[FE7] D90000 range maybe free space?

[4:04:11 PM] Crazy Colorz: So arch
[4:04:14 PM] Crazy Colorz: The game crashes
[4:04:15 PM] Arch: da fuq?
[4:04:17 PM] Crazy Colorz: Whenever I start any battle
[4:04:20 PM] Crazy Colorz: With any animations
. . .
[4:31:42 PM] Arch: okay so yeah
[4:31:50 PM] Arch: I literally took the three day old’s D80000 range
[4:31:50 PM] zahlman: she offers for you to play a tale, instead of bonus content
[4:31:51 PM] zahlman: accept it
[4:31:53 PM] Arch: pasted it into the new ROM
[4:31:55 PM] Arch: and it’s fixed
[4:31:58 PM] Crazy Colorz: rip
[4:31:59 PM] Orpheus: Okay…
[4:32:04 PM] Cam: rip
[4:32:08 PM] Crazy Colorz: d80000 range confirmed not free space
[4:32:20 PM] Orpheus: So clearly, we can’t insert anything into the D80000 range

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at this rate i’m inclined to write the whole thing off as divine intervention, since it looked like arch was so close to actually making a release date for once

i don’t know what to believe anymore

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I think it’s actually D90000 I’ve basically used all of D80000 and it’s still working. Never pushed my events into D9 until this morning, lol.

wait so this isn’t a joke?


Title edited to reflect new info

are you sure :o i’ve been using d90000 and i don’t have any problems

… yet

lol ide

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“when you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”


Maybe FEditor decided to write the new animation table or something related to it in this really obscure place in the D90000 range and that might be why it got fucked. I dunno. But at least for EN, that space is voodoo nonsense that I ain’t touchin’.

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inb4 Tempmael’s FEditor doesn’t work with ROMs edited with old FEditor.

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