FE9 GBA remake . in need of the lost Nickt's portraits

hello im making a hack of fire emblem 9 on gba but it isnt just a port iths with the unused content and the story to make unused content fit in and more suports more characters… i kinda dont have all of the portraits i have some of NICK’S like Ike, Gatrie ,Shinon , Stefan. i also have some from the Muging blits like the amazing Titania from MB5 and today i found a cool Soren fron MB 3 or 4 so if you have some of the portraits and can give them to me i whould be really grateful , im really passionate about this projekt i work alone every day im curently on ch 3 i got alots of tips and help from ft.mangs . the title of the game for now is Fire Emblem Medallion of Darknes , im still learning but i become beter and beter with each chapter


All of my old Radiant stuff is really in need of an update.
For example:
4578 > > Ike
(super old > old > new)
(New Ike isn’t publically available yet)

If you’re still up for using my old stuff and don’t mind crediting the people who helped(I’m going to assume they want the credit) then go ahead:

So bad…
They’re also sized for use more with (the eventual) FEXNA program, rather than GBA dimensions, so that’ll be a pain too.


yes i have these pics but not atchuall funcional portraits i whold be really happy to use them , thankyou for anvsering

gba_140E_Nero_018BCF9C also im using this Ike that my friend gave me

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i just reallysed that i can use Ursety OMG

Does this count as necroposting? I just wanna know if the project is still going

Probably not. honestly how many times have people wanted to remake FE9 in GBA?

I know the guy, he’s been doing other hacks elsewhere lately.

So that’s most likely a no.

We got Laguz transformations and skills asm now, so it’s really only a matter of time…

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Diabetes [quote=“StefanDesic, post:1, topic:4920, full:true”]

Hello! I used for Radiant Dawn Ilyana as a base for this! I had to change some of the colours a since my program said there was more than 16 but other than it shes a fully functioning mug.


Ooh, I did the same thing but I can’t make talking or blinking frames, that’s a good mini-portrait. Would I be able to add those things to mine with credit?Ilyana

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Yes sure go right ahead.

Here’s a 99% functioning Ashnard photo. I simply moved him to the side a little in MS Paint and now his portrait works pretty much perfectly in FEBuilder.

There are some very minor/very difficult to notice specs in some spots but with this setting, I was able to get him to work. (He just can’t blink lol as there wasn’t a blinking section in the original portrait).

All it took was a little bit of time in MS Paint and some fiddling around in FEBuilder.
As it currently won’t let me add the images to this post, just send me a message or something and I can share the Ashnard image and instructions.

Edit: Was able to add the images here now.

Ashnard 2

The topic is dead.
Honestly this is disappointing I need to make that clear when the last post was 2 years ago

Look at what you’re doing before you post.