FEGBA HackRom Recommendations!

Is it? I think the biggest issue is that the dev decided to make 1-2 range weapons not buy able and you only get a handful of them, usually you only get them when a particular character joins and has one in their inventory.
I think it’s a great hack and one of the most complete hacks. Specially compared to Order of the Crimson arm which doesn’t even have supports.
Maybe also give Legends of Avenir a go, is a hack with several paths that branches the story.

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Yeah, it seems like a good title!

Whatever you say, boss :black_heart:

I think Queen’s Sword is more in line with how most Japanese hacks are designed, but SoHaE is my favorite. Enjoy and be safe.

Guess I’ll be the guy to recommend my own hack, Four Kings. If you like personal weapons, this hack has over 40 of them.

Aletheia and Cerulean Coast aren’t finished but they’re def worth trying

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I remember this one, i got interested in the story but it can be quite challenging its hard mode, i haven’t even finish it yet because it made me rage-quit.

idk i’ve been trying to discover some of the jp hax and most i could find are just either higher difficulty reskins and they have some kind of a habit of remaking maps from previous mainline games for idk what reason (probably the same author but i mean there’s alot of them). The only one that isn’t a reskin i know is sword of heaven and earth but i hope i could find another one tho unlike reskins. But I can recommend better ones if your into gameplay: FE Girls first jap hack i’ve played with a really good difficulty, There’s also midori i think it is made by the same author but i liked FEGirls more, FE Kaitou is a really unique one involving stealing gameplay AKA Thief Emblem, FE7if an old relic known to have an bad difficulty and bad rep same as Pokemon Dark Rising but the effects of the difficulty becomes extremely fun, There’s a rumor called FE8Another but it is never to be found on google anymore. I’m still trying to discover some but it’s pretty hard to find their gbafe hacking forums like FEU. Currently playing yggdra patch and 2 princesses.

@KrashBoomBang I’ll definitely check our your work! I really can appreciate your new twist on FE strategy in the gameplay. Seems unique and something worth checking out

@MrGreen3339 I’ll add these to my list, too! (hail luigi)

@redeyesblackdrag0n hey! I appreciate your recommendations and feedback. I like your username, too

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Huge fan of Storge. Has lots of creative units alongside its gimmick of a fully flexible starting party and gear set up. The maps themselves play well and there is a surprisingly touching story between father and daughter.


I don’t see any reason not to recommend my own hack!

It’s not finished yet, and I can’t promise anything amazing since this is still my first hack, but I’m doing my best.

Storge is amazing, would second that rec.

Also would recommend Iron Emblem if you’re the type that likes ironman stuff.


If you don’t mind me asking, how come SoHaE is your favorite JP hack?

It’s quality.

Does a good job of improving on vanilla - executes fundamentals pretty well, innovates in interesting ways with map design despite the limitations from a “lower tech” era of hacking where just making something [complete] was impressive.

Cool piece of history and I think the first 19 chapters are largely good. Some pacing issues mostly, but I had fun with it overall.


Yeah, I really enjoyed SoHaE too. It also expands on the Elibe lore pretty well without contradicting anything from other hacks (as far as I know - the translation isn’t perfect).


I see. I’ll definitely give it a try then since I’ve been in the mood for a close to vanilla gameplay hack Thank you for your thoughts on it.

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NP. It’s pretty incredible how close they got it to feel like FE6. If you like FE6, you’ll prob be good w/ SoHaE (at least most of it!)

There are many hacks for JP, but other than Kaitou, which I’m make on, I think to just play with Girls and learn its history.
Without Girls, FE8 might never have become a major platform, and there might never have been SkillSystems, BuildFile, or FEBuilderGBA.
I could say that all of this started with the documentation left behind by chap, the creator of Girls.

Also, let’s not forget fe7if, which developed a way to import music.
Without it, we might have been stuck with vanilla music forever.

And then there are the works that influenced fe7if, such as fe7 Inflation.
Many of his early works are rough, but I think that’s inevitable.
I think it’s interesting to see the history of scientific development as we learn more and more about what we can do in the later stages.

Because I had Kaitou, I was able to use the knowledge I gained creating it to create FEBuilderGBA.
Of course, I was able to create Kaitou because of the materials and tools left behind by the pioneers.

This means that the technology tree is connected, just like in Civilization.
I hope this technology tree will continue to be connected after this.


Hacks I’ve played through fully:

The Last Promise - Kelik.

Justice & Pride - I like how the creator made this hack pretty much all by himself I’ve heard, it’s impressive.

Dark Lord & the Maiden of Light - Most vanilla like FE7 hack I’ve played thus far.

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