[FE8] What class slots have hardcoded effects?

I wanted to make a topic about this because I can’t find any documentation on it.

Ex: In FE7, I believe Natalie’s character slot is hardcoded so that the R-button doesn’t work. I can’t even remember offhand what the hardcoded effects are for class slots in FE8, but I imagine there is at least one for the Demon King, and probably others I don’t know about or have forgotten.

I plan to delete all class data and start over with FE8’s class system, so I need to know what classes have to stay in the same spot.

Anyone have notes on this sitting around?

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This seems like what I need, but…

Even google translated, it’s hard to understand. Just tell me if I get anything wrong.

Myrrh is 0x0E, so can’t change her ID.
The Gorgon and Gorgon Egg are hardcoded for their transformation, so can’t change them. (0x34 and 0x62)
The Entombed/Mummy is hardcoded for the EXP it gives, class slot is 0x53.
Dancers are hardcoded to 0x77.
Dracozombie and DK have hardcoding.
Phantom has hardcoding.
Pegasus Knights have hardcoding related to their… map icons? Really?
Dracoknight and Dragon Master and Wyvern Knight all have hardcoded sounds for their map movement sounds.
General, Sniper, Wyvern Knight, Priest, and Rogue all have hardcoding for their weapon skills.

0x0B 0x0C Generals w/Great Shield
0x0E Manakete transform
0x1B 0x1C Sniper sureshot skills
0x1F 0x20 0x21 0x22 0x23 0x24 Wyverns (Map sounds, and pierce skill for WK only)
0x2B 0x2C Bishops slayer skill
0x33 Rogue pick skill
0x34 Egg
0x48 0x49 Pegasus/Falcoknight map sounds
0x51 Phantom’s everything.
0x53 Entombed EXP Boost
0x62 Gorgon
0x65 0x66 DK and Dracozombie
0x77 Dancers effects

So, 23 hardcoded effects? Hopefully I didn’t miss anything.

I feel like Circles’s skill system removes the hardcoding for all the vanilla skills in FE8, I’m not sure about the Entombed EXP boost, I don’t understand why flying sounds had to be hardcoded…

Big help overall. Thanks!

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Myrrh: when animation is turned off, attack with dragon stone has an icon animation
Pegasus Knights and those Dragon Knights all have hardcoded sounds for their map movement sounds.
Mummy is regarded as a boss when calculating gained exp.


If you’re interested, I made a hack for Rogue pick skill -> it becomes more flexible, you can chose all the class you want to have the skill.
So its hardcoded but easy to get rid of.
Teq made a hack for manakete transform.

Most of the Vanilla Skills are still hardcoded in the skill system but the Great Shield (it’s split into pavise and another i can’t remember) and the pick skill. The others may be still harcoded.

Edit: SureShot seems to be included completely in the Skill system too, and iirc Teq is working on the Slayer skill.


Someone found the locations for where the game checks which class has what hardcoded skill in vanilla
and someone even managed to give the vanilla Bishop "slayer’ skill to Sages with a simple hex edit.
So there’s some leeway on that (you can put Bishops (M)(F) into another slot)

Personally I tried to give “Sure Shot” form snipers to Warriors (which is Bow specific skill)
but I couldn’t get it to work.
Also I haven’t tested if a Wyvern Knight’s “Pierce” can work on other weapons or even MAG based attacks (Anima, Magic Swords set as magic weapons etc etc)