[FE8] World Map Routes Insertion

Step 1 Create your custom route by Tiled.

Map Configuration:

Tileset Configuration:


(1) Create the route map:

(2) Export it to the .lua

Step 2 Convert it to bin

I wrote a lua script for it. Run the script and you will get your bin. Remember to keep the route.lua you got in the previous step in the same folder.

For how to install a lua environment, google it.

Step 3 Open your rom with a hex editor and paste the route.bin to any freespace. Then repoint it.



Whoa, that’s cool! But is there a way to remove the existing paths as well?

You can remove the remaining routes by deleting the world map events that unlock them, I guess.

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Oh wow I didn’t even notice that lol

Update: v1.1

What’s new:
It supports to create all the routes in the different layers of a single .tmx and convert them all in a single run. I think that is convenient when you want to adjust the relative positions among the routes.


Holy cow, this is the future.
Thank you, @MisakaMikoto.


Update: v1.2

What’s new:

  • fix a bug
  • add the walking data generator

Now the lord will walk along your route.

To generate the walking data, you need to add some custom properties to the layer.

Here is an example which have 2 turning points.

Download the .tmx file

You will get some files called routeX.bin and walkingX.bin. Paste them to any free space and repoint them. routeX.bin -> the 1st pointer in the struct of route. walkingX.bin -> the 2nd pointer in the struct of route. If your custom route is a straight line which doesn’t have any turning point, set the 2nd pointer to 00 00 00 00.

Unless you are using an old version of Tiled, set the format of layer to CSV.


The download links in this thread aren’t working for me, but I was able to find the Lua script on Misaka’s GitHub: https://github.com/laqieer/laqieer-fehack/tree/master/WM%20roads%20insertion

This works beautifully, by the way. To anyone interested in using this, remember to use tile mirroring instead of tile rotation when building your roads in Tiled (rotation won’t work properly in-game).

Also note that when you export from Tiled to Lua, you can’t have image layers when running the converter, so if you were using a background image to place your routes, just delete the image layer from the exported Lua file before running WMRoadsInserter.

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