[FE8] The Szechuan Sword - A PostModern Strategy Game [Complete!] [11 Chapters]

Welcome to the wonderful world of Murrlandia! Journey through the 11 chapters and clear the bosses or special objective in order to move on to the next. You’ve GOT to kill Mr. Krabs, his business has gone too far! This game is a remake of the fan favorite RPG: Krusty Towers: A PostModern RPG.

The game features a cast of 34 characters who occupy one of the several new classes (which are mainly old classes repurposed to look different).

Each character has voice acting thanks to the work of my friends. Each character also has a plethora of support pairings which increase at a boosted rate. Take a look at this video to hear each character’s voice lines in the highest quality. (Be aware that this spoils everything)

All Voice Lines SPOILERS


Take a peek at these screenshots to gain a further understanding of the game.


So what are you waiting for? Hop right in to the most PostModern Fire Emblem game to date!

Game Download

This game has a big problem. Chapter 1 has a hard time loading, and from what I tried, only mGBA can load Chapter 1. It also might take a reset or two to actually load it in.
I’m no tech smartie, so I can’t solve this issue. If someone else wants to take a crack at solving it, then be my guest. Otherwise, you must use mGBA. And feel free to speed up to restart a few times, the game begins on a text wall. No other chapter has this problem.

This was my first attempt at a Fire Emblem hack. Please be patient as I was new to this sort of thing and was just learning the ropes. Because of this, I am aware of some issues with the gameplay. Please know that I learnt a lot from this project and hope to show improvement in a different game. Perhaps a sequel?

Dropbox - itsSloppinTime.ups - Simplify your life

Apply this patch to a ROM of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones USA.


FE5 Victory Minor by Dolkar
FE5 Boss Battle by Dolkar
FE5 Base by RSflame

They were taken from the music repository on Google Drive
I believe that is all, but if you see a problem here then do feel free to message.


This is the single greatest thing ive seen on this website

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Wow, what an amaaaazing heck!Though I only have played 3 chpt of it ,I really really love its rootlessness.The overall style is ,you know,very very amusing.The animation is so funny.I couldn’t stop laughing while playing.And then,I’d like to make a Chinese version of “Szechuan Sword” which means I 'd get your permision first.
Also,as a Chinese,actually I wonder why it’s named “Szechuan Sword”.Is the title linked to Sichuan Province in China?Does it mean that we will cook Mr.Krabs,and make him a spicy cooked crab???
Anyway,thank you for making this joyful heck,also,have a nice day!!!

holy shit is that alex yiik

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I was going to call this a work of art, but then I remembered that video games can’t be art.


Also video games are for children only!! :joy:

Edit: Thanks for this hack! looking forward to future projects with this art style :ok_hand:t6:

If you’d like to take the grand task of translating this game to Chinese, then go nuts!
But I have one concern. How will the voice acting be translated?

mspaint is truly the greatest art medium


Saw this on youtube randomly.
You, sir, have my attention.

Mmmm looks something similar to Mario’s mystery meat :meat_on_bone: hack lol in a good way too

I tried a couple chapters of this since I couldn’t resist, and man this has to be one of the most uniquely charming things I’ve ever played on this website so far. The new sfx, and the fact that so much of everything has been redone in the same MS Paint art style, does a lot of legwork for the vibes of the project. And while I feel like a lot of the references in this hack went over my head, there was still more than enough fun stuff to keep it entertaining as a standalone project, even for someone like me who isn’t as closely in the loop on all the jokes and character references.

Sure, it’s rough around the edges here and there but there’s still a lot to appreciate nonetheless. It’s just full of charm in a fun way all around. And it’s even got a 38-month timeskip within the first 10 minutes… what’s not to love?


Sadly, my emulator of choice can’t play this, as it turns out.

Ah well.

Definitely (if I haven’t said this already) going to keep an eye on this one for sure for the bugfix on Chapter 1!

MGBA can open this game, and the reason other emulators might not run it is due to the starting chapter. When we’re about to enter the map for the starting chapter, save the game. Then, the SAV file we obtain can be used in other emulators. This way, everyone can enjoy running this game on their preferred emulator.

If anyone needs it, here is the SAV file for this game. You can play it using your preferred emulator. The trade-off is that you won’t be able to watch the initial storyline; instead, you’ll begin with the first chapter battle.


Unfortunately, I don’t know how to solve this issue since it is most likely a problem with the game’s code, and it is beyong my comprehension. However, thanks to peach you could use the .sav file to start off at chapter 1.

Here is a plot synopsis for the Chapter 1 storyline if you missed it.

Chapter 1 Story

Mr. Krab’s kills Squidward in a heartbreaking scene. Patrick’s fate is left unknown while it is stated that SpongeBob has gone mysteriously missing earlier. Mr Krab’s seems to be setting up some evil plan…

Three years later, a group of three individuals have had enough of Mr. Krab’s takeover of the world, and decide to go after him.

Seems like a perfect opportunity to put the intro on Youtube.

Just finished playing, thanks for the hack and shoutout to Peach for providing a .sav for other emulators.
Played blind, and whatever difficulty the save file I downloaded chose. Worth noting also went through this muted so probably lowered some of the charm, sorry.

General thoughts and stuff:

  • Nice change of pace to play a hack at a more chill pace. Few timers and team is strong.
  • For that matter also nice change of pace to play a hack that doesn’t take itself seriously. I didn’t get all the references, although understand why this is rated 17+
  • Really enjoy the change of art, although took a little getting used to.
  • Noticed if convoy has >100 items the “give all” option only deposits one item per time.
  • Maybe bad rng but Arin felt noticeably weaker than all other player units.

Chapter specific feedback:
Ch1 Boss claims to move but doesnt
Ch2 Boss has life to serve for seemingly no reason.
Ch3 plyable thief has locktouch, but comes with lockpick anyway.
Ch5: Boss has Locktouch they won’t use. Some of the foes, noticed with shieldboys anyway list movement but don’t.
Ch9: Peter uses same portrait and dialogue as Hinkton when speaking to lord.
Ch10: Killing boss (or was it due to killing all foes?) ends map despite being listed as seize

Unit deaths:
All but Will were just me not being careful but without a warning seems player is likely to lose either Will, Colin or Keemstar.
Nathaniel and Larry died to ch5
Andrew and Will died on 8
Monty died on 10

Despite not using him for the last few chapters, Sugon saw the most combat at 76 rounds.
658 turns to clear but I wasn’t trying at all hard to be quick.

Final team:


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I am assuming that was a lore detail since he’s a bizarro version of Vitolitus.

Finished the hack! Was a quick 2 day play

Final team

szechuan (10)

I have updated the game with some small enhancements and a few changes.

  • Edited some support conversations
  • Renamed the lockpick to Nothinburger. If you know you know
  • Made the clear condition for Chapter 9 more clear.
  • Among other things.

Please use the new link provided, which replaced the old one in the first message of this thread.

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