FEBuilder CLEA, CLEN, CLEE subset commands

In FE Builder there are commands to clear all units like CLEA (ally), CLEN (green), or CLEE (enemy).

  • Is there a command to clear a specific ally unit without killing them? Like they leave the map but not your party?
  • Is there a command to clear a unit at a specific coordinate or all units within a coordinate range without killing them?

I am feeling like these subset commands of the clear all units should exist. I might be unaware or confused by some of the descriptions.

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I believe this is the command you’re looking for. You just have to remember to use the reveal command for them to show back up.
As for wiping specific coordinates I have not seen one that doesn’t consider it as killing the character.

Yeah, I am familiar with REMU, but REMU is a bit inconvenient because of the departure flag and all. I was kind of hoping a clear by coordinate location existed or if I needed to clear one unit without the whole removing from party.

Basically I am thinking about making an event based retreat on a map; however, the unit in question can be variable. I believe what I want to do is still possible, but it seems silly to write REMU conditions for every character.

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The only other thing I could think of is the retreat patch.


Is INVIS (character) what you’re looking for?

INVIS is a REMU alias isn’t it

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Since the 0x34 series command can specify coordinates, the command has been added.
Please update FEBuilderGBA.

40050B00XXXXYYYY2034FEFF	Remove unit at coordinates[XXXX:MAPX:X][YYYY:MAPY:Y] from the party. Sets departure flag to on(REMU)	@EXPLAIN_REMU	{UNITPERSOLNAL}
40050B00XXXXYYYY2134FEFF	Rejoin unit at coordinates[XXXX:MAPX:X][YYYY:MAPY:Y] to the party. Sets departure flag to off(REVEAL)	@EXPLAIN_REVEAL	{UNITPERSOLNAL}
40050B00XXXXYYYY2234FEFF	Change faction of unit at coordinates[XXXX:MAPX:X][YYYY:MAPY:Y] to Player(CUSA)	{UNITPERSOLNAL}
40050B00XXXXYYYY2434FEFF	Change faction of unit at coordinates[XXXX:MAPX:X][YYYY:MAPY:Y] to Enemy(CUSE)	{UNITPERSOLNAL}
40050B00XXXXYYYY2334FEFF	Change faction of unit at coordinates[XXXX:MAPX:X][YYYY:MAPY:Y] to NPC(CUSN)	{UNITPERSOLNAL}
40050B00XXXXYYYY2634FEFF	Ends specified unit at coordinates[XXXX:MAPX:X][YYYY:MAPY:Y] turn, greying them out(SET_ENDTURN)	{UNITPERSOLNAL}
40050B00XXXXYYYY2534FEFF	Sets unit at coordinates[XXXX:MAPX:X][YYYY:MAPY:Y] HP to value stored in memory slot 0x1(SET_HP)(LOW)	@READ1	{UNITPERSOLNAL}
40050100ZZ00000040050B00XXXXYYYY2534FEFF	Set HP to[ZZ:DECIMAL:Current HP]for Unit at coordinates[XXXX:MAPX:X][YYYY:MAPY:Y](SET_HP)	{UNIT}

Oh my, are these commands FE8 exclusive?? I kinda Need them for FE7

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Currently only FE8.
The FE8 and FE7 event engines are completely different.


So if I utilize the REMU at coordinate command to remove a unit, said unit will be removed from the map and party. How should I go about revealing them immediately if I just want the CLEA effect but for an individual ally unit?

Initially my thought was to do something like:

If Eirika is in 0,0 to 0,5 range:
Branch Condition if True:
REMU Eirika

Then repeat above for every possible character in the party? Would this type of logic provide the expected result?

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REMU does not erase unit data(ram unit table).
Perhaps you are writing the wrong instruction.
If you are using FEBuilderGBA, please send report7z.

For PlayerUnit, DISA, REMU, and CLEA have different meanings.

Clear all player units from the screen.
Mainly used for scene switching.
Player units are maintained because only the screen is switched.

Exile the player unit permanently.
Mainly used for traitors like Olson.
Erases data from the player unit.

It’s like retirement , Drop out of school.
Their data is erased.

This command is temporarily separated from the unit.
For example, FE7 Matthew.
He temporarily leaves for errands.

It’s like Leave of absence , Absence from school.
So that they can come back, Data is maintained with a hidden flag set.


So is there zero way to clear only one player unit from a map? CLEA clears all player units.

For example, I am trying to force a character to retreat from the map, and it’s not a retreat map objective; just a regular turn event on the map. Like if archers spawn on a map and in response Florina is too scared to continue the battle and retreats but will be available next map.

I’ve only utilized a REMU between battles, and not during. I am not sure how it would work in this situation.

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Look at the FE8 event.
ch12 Landing at Taizel
It is Lyon who plays the role of a soldier in StartEvent.
FE8 uses a unit that has not yet joined the party to erase the unit with DISA.

If you really want to erase the PlayerUnit unit with DISA, do something similar to this.
In other words, You will prepare a unit that will not join or a character dedicated to the event.

This technique is used in various places.
For example, they are playing the role of soldiers in OP.

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How about in the case where a player unit is already considered in the party? How would one remove this player unit from the screen without killing them?

In the case of Landing at Taizel, Lyon has not joined the party, so using this trick would work.

Use a unit that has not joined the party.
Or do all 255 units become joins in your game?
That’s not possible.
The upper limit of PlayerUnit is 50 people.
Therefore, there should be characters that are not join.

I think he wants to remove a unit temporarily from the party in the middle of the chapter.
Like the retreat patch. But the more I read into it the less it seems like the retreat patch is what he’s looking for.

REMU to hide them, REVEAL after the chapter to bring them back

Normally, to temporarily remove a unit from a party, use the REMU command.

Add Event: Character Retreat

This is a patch for realizing Escape thta like FE5.
Certainly, “Character Retreat” will erase the unit, but this is temporary.
In the next chapter, it will return automatically.

This command is too complex, so a simplified version was made.

Add Event: Simple Escape event that can be easily created

The ‘Character Retreat’ command is essentially what I am trying to do. However, the only option is to use Current Character Retreat, whereas I am more looking to specify a character to retreat based on an event. Basically a player unit would only be available for part of the map.

I am not familiar with the Simple Escape event, but I will take a look at it.

You can read more about Simple Escape here.
You can also download sample ups.