FEE3 2019: Here we go again!



The Prelude to Darkness demo will be available for public testing after FEE3 ends tomorrow. More information will follow then.


Watch Myke be bad at their own game.

And for the cool not FE fangame for all you Metroid peeps out there!

Thank you Xenith for playing my game for the world to see online!! You told me you enjoyed it a lot which I’m really pleased to hear :smile:

I’ve made a few notes thanks to this now, such as making the bosses a lot more readable in the future so you can anticipate what they’re going to do better.


Really getting that Archanea love on SRPG Studio.

And this is the last video of the showcase!

Mangs’ video of Sun God’s Wrath will be shown as an extra even though it’s already on his channel.


What about Tales of Ternon The Red Lobsters route



Ray, truly thank you for showcasing my project, as well as everyone else’s, on your channel, and for all else you do for this community. We’ve all put in so much work into each of our projects, and for them to be shown to the wider world on your channel, well it’s truly humbling, at least in my opinion. I’d also like to thank @Arch. It’s definitely not easy to organize all these projects behind the scenes, yet he manages to accomplish it every year. I’d especially like to thank him for his patience with my project’s presentation changing VERY close to the deadline.


I accidentally linked FE EMotE twice, whoops!


And another FEE3 draws to a close. Personally, I felt like the premiers made things a bit more awkward, since it’s like tuning into a TV show at 5pm instead of just watching it whenever you got the chance. For the future, I’d prefer traditional videos. As for the highlights, Nameless Heroes reminds me of Thracia, Heroes we Deserve is a good time if you want something silly, and Sacred Echoes is looking as shiny as ever. Video lengths are quite intimidating at times, with Legends of Avenir running over three hours. This can be quite discouraging unless you just want to put the hack on as background music.

I myself submitted the FE1 SRPG Studio remake, and I have heavily contributed towards development of Tale of Ternon. I’ve been in FEE3 each year since 2016, and I hope that come FEE3 2020, I’ll submit some project or another I’m leading, or that any other projects I’m contributing to get worked on. Here’s to another FEE3, the tenth annual one next year if all goes well.

FEE3 2019 in Review - Observations & Recommendations
FEE3 2019 in Review - Observations & Recommendations

The Tale of Ternon thread is now up and running.


Well that was fun, see you in 2020!

Actually, I feel like feedback would be appreciated this time, I don’t feel like we do that enough with these.
As Darrman noticed, the use of Premiere was my idea alone, Arch had nothing to do with it, but it was suggested that I try it during last year’s FEE3. It did make the format different than all the years before it, and I genuinely want to hear if you liked/didn’t like this idea and if we’ll continue using it going forward, as it certainly wasn’t perfect.

Regardless, I’m glad I did my part and happy to help the community out once more.


Honestly I’d prefer straight up YouTube livestreams over premieres or regular vids for most content.


The Premiere:

The premiere thing kinda favoured people living in the EST timezone; videos would go live while people living on the west coast were still in school / at work so they missed out; also, we have people from all over the globe, a video going live at 6pm EST goes live at midnight CET (Central European Time). Without any form of moderation, some of the discussion during the earlier premieres slammed the projects that people have put countless hours in to the point where it needed to be addressed here on the forum.

The Schedule:

Four videos a day is a lot. Especially since there’s no limit on how long a video can be (looking at you Legends of Avenir). Day 6 had 7 hours of content whereas Day 5 and Day 7 had 2.75 and 1.75 hours respectively. In the future I would suggest both lowering the daily line up to 3 videos, as well as put a cap on run time, like an hour (give or take).

Thanks for hosting again Ray, the thumbnails are great and the Welcome/Farewell videos were nice (except when you whoopsied by saying it was the 8th year in the welcome vid).

:tada: No fumbles in the upload schedule like last year :tada:


I love how FEE3 is the most active thread on the site for a couple weeks and then will reasonably never be touched greatly again. Oh, well.


To be fair, it’s a showcase of the site (and then some)'s efforts condensed into a 1 1/2 week span, so that sounds about right. Gotta strive for progress for next year’s show, after all.

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I actually quite liked chatting during premieres although I can’t deny that just livestreaming it directly could also work (although a bit hard with multiple commentators on one channel and would make scheduling things way more complicated).
The biggest issue this time was the length of some of the showcases, a time limit would definitely help, maybe an hour is a bit strict for some but two hours should be enough, considering the purpose is to showcase so many projects, those who keep their length in control definitely performed better than expected in view count (better than expected being based on the projects existing popularity/recognition). There were also multiple that were unedited livestream VODs where there was potential to cut some things out in editing.


As someone who submitted a project, I actually appreciated being able to see the live chat happening during the premiere to see people’s comments and reactions as they happened. It’s another side to people’s opinions to the overall summary comments that people will leave after watching the video as a whole.


Just a huge thank you for everyone involved in this. FEE3 is dope and hope it continues to be a an event in the future.

As for feedback, I’m honestly not sure how premier works exactly to provide feedback on it and whats the difference from live. I know how much a pain in the ass editing videos can be so if it makes it overall easier, no complaints from me.


Some videos this time around probably could’ve benefited from a bit of editing, so I don’t think just sending the raw file over is something we should do next year.

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