FE9 Message Tool

FE9 Message Tool is a tool that allows you to easily extract and edit the texts from all versions of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. I originally made this since it’s really difficult to get support texts in any other language than english. However when the extraction tool was ready I had enough knowledge about the data format to make a tool that automatically repoints text correctly and here we are: It’s a solution that makes easy text editing for FE9 possible.

You just drag and drop *.m or *.txt files onto the fields and the program decodes or encodes your files that can then be reinserted into the rom with correct repointing. Extracted text looks like this:

[Scene=上下会話][S_Target=0][FaceCommand=S][Face='GREIL' Pos='0'][S_Target=0]So, the sleeping prince awakens![A]
[Face='MIST' Pos='1'][S_Target=1]Father![Pause=4] I can't believe you![A][ClearBox]I know those are practice swords,
but they're still heavy! You have
no right to be so rough on Ike.[A]
[S_Target=0]If this is too much for the boy,[Pause=3]
he'll never make it as a mercenary.[A]
[ClearTarget=0][Face='IKE' Pos='0']$Ub$HMist, [Pause=2]you don't have to worry.
I told you, I'm fine.[A]
[ClearTarget=1][S_Target=1][FaceCommand=S][Face='GREIL' Pos='1']Ha! [Pause=2]You'd better be.[Pause=5] Now
grab your sword and get ready![A]
[ClearTarget=0][Face='MIST' Pos='0'][S_Target=0]What? [Pause=2]Don't tell me[Pause=3] you're
going at it again![Pause=3] But[FreezeMouth]--[UnfreezeMouth][A]
[ClearTarget=1][Face='IKE' Pos='1'][S_Target=1]Just until I land a single blow.[Pause=4]
I'm not giving up until I can get
one good hit in on Father.[A]
[ClearTarget=0][S_Target=0][FaceCommand=S][Face='GREIL' Pos='0'][S_Target=0]I like your resolve, Ike.[Pause=4] But [Pause=2]it takes
more than a strong will to[FreezeMouth]... [UnfreezeMouth][Pause=4]Hm?[A][X]

I formatted the commands similiar to how Nintenlord handled text commands. If you need any help or have suggestions for the tool just let me know. Although I developed this for myself I think it could be pretty useful if anybody wants to make a FE9 hack.

Download FE9 Message Tool


This is neat now we can get a FE9 rewrite I think…

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You’ve only been here for 3 hours and I’m already in love with what you’ve done.



Chris knows how to make an entrance!


Hey guys it’s your homeboy Chris, casually making a text editor for a game people tried to figure out for the better part of a decade, what’s up. Next week I’ll be dropping a little preview for my next project, Half Life 3.



“But before Half Life 3, here’s the FEBuilder equivalent for Final Fantasy (yes all of them); made it on the weekend, figured I’d share.”

Sorry Chris. But this is what some of us are like…Please stay…we need you.


Thanks for the comments. I had a good laugh so don’t worry. This is the perfect type of humor for a hacking community.

I already made some basic eventing stuff in FE9 like changing what Items you get, switching skill mechanics or changing movement routines. Although at the moment I just used shorter commands with additional terminator bytes to experiment. Figuring out how pointers for chapter scripts work would be the next big step.


FE9Builder soon?

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Better start planning FE9 Chaos Mode.


Ain’t nobody got time for that.