[FE8U][WIP] Fire Emblem: Last Respects (v0.01 — Chapter 1 Demo)

Hey, everyone.
I’m very excited to announce my own entry into the ever-burgeoning romhacking community:
Fire Emblem: Last Respects.

Watch the really cool and good FEE3 2023 trailer here!

Download a demo of the first chapter here.

Using the Patch​:

  • Download the .ups file from the above Dropbox link.
  • ​Use a UPS patching tool (like NUPS) to apply it to a clean USA version of FE8.

“Please those who praise you at your strongest, and be adequate.
Honor those who protect you at your weakest, and be invincible.”

Enwin, a richly-storied and proud nation in the dead center of the vast continent of Fervaine, is in dire straits.
Its ruler, King Aran, was violently unseated in a recent coup d’etat by his own Seven Dukes, and with all the realm’s knights yet to return from their march on the capital, many of the common folk are suddenly forced to fend for themselves against marauders and opportunists alike.

Join the young, prodigious hunter Lleu, along with a bevy of close friends and hasty alliances, as they are suddenly forced to fight for their lives while an entire nation crumbles around their ears.

Important Gameplay Features
  • Thracia trade.
  • Each character has a little something to give them unique flavour; this can be anything from a personal weapon, to personal skills, to a particular feature of their class, among other things.
  • All foot units gain Shove and Swap. (They can even do them without ending their turn! As soon as I can figure out how to do that.)
  • Cavs and armors start as mono-weapons and promote into multi-weapons.
  • Light magic gains long-range in exchange for no short-range, and Dark magic gains miscellaneous offensive effects (like Savage Blow) to facilitate combat. (Yes, Anima and Dark are swapped in the trailer. I changed my mind.)
  • Special Lord unit affinities with hefty bonuses.

Everything custom that isn’t listed below (besides the scads of FEBuilder patches, which I’ll eventually get to listing in their entirety I promise) was done by myself. There’s some uncredited stuff already in the ROM to be used in chapters that haven’t been completed yet (or that aren’t screenshotted below, lmao), but I can just post my ongoing .txt list of credits later if that’s an issue.

7743 made FEBuilder itself.
CirclesEverywhere made the Skillsys patch; presumably, its constituent bells and whistles have been credited on its own page.
Zane made the Modular Minimug Box, and Scraiza made the Vision Quest-style configuration used here.
Tequila made the Text Engine Rework.

The Earth/Heaven/Water/Moon/Blade affinities and their bonuses are identical to those in Vision Quest, made by Pandan.
Venno made the Heaven/Earth/Blade icons.
Scraiza made the Water/Moon icons.

(These are listed with their names as they appear in the Repository.)
Hunter battle animation: [Sniper-Reskin] [M] Adventurer by ZoramineFae
Hunter map sprite: Archer (M) FE14-Style Thief Bow {Rasdel}
Spearman battle animation: [Soldier-Reskin] [M] FE10-Style by Flasuban

Warg: CanDy (F2E #10)

The #febuilder_help and #gba-coding_help channels on the FEU discord, for answering all my dumb questions.
Special shoutout to Contro for patiently walking me through the process of adding affinities to the game.


Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones # GBA - Backup version 00048.emulator Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones # GBA - Backup version 00048.emulator
Fire Emblem - the Sacred Stones # GBA - Backup version 00048.emulator screrk4
screrk screrk1
screrk3 screrk2


Congrats for the demo release ! :tada:
Your trailer was indeed really cool ! I will be sure to try the demo ! :smile:

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congrats on demo and FEEE trailer–looking forward to this developing!

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The trailer uses the arrangement of the FE main theme from Fire Emblem Origins.
Neither of the devs, Helious and @boye have said anything about anything from that project being F2U. Just because a hack appears to have been abandoned does not give one permission to salvage assets from it. I think that FE Origins had a great OST (the OP on the thread specifically points out the sound room) but you should ask permission before using their music according to this sites rules.


I will direct you to this quote from the description of the song’s Youtube video, a link to which I included in the description of the trailer:

Do you want to use this cover in your own projects? Feel free to do so without restrictions. However, I’d find it very interesting to see your finished work, so please message me about it!


Wow, I haven’t been on here in a long, long time. I do indeed take great pride in my arrangements of the FE1 soundtrack for that hack, but the one used in the trailer for this project is not mine.

Edit: The description of the trailer links the cover from a different creator that was used. The reason I knew immediately it was mine, later verified by running my hack, is that when I made my version, the bass drum got switched to a sleigh bell via differences in soundfont and I was too lazy to change it :woozy_face:
Thanks for bringing me back here though!


Well, all’s well that ends well. It’s funny you were the one to respond, I didn’t @ you but Boye instead because they’d been online today. I’m stupid, I should’ve checked the YT description, I assumed die to the instrumentation, it was in the ROM too, not just the trailer, and while I am familiar with Xane’s work I thought it couldn’t be one of those because Xane made no GBA insertable sequences available.