?

  • Project type

Eligible products include any Fire Emblem fan work, asset/animation showcase, and hack-related technical demo. Rebalances, weapon reversal, reverse recruitment, or other “minor” edit hack are subject to rejection from the committee for acceptance.

Ex. FE6 rebalance patch with +20 hit on axes → low effort, rejection

  • Inappropriate content

The FEE3 planning committee reserves the right to reject any project that has inappropriate content in violation with site Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to, extreme profanity, nudity, sexual themes, and gore. Projects with inappropriate content, regardless of whether this content appears in the video showcase, are subject to rejection based on the discretion of the organizer.

  • Stolen work

Any work with stolen assets will be removed and will not be allowed in the show until this is remedied. The planning committee reserves the right to blocklist your entry from the show if it had stolen assets in it at any point.

  • Submission Limits

Users are allowed to submit any number of projects to FEE3; however, we ask that each user be limited to asking for 1 volunteer LP each. If you would like to submit more than one project to FEE3, we would ask that you submit your own showcases beyond a single showcase that is prepared by the FEE3 team.

What are my options for having my work showcased at FEE3?

There are two main options for participating in FEE3: Project Submission + Volunteer LP, and Project Submission + Creator Showcase.

  • Project Submission + Volunteer LP

This option involves the creator submitting a playable demo of some kind to the FEE3 team, and asking for the FEE3 to prepare an LP showcase of the project. Creators who wish to go this route only need to fill out the FEE3 Project Submission Form once their playable demo is ready to be submitted. We will contact you if there is a problem regarding your submitted demo.

  • Project Submission + Creator Showcase

This option involves the creator registering their project for FEE3 using the FEE3 2021 Project Submission Form, and then making their own video showcase for their project which is then to be submitted using the FEE3 Showcase Submission Form. Videos submissions of this form are not limited to LPs, and could be anything such as a trailer, an interview, a Q and A, and so on and so forth. We will contact you if there is a problem regarding your submitted video. Please refer to the Recorded Content Guidelines below for some assistance in making an acceptable showcase.

Recorded Content Guidelines (applies to all showcases, not just creator submitted showcases)

  • We recommend a video length of less than 1 hour, with the ideal showcase being less than 30 minutes. If your video goes over the 1 hour time limit, the committee will ask you to re-record. This upper limit is subject to change at organizer discretion.
  • English is preferred language, but showcases may be conducted in any language the creator is most comfortable with.
  • Inappropriate language in showcases should be kept to a minimum if used at all. Appropriateness of showcase language will be determined by the organizer and quality control committee. They reserve the right to reject a recording on grounds of inappropriate language.
When do I need to have my submission in by? When is the show?

Anyone who wants to have a project be a part of FEE3 2021 needs to fill out the Project Submission Form by August 1st. This means including a playable demo in the submission if you want a volunteer to LP your project. If you are creating your own showcase, you must still fill out the Project Submission Form by August 1st, and you must submit your showcase using the Showcase Submission Form by September 15th.

A full timeline of the planned events of FEE3 2021 can be found below.

June 20th - July 31st
Project Sign Up Phase
Details for submitting projects are posted in this thread.
Aug. 1st
Patch Submission Deadline (if using volunteer LPer)
All submissions must have signed up by now. Any submissions requesting a volunteer LPer must provide a playable .UPS patch or demo by this date.
Aug. 1st - Sept. 15th
LP Recordings Phase
Volunteer LPers will be given their assignments, and videos will be created.
Sept. 15th
Video Recordings Deadline
Deadline for LPers and creators submitting their own videos to have their recordings sent in.
Sept. 15th - Oct. 15th
Quality Review Phase
All submissions will be reviewed for quality and appropriateness of content. Creators will be contacted if there are issues with submissions, and this time will serve as a buffer period if re-recording is necessary. Schedule will also be made.
Late Oct.
FEE3 Schedule Released & FEE3 Commences

To re-iterate, the deadline for submitting a work to be LP’d by a volunteer LPer is August 1st. This is also the deadline for projects that are creating their own showcase to register to be shown at the event. The deadline for submitting your own showcase, given that you registered your project by August 1st, will be September 15th.

Both the project submission form and showcase submission form are now open, with links below! For those who may not have read above, the Project Submission Form is for anyone who wants to have a showing at FEE3, regardless of whether you want a volunteer LPer or not. The Showcase Submission Form is for those who are making their own videos to submit to the show, and for volunteer LPers to submit their completed LPs.

FEE3 2021 Project Submission form Project submission now closed!
[FEE3 2021 Showcase Submission Form Showcase submissions now closed!

I greatly look forward to seeing all that the community has been working on in the past year! Thank you all for making this event so great!


Major Hype.
Looking forward to all the cool submissions this year!


Nice post, Warpath. Very thorough and detailed. Excited to see some of the changes you and the team made to the event’s operations to help it run this year.

Looking forward to the event.

EDIT: Submitted :sunglasses:


Fire Emblem: The FEE2
(also submissiongang rise up)


Excited for what team SALVAGED will show this year.


Wonder what Team SALVAGED has in store.
2018, we had the Paladin Animation which is stylish and improved.
2019, we got some animation tweaks and an Team SALVAGED’s version of the Mercenary animation.
2020, we got a nice display of the SALVAGED Colosseum and how they test their animation to see what they can improved and the debut to the Team SALVAGED’s Bow Cavalier.
Now here we are at 2021, Team SALVAGED may show up and show what kind of Battle Animation will they display for the FE community will want to see.
I may not be a fortune teller and predict who will show up, but once the results will show up in October, we can see what kind of FE Rom Hacks, Animations and Hacking Features will be included.

Oh cool, did they confirm they’ll submit something to FEE3?

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this is an amazing event, looking forward to everything there is to see!

As a reminder, if you’re submitting for a volunteer LPer, please be sure to include instructions on which chapter you’d like shown off and include a .sav in your submission as well.

Lots of exciting submissions so far.


little doubt here about the showtime that is asked in the submission form:
What is it for?? May I be available at that time??

Nope, it has to do with when you’d like your showcase to premiere. The event is all pre-recorded, so you are not asked to be available at any specific time.

We ask for time slot preferences since some folks like to be available to watch the video drop in a time zone that is convenient for them, since we are dropping videos every 6 hours for the duration of the event.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can clarify. The OP is a great resource for information.


oh ok, perfect thanks

(edit) Already sent my Project Submission, hope I didn’t forget anything


Just under a month left to sign up for the event.

Lots of neat projects submitted so far, looking forward to seeing the full lineup.


Oh boy! Can’t wait for the Full Lineup!


Only a couple more weeks to sign up to be a part of FEE3! August 1st is quickly approaching.


Finally submitted registration for Book of Exiles and the Team SALVAGED SHOWCASE 2021. Will get you some video by Sept. 15. :wink:


Smiles vigorously

Can’t wait to see the new progress for Book of Exiles and the new animations from Team SALVAGED with their showcase in 2021.

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I just missed the deadline to submit the work I finished last year. I haven’t done a whole lot of work on it since then (I’m waiting for the updated Gaiden magic patch that’s compatible with the Skill System to be released), but it is a finished game. Would it be eligible for entry even though it’s around a year old now?

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