[FE8][WIP][14/28 chapters] Fire Emblem 5Ds

Hello everyone! I’m here to introduce the ROM hack project our team has been working on for quite a while!

Fire Emblem 5Ds is a ROM hack inspired by the story and characters of the anime Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds. If you haven’t seen the show, no worries: the hack requires no prior knowledge to be enjoyed!

The story follows our protagonist, Yusei, raised in the occupied island nation of Satellite. After a skirmish with imperial guards, Yusei sets out on a journey to free his nation and find his missing brother. As Yusei finds himself tangled in imperial politics, he soon discovers not everything is as it seems behind the scenes…

Sadly the game doesn’t feature any card games on motorcycles, but it WILL include:

  • An extensive story featuring characters of Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds in a Fire Emblem setting
  • Custom sprites
  • A recreation of the 5Ds soundtrack in GBA style
  • A rich selection of supports
  • Fun maps and gameplay that are welcoming to players of different skill levels

Here’s some screenshots for a taste of things to come:

Interested? You’re welcome to check out the hack! Feedback from playtesting is invaluable in providing the best experience possible!

The current patch contains:

  • All maps playable up until chapter 12x
  • All supports up until chapter 12x implemented
  • Some custom songs already in the game
  • Although there are still some placeholder sprites, most characters have their unique sprites now!

Link to the Google Drive containing latest ups patch: FE 5Ds (for sharing) - Google Drive

Thank you for your interest!

Team credits:
Story and game design by teenyleaf
Sprites by Lumikuutti
Music by Gurobu Gaming

Additional credits to community members whose contributions have helped with the hack!

Custom battle animations and other resources by Teraspark, MK404, Greentea, Feaw, Maiser6, GabrielKnight, Repal, Solum, Temp, Zane, and Thunder_Mage
Tutorials and feedback – XPGamesNL
Thanks of course to 7743 for creating FEBuilder, and thanks to the creators of the patches used in this hack: Agro/Brendor, Leonarth, aera, circleseverywhere, Kaito, Crazycolor, Tequila, Vesly, Hextator, Snakey1, Stan, Nintenlord, and Alusq
Special thanks to Pyroman for being the first playtester from the community!


Me as the auto proclaimed number one fan of YGO here and also working on YGO×FE content , I order you to let me enter on your team and let me work in your project
I will do anything XD
Jokes apart
Waw no really I’m super excited to see this project :3

Edit: hey I don’t know how to download the file v:
When I click the link it shows me the ups but i can’t see the download option anywhere.
I’m on mobile. How can I download it ?

Edit number 2: ok I figured out how to download it :3 now it’s time to play it and give you my feedback :33


c-card games

o-on motorcycles??


screw the rules

I have blue hair!

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Sadly there’s no motorcycles or card games here :cry: but well it’s an interesting story with the 5ds characters and Full of references


5ds heck yeah


Will characters get motorcycles on promo


It honestly brings a tear to my eye seeing how far you’ve come! Look at this impressive project at FEU! It has been an absolute honor and pleasure to guide you on the path of hacking!

As for the hack itself, I will of course keep playing this and I recommend everyone reading this does the same! So much effort went into this! I’d be a crime if this flew under the radar!

To an even brighter future for this amazing project!


Hey, fellow YGOxFE fan! Awesome! Seeing this comment definitely made our day! Well, we certainly wouldn’t turn away volunteers, but rest assured just playtesting and giving feedback is a huge help! Hopefully we can make a hack YGO fans can be happy with :slight_smile:

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Sadly no, will horses on promotion suffice? :joy:

From the whole crew, thank you! You’ve been part of the journey from your tutorials to hyping up the sprites, and every bit is greatly appreciated! We’ll make sure to make the hack worthy of your kind words!


I just played the first two chapters
It certainly isn’t what I expected but it is really full of references.
The fact is that I wanted from the bottom of my heart some Monsters or Bikes references cause you know it’s 5Ds lol xD
But well it’s ok
Is a FE game with 5Ds characters
Is not what I love but it’s good enough
I will keep playing and giving you feedback. Remember that I am Spriter and I can help you with some stuff if you want. It would be free don’t worry.

Now I’m going to comment some things
I would like titles at the end screens like
Yusei “the junk warrior”
Crow “the black feather”

I like that the riders are on horses
It makes sense

I would like either
Yusei promo on Wyvern or on Horse
Just like Jack which seems to start as cavalier

Sherry ace monster is Baroness so it would be cool having her as female lord promoting to horse great lord just like erika

I like that Crow is a “thief” but I think it would match better if it is an archer with a thief concept and an archer that can use lockpicks and obviously promoting into ranger. Why ? Arrows have feathers v: and there are a couple of cards that Crow uses that are crossbows v: so I thought it would make sense

I didn’t expected Lua being Anima mage but it make some sense while his twin is light monk

Aki as Shaman makes so sense and I would prefer having her promo with horses too

Being frank I dislike Kiryu’s sprite
Kiryu is my favorite character and … I really don’t like his sprite but it’s ok. Kiryu is like a gunner so it would be cool having Kiryu as Ranger too

Luca is a character that can visit the spirit world so I think her promo should be a Light Summoner

And Lua can be a Mage that learns some sword skills and became a mage knight

Idk these are just my thoughts
I’m going to continue the story and see what happens next
Good luck with your project :3

Thanks for checking out the hack! The classes are unfortunately already decided at this point. But if you notice things in gameplay, visuals, etc. you think could be tweaked, we’d be interested to hear how you think they could be improved! :3


No way! This is awesome. I’m definitely joining