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Can you tell me how can I start this tool?I do not know how to open a java.Thank you.


You must have the Java Runtime Enviroment, then just open the “FEditor Adv.jar” in the dist folder.
Or just open the “run.bat” in the root folder.


Thank you very much!:slightly_smiling::grinning:


If I want to change the portrait,when I load a bitmap,should I cut it for many pieces?Can this tool help me to cut the bitmap?Thank you again.


Read this: http://www.feshrine.net/ultimatetutorial/

Chapter 41 and 42 are about portraits.


FEditor v20140801.1 with an older version of the Spell Animation processor to fix OAM update glitch in FE7: Download


Does this have Lisandra`s updates on animation and portrait limits?


Yeah the limits for both are 0xFFFF


Link 404’d
Do you think you can upload it again?


updated post, also link here:




I was thinking, how does this translate into hex?
Previously, it was something like 01 (all lances) 00 (not iron sword, but all lances) DF (battle animation ID) 00 (separator)
If now that goes beyond 0xFF, what should I put as the third byte?


Actually it’s not a separator, so you would have something like
01 - Iron Sword/all lances
00 - All Weapons of a Type
00DF (reverse the bytes to get DF 00) - Animation ID

So for animations higher than 0xFF you would have
01DF (reverse bytes to get DF 01)


Oh, easy! Thanks, circles.

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I downloaded this, set it to open with 7Zip, and it won’t open, what do I do?


Did you unzip the contents of the .zip file? Because FEditor opens with Java.
Use 7Zip to unzip the file. You should get a folder containing a bunch of stuff. Find the ‘dist’ folder and run FEdtior Adv.jar.


It didn’t download as a folder, it downloaded as one file, so if I right click on it, it won’t give me the option to unzip it


Did you download it from the first post in this thread? Because it should download a .7z file (or .zip). Open that with 7zip and there should be an ‘Extract’ button which lets you unzip the file. Unzipping should give you the folder.


It did download as a 7Z file, and I did set it up to open with 7Zip, but it just won’t open, when I try, it just opens a small window in all black and presumably code but then closes itself before I can even get a good look at it, and when I send it to a zipped folder so that I can extract it, the exact same thing happens