I’ve just started learning how to use the febuilder gba tool, and decided to make a lunatic mode/rebalance for fe8 as an easy first hack. Anyway, when I first learned how to add new functioning events, I suddenly came across a blank white screen with severely broken noises playing when I started up the test run. I think this happened around the time I tried and gave up on adding some dialogue mid chapter.

However, this screen CAN be gotten around by loading a savestate. I am able to load a stavestate and the rom plays perfectly fine, with all of the changes intact. It seems that I have corrupted something that the game checks during startup.

I have backups, but I am not sure how much progress I’d lose by using one, because they were made automatically. And the fact that the rom is still playable gives me hope that I can fix this.

I also do not know where exactly I get data logs off febuilder gba to post here, so I’d appreciate being told that, too.

(Edit: For those who’ve seen my previous post, know that I have NOT applied the grouped AI patch yet)

Send report7z so we may help you.


Upload it drive/dropbox/etc.

Make it viewable with the link

And send the link here: