FEE3 2022 Help Thread

Hi all! This is a thread for both project creators to solicit help from volunteers, and for volunteers to inform people of their availability! Further discussion can of course be had in DMs, this is just a place to put yourself out there.

I want to emphasize that any volunteering efforts are not officially associated with the event or its staff. This thread is meant to facilitate discussion and let people access resources more easily.

If you’re a project creator, you can post a short summary of your hack with screenshots, and ask if anyone would like to volunteer for your project and have a volunteer reach out to you, and if you are a volunteer, you can let people know that you are available to do work for them, and have project creators reach out to you. I hope this helps everyone have an easier time with the event!

Here’s the current list of volunteers you can contact, as to not make people repost here:


Hey all!

I’m waiting to get a few things together before submitting my official participation, but I am fully intending to submit the hack I’m currently working on! More information in the link:

This is a short romhack, 7-8 chapters, that follows a team of monster hunters on a job in the world of Tierra Maldita. It features original sprites and characters (a lion guy wow!), music, and story, all done by me.

I will be prioritizing getting up to the last chapter out in time for the submission. Of course, I don’t expect anyone to actively help until this point, but I want my interest to be known. I would love someone to LP (someone to play and chat as a co-host) and get the video together! I kind of have something a bit unconventional in mind. hopefully it’ll be fun :slight_smile:

If you want to discuss the project before committing to it, I would be more than happy to answer any questions via DMs and even take you through the hack!



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As a reminder, this topic is meant specifically for you to get FEE3 showcase related help or offer that help, not help pertaining directly to your project. Thanks all and I hope everyone is able to find someone to showcase their work.

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Hello gamers. I’m pleased to announce that the revival for the ill-fated Justice & Pride Book 2 is planned to appear in FEE3 2022!

While the hack is still in early development, B2R (Book 2 Remaster) is planned to have 26 chapters plus any gaidens I add, and gameplay will feature generally smaller numbers, with units experimenting with statlines that may be unorthodox, like a pirate who focuses on mixed bulk rather than speed, in addition to a revamped plot, new and familiar faces, new music, and more!.

As the first chapter is ready to go, that is what I plan to showcase. It would be a great help if I could get a volunteer for the LP, but don’t feel too pressured, I’m pretty easy-going (tho I can’t really co-commentate cuz I don’t really have good stuff for recording)

Feel free to DM me here or on Discord (DrGreen3339#4725) if you have questions!



HiHi Green!
I would be glad to volunteer to showcase B2R.

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If anyone’s still looking for a LPer to help showcase your game, feel free to contact me here or on Discord (Xetetic#3152). I’d like to talk a bit about your project before I jump in and start recording something. I can only take so many projects but I’d be happy to pitch in.


Hey all

Remember that the recording deadline is fast approaching for 15-Aug and that if you need help from an LPer, you should reach out to some of the fine folks here who have offered their time to support.

From experience, it can take a lot of time to coordinate w/ a project creator and find time to record. August 15th is fast approaching - be proactive and ensure you can get help if you need it.

Good luck and again please use this thread or the #fee3-help on FEU discord to connect w/ an LPer and get your questions answered about producing your own video or thumbnail.



For anyone who’s still on that grind, I am still available to do LPs for whatever. DM here or Discord (Sigmaraven#6969). I’m willing to help record for any project that won’t get me banned, but anyone contacting me after Aug 8th will get made fun of for their procrastination (I’ll still help you out tho lol).

also PSA anyone who’s waiting 'til the last moment be advise that other people might be too and you’re all going to run into each other and cause rush hour traffic just like in real life


Yes - roughly 2 weeks until deadline. Please be proactive in recording and reaching out for help!

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