FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!


We had an unprecedented number of entries this year, so my apologies. Next year, we’ll give more time for recording. Traditionally, that has been enough time for the LPers. With a high number of volunteers, I thought it would be fine. We had some people get assignments and then drop out for unforeseen reasons, which complicated things.

Part of the reason we started the show and back-loaded the unfinished content was to give people a longer period of time, up to 18 days, to fulfill their commitments. Obviously, that still hasn’t happened for some of the entries.

We will regroup and see where we’re at tomorrow. I’m just going to go ahead and record anything that isn’t submitted to me by 5pm PST when I get off of work. This show isn’t going to fall through, not on my watch. This is the first time we’ve had any hiccups in eight years, and as much as I would’ve liked to keep that streak going the least I can do is make sure that everything we promised gets delivered.


Don’t worry, you can do it. Those things happen everyday, just keep moving forward and everything will be just fine


Happy to help on my end too if anything else needs to be recorded. I have some time this evening and I could prob squeeze out one or two LPs if need be.

I promise I won’t accidentally record the cursor again!


Hey it could be worse.

You could be playing Fire Emblem Fallen Flame and run into a bug that messes up your progre- wait a minute.


lol don’t stress

it’s not like you’re getting paid for this


Fostering a strong sense of community is payment enough for me. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s always next year.


Next year we’ll have learned from this experience. It was literally unlike anything we’d anticipated.

But thanks for the dank logo. :thumbsup:


It’s ok so no worrys about it.


As per Arch’s wishes, let’s get back on track with some Tower Defense!


All gameplay with this one!


Tower defense?


Get a move on, Nyna.


Just wanted to let everyone know and clarify that everything is back on track and proceeding as planned. We just needed a day off to get all of our ducks in a row, that’s all.

On with the show!


That’s good to read, Arch.
I just wanted to say thank you!
To you, Arch and all members involved as well.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity, to share the fruit of our efforts with a much bigger audience.
To me, it’s an event worth looking for!


Much respect to everyone for wrangling so many entries together this year, and kudos to Arch for the purple ribbon and tie in the opening keynote.


Gaiden? Echoes? Meet your middle brother.


I, uh…


Nice of Lunaris to record some more, eh Luigi?


You’re not looking particularly golden there, Camus.