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FE_Editor (Slightly Less Stupid Edition)

This version of FEditor:

  • allows 0xFFFF indices for portraits and battle animations
  • does not break animations when inserting over an existing animation (see: replacing Myrrh broke Morva and Dracozombies)
  • rolls back the custom spell engine so that spell animations don’t break on enemy phase.

It also outputs a number of extra files when creating animations - Section Data, OAM Data for left and right, and Palette Data. These will be useful if you want to insert animations manually or using Event Assembler.


I was testing this version, but everytime I try to open the CSA editor nothing happens and the program stops working properly.
Then I tried opening it with the run.bat to see the log and it shows me this:

Any ideas to fix that?
I know the issue is my ROM, because it works well with clean ROMs.


Oh it rolls back the CSA engine for FE7 because of the issue with enemy phase glitching, so I would guess that roms patched with the later (broken) version are incompatible. You might be able to apply the new patch by copying over the relevant sections? I know working with different versions of FEditor on the same rom is basically guaranteed to be buggy.


How can I do that exactly?


Uh let’s see

From 0x32F0 copy 8 bytes from a clean ROM.
0x179C, again copy 8 bytes from a clean ROM.

Now copy paste the following and put it into a txt file and assemble with EA.

ORG 0xCB680 WORD 0x00000019 0x00000000 0x00000003 0x080CB7D9 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x1C05B570 0xB4012001 0xF7886BB8 0x1C06FFE9 0xF7841C28 0xF784FCA1 0x4838FCAB 0xF7382103 0x1C04FEED 0x200065E5 0x1C2885A0 0xF89EF789 0x14000400 0xFFDEF788 0x70203429 0x49304070 0xD0002800 0x78093902 0x00890085 0x1989008E 0x198E4E2C 0xD0012800 0xE0002044 0x4C2620AC 0x70A0342C 0x70A03448 0x20803C74 0x60E00600 0x4CC361E0 0x60206830 0x59703504 0x63203C54 0x72A02038 0x59703508 0x63203C48 0x72A020FF 0x3D0C4C1D 0x2011022D 0x43280200 0x02762601 0x2D0019A3 0x8020D105 0x34023001 0xD1FA429C 0x3820E00B 0x19402520 0x19423D01 0x80223A02 0x2D003402 0x429CD1F8 0x4C10D1F4 0x71202018 0x04242404 0x02243402 0x21028820 0x80204308 0x490C480B 0xBC016001 0xD1172800 0xB570E018 0x20001C05 0xE787B401 0x0203FF34 0x080CB680 0x0203E026 0x08000000 0x0203FC00 0x03002870 0x030028E4 0x080CB7C1 0x0201FDB0 0xF9DAF784 0xBC01BC70 0x46C04700 0x06002004 0x22018881 0x2A00400A 0x88C1D103 0x4252084A 0x477082C2 0x1C04B5FF 0x1C066DE0 0xFFE2F788 0x4F8C1C05 0x6818683B 0x29860E01 0x2980D064 0x0601D061 0x291F0E09 0x2929D01B 0x292AD021 0x2940D02E 0x2948D035 0x291AD039 0x2908D001 0x2209D13D 0x43028A28 0x1C0B822A 0x78213429 0x2B1A1C28 0xF784D102 0xE040FC89 0xFD5CF784 0x3429E03D 0x29007821 0x1C28D139 0xFA68F79C 0x4E77E035 0x2134223F 0x213C5472 0x3242020A 0x31095272 0x54720A02 0x0A123901 0xE0265472 0x04024E6F 0x211F0E12 0xD1002A00 0x70712113 0x1C30E01D 0x42492101 0xFE0CF782 0x0200E017 0x21800C00 0x2302886A 0xFCAAF79C 0x2913E00F 0x7571DD0D 0x300188F0 0x210180F0 0x0D094249 0x400889B0 0x18403101 0x210181B0 0x683B7531 0x603B3304 0xE07AE0AC 0x3A018DA2 0x230085A2 0xDC032A00 0x85A0D001 0x2301E000 0x1C3CB408 0x60203CC8 0x48506120 0x22804950 0xDF0B0052 0x6858683B 0x60604950 0x28006160 0x8008D107 0x22011C08 0x324004D2 0xDF0B0152 0xDF12E000 0x689A683B 0x60A168D9 0x64E461A2 0x1C233410 0x60233484 0x34101C1C 0x70202001 0x34547320 0x71A07020 0x71A03C48 0x88B03448 0x3C4880A0 0x202880A0 0x30400200 0x34488120 0x02002024 0x81203040 0x20003C48 0x6BA86365 0xD00142A0 0x634463A0 0x344863AC 0x680E4932 0x63B46BB3 0xD00042A3 0x636663A3 0x4930683B 0x28006918 0x8008D107 0x22011C08 0x328004D2 0xDF0B0152 0xDF12E000 0x6998683B 0xD0032800 0x22084928 0x683BDF0C 0x28006958 0x4926D002 0xDF0C2208 0x2800BC01 0x683BD034 0x603B331C 0x3304E030 0x8DA2603B 0xD4003A01 0x2A0085A2 0x0401DC28 0x29000E09 0x3429D004 0x3C297821 0xD01F2900 0x49102200 0x700A399C 0x700A3148 0x2100480F 0x1C018001 0x05D22201 0x00523280 0x480CDF0B 0x71012108 0x38A84807 0x70012101 0x21846480 0xF7845040 0xF784FAF9 0x1C20F8DB 0xFE46F738 0xBD00BCFF 0x0203FFFC 0x0203FC00 0x06006800 0x03002870 0x02029C88 0x06010800 0x06002000 0x02022880 0x02022AA0

Hopefully that will do it.


That fixed the problem.
Now I just have to reinsert all my CSA because they’re broken now.

Thanks for the help.


Can you edit the autopatching part of FEditor to do this, in the next release?


I can make it apply the autopatches every time instead of checking if already patched, but that’s not ideal. Might be better to include an EA patch that can be manually applied once if you’re coming from a different version of FEditor.


Using temp’s most recent release available on the dropbox (since I don’t want to break all of EN’s spell animations):

Whenever I hit “apply” to save my changes, this happens:

Help soon pls.


I don’t know if that version supports the whole index, but try using [LoadFace][0x89][0x02] and [LoadFace][0x4F][0x02]
That should work.


Apparently people are having trouble finding the newest FEditor versions. Not only that, but Gif dumping isn’t even in the latest FEditor that was last posted in the thread.

FEditor latest version as of this post (July 2016) https://www.dropbox.com/s/7uibuo7c1k0godq/FEditor%20Newest%20Version%20July%202016.7z?dl=0

FEditor GIF DUMPING ONLY. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8mxojtkqmygw061/FEditor%20Adv%20Gif%20Dumper.7z?dl=0

Insert an animation, dump a gif. It will probably break for many custom animations because FEditor isn’t very good. If you want smoothly timed Gifs that aren’t broken, use Emblem Magic.

As of now, FEBuilder can dump Gifs too, but they’re poorly timed and slow as sin. Lexou is working on an update for Emblem Magic that will improve its timings as well, since right now they’re just a tad too fast.

To dump gifs with FEditor, tick the ‘include frames’ box before dumping an animation.


Also, for fun. Here is a comparison of the pros and cons of dumping Gifs with FEditor, Emblem Magic, and FEBuilder.


FEditor’s dumper, as provided above, dumps the entirety of all the battle animations at once. It usually includes anywhere from 6 to 12 gifs, or more. They’re divided into categories, like attack animation, dodge, critical, ranged, and of course, the ‘all animation’ version which just plays them all back to back.
Frame timings are perfect. They move at the exact speed they would play ingame.
When you export animations, you will not only export the gifs, but also the FEditor chopped up version, and a frame by frame version with a .txt script for easy insertion into other programs, such as FEXNA which should come out somewhere in 2028. A small downside is that if you JUST want to export the gifs, you ALSO have to export all of the aforementioned frame data and the feditor chopped up version, but that’s a fairly minor niggle.
Downside: FEditor is awful at importing, then exporting custom animations, so you also get ones that are completely garbled and useless on export. Too bad.
Rating: FEditor would be perfect if it didn’t explode custom animations.

Emblem Magic:

EM’s gifs, as of now (Perhaps not for long) play ever so slightly too fast. While FEditor will pause on hit frames for a split second, EM’s will keep going. However, Emblem Magic will properly export animations without them becoming garbled, so that’s good.
Major downsides: You have to export each animation individually. You can export attack, critical, ranged, etc, but not all at once, and there is no ‘combined’ version with all of them playing.
Also, it doesn’t seem to have a way to import animations currently. Only EM formatted animations can be imported, not FEditor or FEbuilder animations, so unless I’m missing something, that’s a problem.

Sidenote: Lexou is working on ways to improve gif timings and such, so my complaints will be moot very soon, I’d wager.



FEbuilder’s gifs are garbage. You can see it for yourself. They’re very slow and badly timed, plus they retain the background color. You can’t export gifs, FEbuilder formatted files, and FEditor formatted files all at the same time, you can only do them one at a time. Unless I’m missing an option, FEbuilder can also only export the basic attack animation, not the criticals or ranged or dodge animations or anything else. I would not be surprised if I were missing something.
There are basically no upsides to exporting with FEbuilder as of this moment. Hopefully this will change in the future.