FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!


Tristan’s fighting the darkness again, only on Hard Mode this time!


Jump Up, Super Imp!



Tomorrow is tech demo day should be an interesting view…Oh and so many awesome entries it’s good to see what a lot of people are capable of that is certain.


Apologies to Nathan who had to wait until today for this to be released!


No problem, I’m not the kind of person who is impatient. Besides, I already slept at the time. :joy:


Maybe I’ll participate in next years FEE3. I have a Hack which I could have shown but I’m not satisfied with it.So I wanto to remake it and make it better. I have to see how much progress I have next year.


We’re almost done, today is Tech Demo Day! Here’s a tool that zahlman cooked up!


Engage Blazing Durandal!


Check out this hype new staff tech!


Mekkah was kind enough to record two chapters for Cirosan’s FE5 translation, so here’s some of Chapter 11 to begin the final day of FEE3 2018!


Draug may be unhappy but he should be proud of the possible potential on display with his comrades!


And for our final entry…

Something completely different.


Thanks for tuning in this year, everybody! A huge thanks to @MageKnight404, our dedicated emcee. Thanks to Mekkah, Deltre, Pandan, ghast, SnakeMomMelissa, blofeld, and Myke for LPing. It was our biggest show yet, and we went through a few growing pains along the way, but I hope you all enjoyed it and I’ll see you all again next year!


And an overwhelming thanks to @Arch.

You good sir, are the driving force behind FEE3, and your leadership/organizational skills were definitely tested this year, given how hectic it was (I was actually ready to give up).

Not only did you start FEE3 years ago, but you’ve gone out of your way to organize it every year since then.

With FEE3, hacking newbies like myself actually get a chance to be in the spotlight, and I can’t describe how it feels to hear somebody say that they’ve enjoyed my WIP hack, It keeps me going.

You sir, are a champion; and I don’t know what we did to derserve you.

Arch only! Nobody else click! Seriously!

Gib donate link, I’d like to buy you a bottle of booze.




Thanks for having me. Looking forward to next year.


Thanks for having me, too! Hopefully I’ll have something even better to show off next year!