FEditor breaks cavalier animations

[2:52:04 AM] worms, also cans: the first time feditor expands the rom it changes 0x08000000 to the end of free space
[2:52:17 AM] Arch: that would also explain why FEditor fucks with
[2:52:31 AM] worms, also cans: it does that by ctrl-ring all the references to a 0x08000000 pointer.
[2:52:32 AM] Arch: the character array with the four ability bytes set as 00 00 00 08
[2:52:38 AM] Cam: that’s
[2:52:40 AM] Cam: amazing
[2:52:46 AM] Temp Mael: that explains the changed pointer
[2:52:52 AM | Edited 2:52:54 AM] Cam: I GUESS THAT’S SOMETHING ELSE ON MY PLATE
[2:52:53 AM] worms, also cans: that pointer also appears in the compressed graphics for cavaliers
[2:53:06 AM] worms, also cans: by a freak coincidence
[2:53:25 AM | Edited 2:53:30 AM] Temp Mael: so no wonder it happens the same so often
[2:53:33 AM | Edited 2:53:46 AM] Arch: so you’ll suddenly have all of your enemies with droppables with boss shields and all other manner of wonky shit too
[2:53:42 AM] worms, also cans: if you go to the location the “new” pointer points at it’s a bit after where feditor writes free space data
[2:54:14 AM] zahlman: ohai worms
[2:54:15 AM] worms, also cans: go up about
[2:54:18 AM] Temp Mael: but i don’t think you could just alter that in a hex editor to fix it right?
[2:54:18 AM] worms, also cans: 800ish bytes?
[2:54:25 AM] worms, also cans: you’ll see FREE in ascii
[2:54:34 AM] worms, also cans: and the version number of feditor
[2:54:40 AM] Temp Mael: yeah that’s the metadata
[2:54:46 AM] worms, also cans: p much why I stopped using feditor

So… this is a thing FEditor does automatically? Is there a way to undo it? Or nah?

/niggas that paste skype chat logs

Edit: Wait why 6 months later? Why did this suddenly jump into the new topics area? You guys are messing with me.

Edit2: Goddamnit Cam. This is your fault. And we can see past edits too so that was completely pointless. I’m gonna call Obama about this.

there may or may not be some downtime as i abuse make use of my status as sysadmin and install a plugin that does it so i don’t have to