FEE3 2018: Can't stop, won't stop!

Hello folks,

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The event that we’ve all been procrastinating for, it’s the eighth (EIGHTH!) annual FEE3.

For those of you who are new, FEE3 is a fangame convention that brings together hobbyists who work on Fire Emblem-related projects to showcase our collective progress and new initiatives. Back in the dark days of 2011, when it seemed like the series’ days in the west might be over with the lack of an English translation of FE12, Fire Emblem hackers decided to band together and host our own E3 (with blackjack, and hookers!).

But fear not, there are still Fire Emblem games in development. They’re right here, and this event is designed to showcase them. It’s an E3 for the FE community, meant to show off our contributions to the series.

In 2012, we did it again–inspired by the lack of a Fire Emblem: Awakening localization announcement at that year’s E3. Two years of disappointment in a row, we thought. That was, until Reggie mistakenly made the announcement to the press thinking it was part of the media kits. Our fears turned out to be unfounded, and Fire Emblem has continued to spawn three new games since it appeared as though Awakening might be the end of the line.

So hey, to anyone who has an active fan project out there: come and join in the festivities! It’s always great to see what amazing new things our community has been up to.

Serenes Forest Thread

The Submission Form:

[b]Project Name:[/b]
[b]Platform:[/b] FE7, FE6, FE8, FE4, FE5, FEXP, FEXNA, etc.
[b]Showing:[/b] Trailer, Interview, Let's Play, etc.

In order to pull this off, we’ll need some volunteer LPers to participate in the show and host demo showcases. Unfortunately, our usual cast of Mel and Mage Knight 404 won’t be leading the charge this year. Project managers should feel free to recruit their own LPers, though! It’ll help make the process easier if more people elect to make those arrangements themselves.

Volunteer LPers:

  • kirb
  • Mekkah
  • Mage Knight 404
  • MCProductions
  • Deltre

Returning Projects:

  • Elibean Nights
  • Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword
  • Staff of Ages
  • Fractured Realms

New Projects:

  • GFE1R
  • Fire Emblem Resonance: Resurgence
  • Runa Does a Thing
  • Void’s Blitzarre Adventure: Blitz Tendency
  • Fire Emblem: Tales of Golden Knight
  • Legends of Avenir
  • Fire Emblem: Poop
  • Fire Emblem [Latino] 2.0 ~ You Can (Not) Ban
  • FE4 Binary English Translation
  • Sacred Stones Rewrite

The deadline for project submissions will be 9/30/18, with the show taking place in mid-October.


Time to hit the hype traintracks! I’ll probably dust off one of my things for the presentations.
What I’ll most likely do, if I don’t just make a fun chapter instead:

Project Name: FE4 Binary English Translation
Platform: FE4
Showing: Let’s Play


Hoo boy, I gotta get back to work then.

Project Name: GFE1R
Platform: FE8
Showing: Book 1 Endgame


Project Name: Fire Emblem Resonance: Resurgence
Platform: Sacred Stones
Showing: Let’s Play (Demo, 1 chapter)

I’d be willing to do Let’s Plays if my only microphone wasn’t on my old computer, incapable of running any gba emulator at all. >:[


I’m also recruiting volunteers so if you’re unable to find one of you’re own, we’ll distribute the projects who want an LP amongst the volunteers.


I can LP


That’s great, thanks

Project Name: Runa Does A Thing
Platform: FE8
Showing: Trailer, Interview, most likely a let’s play of one chapter (I could give co-commentary if wanted)

I could maybe let’s play other submissions if you don’t have enough people


@Deltre and Mekkah are some LPers with a strong following


Sign up VBA2. Showing off LP. We don’t have an LPer yet but I’ll try to contact Mekkah since he LP’d the first one.

Project Name: VBA: Blitz Tendence
Platform: FE8
Showing: LP


Project Name: Fire Emblem Tales of Golden Knight
Platform: FE8
Showing: Screenshots, Demo Patch (on the way), Trailer (on the way)

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Oh I am very exciting.
It’s cool to see what Projects are there.
I am not sure if I should write my Project here because I think no one of you can start something with it because it’s a German FE8 Hack.
I am finished with one of the two tales but i have to think about it.

Fire Emblem Resonance: Resurgence: The Return of the Revenge: Redacted (Remake)


Project Name: Staff of Ages
Platform: FE8
Showing: Interview/Let’s Play with Ray and Mel


I reached out to Mekkah this morning and he is on board to volunteer as an LPer. Mage Knight 404 can also handle a few.

Now we just need to get a few more folks to finish assembling our FEE3 All-Star Team!


Project Name: Legends of Avenir
Platform: FE8
Showing: Let’s Play of one demo route

Let’s Play will likely be done with either me or @Snakey1 playing, with hopefully co-commentary from the both of us.

Just checking: is the show done live or do we pre-record our stuff and send it somewhere? Thanks!


hi just hit me up on discord

cause i can lp stuff maybe


Edit: MFW this has more likes than the actual resonance post


I can be a backup LPer if anyone needs me

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